34 thoughts on “इसे सीखे, जिंदगी बदल जाएगी Spirituality Video on Universal Law”

  1. Great Stuff
    and its true guyss
    it worked for me
    my life has Totally Changed
    Well I'm not saying just only because of this video, but it does work
    and for success be positive & Think Positive
    and it will all be yours
    There was a time, when i don't have #Friends I was #Weak in my #studies, Being #Bullied by Others
    but one day, When I Wake up in the #Morning, I don't know why
    but I ask Myself "#Why? , Why I got one more day?, Why I am not #Dead?
    I think a lot about this #Why?
    I got the answer
    because the god doesn't Want me to #Wasted
    I have given a #mission By the God , like every one has given their own mission
    Some People accomplished their missions, Some People Waste their whole life in wait & Hope
    But Not every time u will get offered Opportunities, Sometimes You have To Grab Them
    I start a Research What is my #Talent?
    and I got the answer

    so Guyss Don't waste your life just because of
    any stupid Failure
    Because Failure is the way to success


  2. sir mujhe b blog or vidioes bnakr show krna h eske liye me kya or kese kru?? I interest so much in social mmedia..plz sugges me & give me a good direction for achivement or goals..🙏🙏🙏

  3. नमस्ते भैया जी मुझे भी आपके जैसा बनना है कहां से स्टार्ट करूं

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