♿️WHEELCHAIR TRAVEL✈️: Check-in: Security: Aisle chair: Special Assistance: Transferring: Toileting

Today’s the day folks. We are going to Disney Land Florida. Me here! (giggles) Me and Mummy We’re ready, we are asked. We’re just going through our
checklist Oh my god I so excited! I back!! (applause sound) and if you hadn’t realized that I have been away I have seen away
on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation to Walt Disney World Florida for two weeks with
my family it was absolutely out of this world everything that I could have hoped
it would be and more I have vlogged so much useful content for you so make sure
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This first one is all about my airport experience we’re going door-to-door from
London to Orlando I’m going to be talking about special assistants I’m
going to be talking about how I managed on the flight and I’m going to be
answering some of your frequently asked questions from Instagram so stay tuned
and enjoy trying to get the wheelchair in the boot (When you wish upon a star plays) “off they go”
“and where are you guys going” “dubai!” “Get the lift!” “virgin atlantic!” “Theres me look the most Un disney person! ” “ah cool lets have a photo!” heading to the checking Gems
panicking.. she’s got check everything. Gem’s been checking for
special assistance now we’re going first class. “upper class always!” “thank you” Unfortunately we didn’t fly
upper-class but usually when you go to check in at the airport there will be a
special assistance desk where you can check in and you don’t have to que
however because we were so early the special assistance desk was closed for
virgin so they just checked us in an upper-class and I wasn’t going to
complain. There goes my bag…bye bag So when you go and check in at
the airline they will ask you a couple of questions “have you booked a special”
assistance which I always booked well in advance through the airline and they
will ask you if you’re going to check your chair in there with your luggage
or are you going to keep your wheelchair with you to the aircraft door I always like
wheelchair until I get to the aircraft door they will give you a label with
your tracks label to attach to your wheelchair
make sure you attach this to a part of your wheelchair that’s not going to come
off and make sure that it is visible. You’ll get a receipt for it as well so
make sure you keep that nice and safe I always keep it with my passports. “Shall I get some with me in?”
“he came too. He wasn’t in any pictures or video footage but he did come!” They will also
ask you if you can walk from the aircraft door to your airplane seat or
if you need to have the aisle chair and I request the aisle chair which they
should have ready for you when they take you down to the aircraft door. With the
special assistance through the airport they can offer things such as guiding
you through the airport they can offer electric car buggies for people who
can’t walk long distances they also fast track you though security then you get
through to the amazing special assistance lounge Look at this though!! we have just bee though the special assistance route Look at this amazing facility I’ve never seen a special
assistance lounge before. So they will give you a pager. Ok so we are all though special assistants and we just
literallyGlided though. It was so easy So we have got our pager. then we com back about an hour before and then
they’ll take us down to the flight now one of the frequently asked questions that I
received was how do special assistants help people with invisible disabilities?
There is a whole wealth of information on the Gatwick website about how they do
help people with invisible disabilities if you fancy going and having a look at
that but they do help people with invisible disabilities and one of the
ways in which they do this is that they give you a different colored pager as
you can see the pager that I got had sort of a turquoise green color ribbon
around it the people with invisible disabilities receive a pager
with a different colored ribbon around it. Now you don’t have to wear it around
your neck if you don’t want to but you know you can have it upon your person
throughout the airport. the airport staff have been trained to identify the
differences in these pagers. with autism for example you may want to carry that
pager on you so that the airport staff throughout know that you have different
needs to other families perhaps. Lets go get some breakfast! im hungry!! There is no Mc Donalds! “Oh no… epic fail” OMG
people everywhere. Ive never seen an air port this buys! I can believe there is no McDonallds here! But here is a little brioche! how cute? it’s a good substitute
Daisy’s got a really cute sandwich.We are in Pret btw “its very cheesy!” “mmm so good! ” Hitting the spot. we’re on our way to the aeroplane we’re gonna meet special assistant down at the aeroplane. We are
making our way to the gate. When we have special assistance we don’t normally
have someone escort us through the airport to the aircraft door we usually
meet someone at the boarding gate but you can either take the buggy or someone
can push you if you want to be pushed or they can escort you but because I had
Shaun we just made our own way down there. Gate 52 whooo hoooo (airport noice) traffic jam! gems hitched a ride I hitched a cheeky little ride on
this buggy and the guy in the buggy told us to follow him because he was going he
was taking people to the flight to Orlando but he didn’t realize that I was
grabbing on but it was so much fun Probably don’t recommend it. I can keep up with you now! I almost tripped over and fell this is so much fun As I have said I take
my wheelchair to the aircraft door and then I transfer into the aisle chair and
they kind of strap you in like Hannibal Lecter and then they take you right to
your seat and if you do have special assistance then what is quite nice is
that you get to board the aircraft first before anybody else so it gives you a
bit more time to get your luggage up in the overhead lockers get yourself sorted
