✨The EASIEST Way Your Spirit Guides Communicate (You Have No Idea!)

oh hey welcome back and today's video I'm super excited out here in nature to talk about one of my favorite subjects and to show you that you too are psychic intuitive extrasensory whatever you want to call it you've had it all along so let's get started okay guys welcome back to my channel my name is iris and I don't know I'm not very good at introductions but this channel is all about self development self love psychic abilities and manifestations and really opening up to your potential okay so let's get started I'm super excited about this video because it's so easy and we all have it anyway so the easiest way that our spirit guides communicate with us is it's actually through songs mm-hmm it's actually through songs so whenever you hear a song in your head if it keeps repeating in your head it doesn't matter what song it is your asparagus are trying to convey a message through that song easy quick okay it's like that is the easiest way because we all love music and music conveys emotion feelings it conveys messages so if you're not getting a certain message a check whatever songs keep repeating in the back of your head check whatever sentences and messages keep repeating in your head one of the biggest mistakes that we make is that first of all we don't think that we're intuitive that is complete and utter I was not born with these psychic abilities and you know being clairvoyant or whatever it is that I am honestly I barely even see myself that way I had to kind of recognize that within myself and I also realized that other people have it I wasn't born seeing colors and spirits and hearing things love Oh blah now I have been able to develop it even more so things are definitely sharper but the songs saying what is scientifically what they call the ear worm which is the stupidest thing ever it's actually your guides communicating with you or spirit communicating with you a bigger message so the best way to understand that message is look up the lyrics of the song look up the lyrics of the song and also the meaning of the song personally I was not into poetry I'm not very good with metaphors and spirit communicates with us through metaphors so talk about not thinking that I'm psychic and not thinking that I have any sort of awesome intuitive abilities and the whole time they were there right so what I would do and what I still do to this day is that I not only look up the lyric but I look up the meaning of the song because I'm not very good with poetry and symbolism and things like that so we have the beautiful thing that is called Google and you can look up the meanings of all these different songs one thing that I do want to point out which is a huge mistake that we make is that we judge ourselves based on the song that we have in our head what I'm trying to say is is that I've talked to people that I've given this knowledge to whether it's a client whether it doesn't matter what it is who cares or this when I talk to people about this what I get is but I have these like stupid song in my head it's so stupid it's so childish like I don't understand why it like really I that's what I get and I'm just thinking well that's why you're not getting the message that's why the song is not like it's you're not understanding what's going on because you're judging the song and you're judging yourself for thinking about the song you know what I'm talking about because I used to do it too so here it is guys the cat is out of the box the more you practices I'm not saying that it's gonna hit right away even though if you actually stumbled across across this video most likely you're gonna get the message right away because that means that you have a certain level of intuition already you have a certain level of awakening since my channel is all about these things and I am all about these things most likely you're going to get it right away but it wasn't like that for me so have patience with yourself and every time you hear song in your head that just keeps repeating itself over and over just take a few seconds look up the lyric and then look up the meaning and then relate it to your own life what is it that you're going through and it's gonna be like super Eureka okay anyways guys that's it it's gonna be a quick video today I want to know how it went for you so you know if you want to come back and Eve a comment and let me know how that goes for you then I would really love that be sure to check me out on my socials if you want to get closer to me and I'll see you guys next time I

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