ОБСЕРВАЦІЯ, 5 ДЕНЬ: Евакуйовані потребують психологічної підтримки

Observation: Day 5 The evacuees from Wuhan have all they need including diet food. Bringing food to the evacuees is strictly prohibited. However, they are glad to hear the words of support, says Segodnya correspondent, Oleksandr Makhov. He is the only correspondent taking part in this rescue operation. Now, he is staying along with the evacuees from China at the medical center of the National Guard in the town of Novi Sanzhary. Once every 3 days, everybody is tested for presence of coronavirus. Today, Health Minister, Zoriana Skaletska, conducted the first medical examination at the medical center. Wet cleaning and airing
The 5th day of the observation started with a doctors’ round. They were joined by Health Minister, Zoriana Skaletska. – It is very cold here! Why?
– We have opened a window. The temperature is measured, and general examination is held. Doctors say that stress can provoke flare-up of a chronic condition. The state of health is satisfactory. There is one hypertensive person with the pressure compensated to the norm, and slight temperature increase in one patient – high normal. There are no respiratory abdominal symptoms. Psychological state of the evacuees is taken care of separately. Later, closer to the end of the observation period, we will understand who need to talk to a psychologist. There are volunteers trained to hold phone talks, provide psychological support. We will organize it and provide phone numbers very soon. Particular attention is paid to the children.
They have books and toys here. Education: we have books with us, so we study a little. – This is like holidays?
– They have been extended a little, the school is waiting. 8-year-old Sashko plays chess with his father and reads books. The Ukrainians in observation have gotten a lot of those. However, sending food is restricted.
All of you can support the evacuees with letters. Now, I will read one of the letters sent by people to us here, the medical center of the National Guard. Dear fellow countrymen, welcome home, let all negative emotions from negative events disappear and positive spring emotions win. Oksana. Kyiv In general, the people are not complaining about the isolation conditions. They say they have everything: clothes and food. Anastasia Sereda, Oleksandr Makhov. Segodnya, TV Channel Ukraine.

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