and get yourself comfortable it’s also quite nice because the
aircraft isn’t full of people you know no one’s sort of like staring at
you. so we always board first. Another frequently asked question was how was it
transferring into the aircraft seat? I’m not gonna lie it’s quite tricky and the
arms of the weight of the aircraft seat don’t lift up so you’ve kind of got to
get over that big heavy arm or you can come in as a bit of an angle which is
kind of hard for me to explain. one of the frequently asked questions was, what seat do you sit in on the aircraft? Now when I’m flying
long-haul on one of the larger planes I always request the bulkhead seats and
that would be my advice for myself and my needs
now the bulkhead seat are at the front of the row and you will have the sky
cots in front of you for babies and it gives you just a little bit more room
and a little bit more room to transfer as well you can come in at a little bit
more of an angle rather than next to the seat you can come in like this and
transfer accross like this how I transferred across they’re also closest
to the toilet. Now that was another frequently asked question how
do I manage of going to the toilet let me explain so on the Long haul flights they will usually have an on board wheelchair so when you are booking
special assistance if you need the on board wheelchair make sure to let them
know that you will need it so they have the on board wheelchair, which is a thin
little wheelchair and I chose to go to the toilet in the dead of night when all
the lights on the aircraft were off and two female cabin crew attendants helped
me to the bathroom one pushed me and one went in front of me aisle they got to
the toilet now there is a disabled toilet on board and this means the door
opening outwards completely rather than a concertina like the other doors do, the
toilet is tiny and it is not easy, I’m not gonna lie there are a few grab rails
to make it a tiny bit easier for you. The cabin crew helped me transfer they also
clean the toilet for me and they were absolutely fantastic they made sure that
nobody could see what was going on and I honestly couldn’t fault them. Don’t be
embarrassed they have been trained and it’s just something that you’ve got to
do. I kind of built it up in my head to be worse than it was but then once I did
it I was like actually you know I couldn’t fault the virgin cabin crew
they were absolutely amazing. I’ve recently found out that virgin have
taken their staff on a special course and how to deal with people with
disabilities and also importantly invisible disabilities as well and I
felt you know so welcomed and I felt in really safe hands and nothing was too
much of a problem for them and they weren’t fazed by anything at all. Ive got a baby FAB I’ve never had one of these on the plane. “everything is tiny! all the cups are tiny, all the food is tine” “everything is tiny!” “tiny food for tiny people” ” here she comes in here skin wheelchair.” another question I received over on
Instagram how do I look after my legs and prevent pressure sores and things
like that well I invest in some Fight socks not
entirely sure what they do but I thought it’s better to be safe than sorry so I
wore them I also kind of massage my legs as I was on the plane as well to prevent
any DVT deep vein thrombosis also keep your wheelchair cushion and sit on your
wheelchair cushion throughout the flight I didn’t and I just say I’m paying for
it and I was in horrendous pain on the way back so annoying you think of these
anyway and also remember to adjust your seat position
throughout the flight as well to prevent any pressure sores So when we got off the aircraft we went
straight into customs where we had to queue for no joke three hours I’m just
gonna leave it there it was horrendous! but we got approved and then we have to
get this to the monorail thing to the main terminal
it was completely accessible and I just rolled on and just make sure you hold on
tight there because I think kind of rock back like that We made it!Daisy?whoooo After three hours in the que to get in! once we got to the main terminal we then
had to figure out how to reclaim our disney dollars, I’ve been watching the
get Binky Vlogs on YouTube and they showed us how to get our disney dollars
so hopefully we’ve got the right lift we go down to level 1 where all the rental
cars are hi if you’re watching and thank you so much for your videos they did a
whole video on how to find the Virgn desk to reclaim your dollars to reclaim
your dollars it’s on one side of the airport to get the Magical Express to
your hotel is on the other side of the airport oh yeah access to Disney’s
Magical Express it’s at a terminal B there we come back up and they go across
to B and I get the feeling virgin do this on pourposu. of do this on purpose it was quite easy
to find after watching Dells video which I will leave a link to don’t miss it if
you’re going to Disney it was really really useful so thanks for that Dell Found it because we were staying on Disney
property we’ve got our hotel transfer from the airport included so we had to
board the Magical Express these run very regularly throughout the day so you
don’t have to worry about catching a certain bus at a certain time we have
the most awesome bus driver called Robert he was so cool and so much fun
and we just rolled on and you’re given priority boarding on the bus which is
great and I went up on this lift I’ve never seen one of these lifts before but
it was great I didn’t have to get out of my wheelchair and it just lifted me on
clamped me in and off I went “daisy your on the disney bus” “y’all follow me” thre massive bus coming…
They dropped us right at the front of our hotel and that is where the
adventure begins I can’t wait to show you the rest of my Vlogs so make sure to
subscribe I’m going to be doing a hotel tour an accessible room tour I’m going
to be talking about so many things all access related at Disney World Florida I
really hope you enjoyed this video be sure to share this video with someone
who may be traveling soon and I look forward to seeing you in my next video xxxx

