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Freeman and welcome back to another episode with Steve Freeman podcast we are in our series the 12-step program for musicians we've been through mission we've been through hope and now we come to step number three which is having Before we jump into it today's guys don't forget subscribe to the podcast no matter where you're listening or watching if you're listening on Apple podcast please subscribe to the podcast same thing by heart radio or Google podcast you're watching the video version on YouTube please subscribe to the channel like the video and leave a comment tell me what you think down in the comments section below you want to find out more about me stay in touch join my weekly newsletter you can do that at my website the steve freeman very easy all right let's jump into today's episode today step3 faith now as a quick recap step one is admission we've admitted we have a problem we know the music business is addictive we know and we've admitted that we're addicted to it that was step one step two hope we have to have a circle of people or at least one person a higher power or somebody outside of ourselves that we can turn to to draw hope inspiration it's got to be somebody that is selfless and passionate about us somebody who has nothing to gain by giving us incorrect information or somebody that has nothing to gain by the more success we get they they succeed when we succeed only from an emotional and supportive standpoint maybe that's family maybe that's somebody else but it's very important to have hope now step 3 is having faith once we know that we have gone in the wrong direction we were doing things completely wrong we have that person in our life that we can turn to and we can say I have a problem I need some inspiration I need some hope and maybe that person helps set you on the right path or you set yourself on the right path now it's time to start making descent to make sure that you don't repeat the same mistakes again because there's there's nothing but that's not that I mean right I mean that's the whole thing about addiction is that when you when you get addicted to it it's hard to stay away from it we get drawn to those wrong paths because honestly sometimes the wrong paths are a lot more attractive than the right paths right sometimes we see people producers and songwriters that we think are just achieving all of the success and and they're doing the things that we want to do they're riding with the people that we want to write with they're achieving a success level that we ourselves want to achieve we see the things that they're doing but for us personally maybe those things are the wrong path maybe those we're trying to do those things and follow somebody else's steps follow somebody else's path to achieve success when we've got to find our own way and we cannot let ourselves slip back into making the decisions that led us down the wrong path now you've got to sit down and you've got to look and go oK we've identified these five things seven things whatever they are for you you've got to sit down and go okay those are what we're feeding my addiction those were what were causing me to go down the wrong path and get involved with the wrong people have the wrong circle make the wrong decisions now you've got to start making decisions and sometimes in all honesty most of the time those decisions to turn around and find a different way or are honestly they're they're more difficult than something a lot of times I have found making the right decision number one it's never as attractive most of the time but making the right decision is hard the the road less traveled is is is uncomfortable it's not as glorious and most of the time it takes longer because the the shortcuts in the music business are never the right ones right everybody's looking for a way to make this happen faster get there quicker make more money play bigger venues record and produce larger artists that but they're there sometimes there are shortcuts believe me there are shortcuts out there I have yet to find one that is worth it so now we've got to start going okay we know where we went wrong we know that that process X Y & Z leads me back to where I was I don't want to do that but now I need to find a new path I need to find a new way more importantly I think this is where faith comes in is that you have to have faith in the new destinations and new roads that you have decided to take you can't do it half-heartedly you can't do it constantly questioning yourself once you set a destination you have to have faith that you are that you're doing the right thing that you've made the right decision you have to take that inside and you have to to hold on to it you have to feed it nourish it you have to water it to watch it grow and watch it be fruitful but the most important part of that process is having faith I see so many artists and this doesn't even have to that this is almost a perception that you can have just by looking at anybody not just the artist that I've worked with but I look out there and I see a lot of artists they are hesitantly approaching their career they will try this for a little bit and then they'll try this for a little bit okay now that didn't work so we're gonna try a Spotify playlist promotion or now we're gonna spend all this money to get fake views on YouTube or we're gonna do we're gonna do all these different things but they do it almost half-heartedly and without complete confidence without faith and it's easy to spot once you create a plan for yourself in your career it's important to commit to it 110 percent and have the faith in the decisions that you've made that they're going to lead you in the right direction and you've got to stand behind them you've got to have your decisions back no matter what other people say about it no matter what other people think about it that's another thing I might get into a side tangent here for just a second but one of the one of the big problems that I see when I sit down with an artist or I'm developing an artist or producing an artist or just doing a consultation whatever I always hear about they spend so much time telling me what other people have told them other other this person said I needed to do this this person said I needed to do this over here this person said my music needed to sound more like this or my voice needs to sound more like this artist or I need to dress more why in the world do we put so much faith in what other people's opinion is because at the end of the day guys it doesn't really matter what anybody thinks if you're an artist or a songwriter it doesn't matter what anybody else thinks about your song or how your song sounds all that matters and the only person it should matter to is the end user I see this in songwriting all the time and I remember going back and looking when I was signed to a a publishing company and we would have these creative sessions so we would bring in the songs that we had written you know over the last month or whatever and ultimately what they were were critique sessions and we would go into and play our songs for our rep at that publishing company and then we would basically sit there while this person this creative person song plugger creative director whoever they would basically critique our songs they would we would listen to a song they'd go well that hook needs to be stronger or this verse needs to be stronger or you know what about changing this up changing this word and it's almost like their entire job was to tear down what you had created now this was always a difficult process for me because I can't think in the going back none of the people that I ever set in creative directive sessions like that that were giving feedback and and criticism on my songs none of them had ever written a hit song themselves none of them had ever produced a hit song themselves so when I'm talking about having faith in what it is that you do in the direction that you you're going don't fall prey to letting your faith in yourself rely on what other people think taking advice from people who haven't done what it is that you're wanting to do is a