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  1. ♿️Hi everyone CC coming though, unless anyone can help? 🙏🏼. I really hope you enjoyed the video. I have tried to cover as much as possible. If you have any questions please let me know. Make sure to subscribe as in my next video Im taking you on my hotel access tour. Also if you have any video requests regarding traveling, please feel free to suggest them bellow. 

    Gem xxx

  2. Oh wow, looks so much fun, sadly that 3hr customs queue in itself would seem to mean that this kind of journey is completely impossible. It’s good that you can use your chair cushion on the plane, but I wonder how much of a position change is really possible in an aircraft seat? You must have been feeling it heavily by the time you got to the hotel! I can’t wait to see the fun you had after you got through the travelling hurdles! Daisybell seems to have really warmed to the idea now!

  3. 0:13 I was always taught to refer to myself last.
    15:02 I'm sorry, but I couldn't find the link you referred to in this part of your video.

    Btw, you can make links in the video description, which will make it easier for people to find you on other social media.

  4. 3 hrs wait in customs? I simply can't manage that. I suspect I'll never be able to fly abroad, which is heartbreaking tbh, but what can you do? Thank you so much for filming this for us, I hope you had an awesome time!

  5. I didn’t know that wheelchair users could use the bathroom on an airplane. I did once as a little kid, but my Dad carried me. I wonder if that can happen on all flights, at least for the bigger airplanes? I’ve gone to the bathroom as a wheelchair user on a train quite a few times. It’s pretty small, and moves back and forth if the train is moving lol. But pretty nice and accessible for a bathroom on a train.

  6. I am well jel about that bus – were you clamped in? I'd need to have my legs amputated to get on that plane – unless I dressed in a suit in an attempt to get an upgrade. And that aisle chair is tiny. D-B is turning into your Mini-Me! 😜

  7. I've noticed in this and other videos that you use the moving walkways, which I thought said no wheelchairs (I'm not 100% sure of this). I've always avoided them because I've no idea what would happen when it comes to getting off. This has caused me some very long "walks" in airports. On the rare occasions I've used special assistance through the airport not just to get on the plane, they also avoid them. So, how do you do it and are you supposed to, is it safe?

  8. I never got one of those neck coloured badge things at Gatwick when I flew in a wheelchair due to chronic pain syndrome full body and unable to walk ! That’s such a good idea what they do though xx

  9. Omg and I was seated at the back because that’s where it’s most comfortable for me but they boarded me last !!! So I went right through the huge plane with everyone starting at home ! So embarrassing 😂

  10. The arm rests anywhere but the bulkhead do lift up, the outer one doesn't lift up in the obvious way, but the cabin crew know what to do and it's way easier to transfer. I take a lot of short haul flights on airlines such as EasyJet, so bulkhead seats aren't an option. On the odd occasion I have had one I don't find it makes much difference – though perhaps I'm a bit scared as one time when I did, for some reason I had my seatbelt off and had fallen asleep, the cabin crew didn't notice and I landed with no belt on, which wasn't fun.

  11. I'm surprised there was no wheelchair/special assistance line at immigration. There is when you arrive at Heathrow. There was when I arrived in Miami last year and years ago there was in Seattle when there was also a very long queue for everyone else, I've arrived at other places in the US, but my memory fails me. If I could find a staff member I would ask for help as I get extremely claustrophobic being sat down in a queue and if people are very close together I get anxious about hitting people in the ankles.

  12. Once again Gem, what a great post – I will be recommending it to the users and staff at our DSC. Thank you for posting all of the details that a lot of other videos miss out. This post is so reassuring and will help calm a lot of the stress of airport travel to so many. Can’t wait for your next post. Keep being you and shining bright. 🤗🥰

  13. Great video! This is perfect timing as I may have to take a three hour flight to Ohio from Massachusetts soon with my wheelchair. I’ve never flown before so doing it with my chair is a bit overwhelming.

  14. We don't have special assistance lounges in the US, and when they had them in Switzerland we were freaking out. We had a stopover before moving on and no one spoke English and we didn't really know what was going on, they ended up getting us on our plane home in the VERY nick of time.

  15. 3 hours wait at customs must have been horrific! I've just flown from Luton to Italy and back (got back yesterday) which was the first time flying with my chair and special assistance. Everyone was very helpful from both ends and except for an issue on the way out (there was a miscommunication and the people putting me on the plane didn't tell the cabin crew I needed assistance or check me in properly, so we got on the plane first but they thought we were missing so delayed the flight while they searched for us! Then that delayed me getting off at the other end, I had to wait for the lift so the plane filled back up around us and they brought all the other wheelchair passengers on first then managed to get us off) but other than that delay, everyone was brilliant. We also got to skip customs queue at both ends, right to the front for all the bag check-in and gate, they wheeled me out to our pick up and drop off points so my partner wasn't pushing me and fighting with the luggage for long.
    Made the whole situation much less stressful, much quicker to get out of Luton when we got home and other than the delay getting off the first flight it was so much easier than it would have been trying to do it ourselves. I'm certainly not well enough to manage a long haul flight but after worrying a lot beforehand how I would manage at all, I know now I can do the shorter flights without too much trouble and the help is there.

  16. These videos are fascinating! My wheelchair is ordered. And we are planning a Disney trip. It's great to be able to see what I would need and what I wouldn't.

  17. In Manchester they don’t have a lounge but they do have a special seating area to seat though.

  18. There is no need to say Florida after Disney World it is just a complete waste of time as there is one Disney World also for Disney Land (one in California) there is no reason to say the location,

  19. Your video was in my recommended for a while so I finally watched it. YouTube was really pushing it! I am not a wheelchair user and never have been, but I find it really interesting to see how you travel. When you said you had never seen one of those lifts like was on the bus, I was really surprised. That’s the normal in America; I am pretty sure most public transport buses and all special needs school buses have them, at least that I’ve seen. I’ve heard that there aren’t really laws surrounding accessibility in Europe. Is that true? In America ADA dictates a lot, and it’s not even uncommon for playgrounds to be rebuilt because they aren’t up to standards for ADA.

  20. I arrived at Heathrow recently to get off the plane to my wheelchair at baggage claim I had to get in a airport wheelchair then a electric golf cart then back in their chair to get to baggage claim not enough staff or wheelchair so was disappointed

  21. Just because you're physically handicapped doesn't mean you need to show of your mental handicapness by wearing boots in the middle of summer. That fad died off 10 years ago, so stop being retarded.

  22. I love your videos Gem, I'm not handicapped, but I enjoy your adventures with your family and your bubbly personality! Thanks for putting these out there to help others navigate! My boys loved seeing your water park adventure so much they are begging me to take them:) I had to edit, I called you Daisy;)

  23. I went just with a stick to Berlin from Glasgow in 2017 I had special assistance. Glasgow was great my husband and I had a chair race to the gate (the gate was at the other end of the airport, no chance we'd have made it walking.). Security they didn't ask me to stand which was really nice as the chair ride still caused me a lot of pain.
    They left us at a different gate so we'd have a directly access to the lift they use to get us on (it was stairs otherwise). Unfortunately they weren't clear with this and as I saw people boarding I started to panic. It was sorted but it was very emotional for me.
    Berlin was more interesting. Not the worst though. I really didn't the chair they used to lift us out of the aircraft as they didn't have a lit. They asked if we wanted to go on the bus or get in the access cab. We chose the cab which helped us direct to the departure lounge. (My only thing was I had no help on the way out and sucks a bit but I got a seat outside until I recovered enough).
    We were lucky to have the opportunity to chose where we sat on the plane, partly for my ability to get to the bathroom and partly because of my husband's high risk of anaphylaxis. Try for tiny planes.
    I can say I've had more success on flights than I have on trains (a number of times noone turns up to help).

  24. Wow, I can’t believe how amazing the disability services in this airport are!!! I live in the US and have had some awful experiences when I was traveling in a wheelchair! I remember once they asked me if I was able to get up from my wheelchair to walk through the metal detector (fair enough question). When I said I was unable to the TSA agent rolled her eyes and said “this will be a lot easier for both of us if you just get up and walk through”. I was so shocked. Like did this women think I was just going to be magically cured of my disability and skip through the metal detector? I then had to wait over an HOUR to get a pat down, and when I asked very kindly for the TSA agent to be gentle, because I suffered from neuropathy and touching was painful, she said “I can’t treat you differently than anyone else. I’m gonna do whatever I have to do” 😱😱😱 then at one point while she was doing her pat down of me and my wheelchair she said “lift up and straighten out your legs” and I was like ??????? I can’t? Can you not see that I’m in a wheelchair??? They also did a double screening on all of my carryons which took 30 minutes for each bag (I had 2). By the time they were done I was humiliated, in so much pain, and almost missed my flight! We had to hall a** to the gate and when we got there they had just started pre boarding. That’s just one of many airport horror stories I have, and thats not even the worst one!

    I’m so happy to see that this airport took such good care of you and had such a great system for their disabled customers! We definitely need a lot more of that in the US!!

  25. I have a question! I have an invisible illness (Lupus), it is difficult for me to walk long distances (airports included) and when sitting on planes, my legs hurt and sometimes cramp up. Would special assurance cater to someone like myself?

  26. Be sure to make time to wait around in the Orlando airport! I was flying home within the US and the line for security was 3 hrs

  27. I was surprised when you said you have never used thy type of lift on the bus before. I live in America and use them all the time. What do you use in the UK for busses like that?

  28. On the underside of the isle arm rest, closest to the seat, there is a hidden button that will allow you to raise the arm rest. That might make it easier to transfer from the aisle chair to the seat.

  29. Disney land is not in Florida 😒🙄
    Disney land is in California

    Disney world is in Orlando Florida

  30. Hi Gem,

    Do I book the special assistance? Do they require a medical letter from my doctor?

    thanks Ruthanne

  31. Hi, I don't know if someone has said this before but I'm going to say it anyway. In my experience if you request wheelchair assistance for the US they take you straight through immigration without queuing. They will help you through bag claim and all the way to your next transport. Once I had a lady waiting with me for a friend to get her car even though I said I was fine by myself. My disability is invisible but maybe she noticed. I usually leave a small tip as I leave the airport, but you don't have to. They are working for a salary. Yours, Ann

  32. So, I’ve never been on a plane before, you may not know the answer, but what do you do if your lactase intolerant? Are there foods for that?

  33. Some airlines will also gate tag your mobility device/aid as well as thermal/bag tag it =)
    getting bulk heads may not always work as babies who need cots COULD or MAYBE prioritised. You would however be placed into an aisle seat and some airlines/aircrafts have arm rests that do move. (yes the ones on the aisles) however the bulk head ones won't as they hold the tv and or tray tables

  34. I'm not sure about Gatwick but the invisible disability lanyard at Manchester airport is green with sunflowers. I have one and the airport staff have been very good with me. Xx

  35. I learnt the hard way last year that whenever you are booking travel with at least two separate flights towards your destination, don’t always book the same side of the plane for each flight. It’s 3 flights from where I live in Australia to Orlando and I put myself on the left hand side for all 3. Turns out I have a tendency to sit tilted so I did 18 hours seated slightly to the left so my back was killing me by the time I reached Orlando. My upcoming trip next week alternates between left and right so fingers crossed it helps.

  36. It’s actually fun travelling with a wheelchair as my sister is actually disabled so it’s actually fun going with her compared to without her for example we get on the plane first however sometimes it can be difficult but we get through it together 🥰

  37. First timer traveling with my chair without my parents.
    Im traveling to Budapest from the Netherlands with the train, very nervous but hopefully everything is going okay 😊

  38. Your daughter is so cute..her antics make me laugh. I got a BTK amputation Jan 2018. I would never travel by air like you. Be so afraid of being embarrassed in front of others. I haven't got over that I was so stupid in my diet to lose my foot in the 1st place. So happy that you spend the time making these videos.

  39. OMG this is AMAZING! a special assistance lounge?! the pagers. WOW. i'm fully envious – so happy you were able to have such a great experience. :0)

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