huge mistake now look I'm not saying that there are people at publishing companies or other producers may not have some helpful or corrective criticism on process if they come from they come from the business side of things though guys you got to understand not the creative and that's what I always found odd was that I'm having to sit in a room with somebody who is not a songwriter who is not a producer basically tear my work down and tell me how I need to do it more right so that they can do their job better they can get the song cut whenever they're not the ones making the decision on what songs get cut or not but I always found that very difficult in the process to go set down and and play a song and then have somebody that has never written a hit song or never produced a hit song tell me what's wrong with my art tell me what's wrong with this song tell me that it ought of been produced differently that was always hard for me and what it ended up causing me to do because you gotta listen to this I not also it took a lot of time but I also understood this the reason they have a job that that's the basis of their job right the basis of their job to to make themselves feel better and justify their position within the company is supposed to be able to have something corrective or or critically profound to say to help you as the writer or you as the artist now there's a difference between types of people I have also been in other situations where the person giving me the feedback or the criticism was a hit songwriter or was another multi-platinum selling record producer and when that person speaks I listen because they have done it they've been there they've done it and when they say Steve you know I might take a look at that chorus because number one I think that you can do better I'm not saying that what's there is not right or I'm not saying what's there is bad I'm just saying that I think if maybe you took another look at it I think maybe you could make the song stronger it's it's great the way that it is but I think you could make it stronger that's easy for me to take and that's easy for me to have faith in because what that is doing and that what that person's doing is saying hey we have faith in you to make this thing the best that it can possibly be it's it's good right now but we think it can be great and those people are a lot easier to take criticism from and in all honesty I think when you put yourself in that position I don't think those people are being critical I think what they're doing is trying to help you bring out the best in you they are they are showing and having faith that you know what you're doing and they have faith in you to make it even better that can be a songwriting thing that can be an artist thing when you sit down and you talk to somebody who has developed and built successful artists you need to listen to that person and and that's okay matter of fact you want that you want to have that kind of expertise working on your behalf and help mold you into the best possible songwriter or artist that you can be but be very careful again who you put your faith in you you've set this new direction and you want to surround yourself with people that continually seem to show that they have that faith in you and they share the same faith in the destination and the direction and the path that you've chosen that you do but be very careful stop just listening to everybody because it's I was dealing with an artist recently who I actually just had to stop working with for a while because he questioned everything it was well I played it for this person and he said it need to be like this I played it for this other person she said she thinks it needs to be like that is just like wandering around in a dark room you you you can't find the exit you don't you're just constantly accepting what other people say whether or not they have any grounds or expertise or background in this type of business or success to be able to tell you that what you're doing is wrong you just start taking all of this advice and internalizing it from all these other people and that is so difficult because all it does is cause you to get lost all it does is cause you not to be able to have complete satisfaction a hundred percent certainty and exactly what we're talking about today you lose faith in yourself you lose faith in the destination that you've chosen and you lose faith in the road that you've chosen to get you there having faith that you're doing the right thing is probably the most important thing you cannot enter your path or this business or really anything else in life less than a hundred percent confident and and not having that 100% faith in yourself to know that you're doing the right thing guys this is so important stop listening to everybody else if you want somebody's opinion go ask people that fall into two categories and I've talked about this in the past if you want advice or you want consultation you want mentorship you want somebody that you can go to – to help steer you in the right direction they have to fall into these two categories number one they have to have successfully done what you're trying to do why in the world do you guys take advice or take counsel from people who haven't accomplished the goal you're trying to accomplish who haven't been to the in destination who've never been down the road and they don't know why are you taking that person's counsel if they haven't been there and they don't know the directions it's impossible for them to lead you there that's number one number two always seek counsel and advice from people who have absolutely nothing to personally gain from helping you when you start realizing that you are you are asking all of these people for help or advice or counsel or even opinion the worst thing in the world you can do is ask somebody for their opinion but if you are going to ask them for their opinion then you want to make sure the person you're asking is not a competitor or is is somebody it has to be somebody that stands to gain absolutely nothing by giving you nothing but a hundred percent honesty and transparency you've got to be asking somebody that doesn't benefit one way or the other that just wants to help you succeed so so stop asking people for advice and what they think and asking for opinions from number one people who don't do this and who have never been to the destination you're trying to go to because they can't help you get there they don't know the way themselves and number two stop asking people who have something to gain by pointing you in one direction or the other it you have to have faith in your process surround yourself with people that allow you to continue to have faith in what it is that you're doing so so important I see so many artists songwriters businesspeople I see so many people go wrong because they listen to other people and they don't have the faith in themselves to a make the right decisions so you go out you ask all of these different people what they think and you allow them to point you in the wrong decision because I'll say this I think that it is it's almost 100% never going to work and it's almost impossible to have faith in a direction that somebody else has set for you it causes us to constantly question the direction it causes us to come we question ourselves and were questioning those people if you find yourself in a situation where you're having to question all of these things and you don't feel secure and you don't feel solid in what it is that you're doing and you don't feel like your feet are firmly planted on the ground then you don't have faith in that process and maybe sometimes you've got to eliminate those things in your life in your career in your team you've got to eliminate those people or those scenarios or those things you've got to eliminate them so that you can formulate a plan find a road and set an Indus that you have 100% complete faith in step 1 just to recap step 1 admission step 2 hope today's step faith have faith in yourself have faith in the process and have faith to know that when you make a decision right or wrong you have faith in it to see it through and take it to the end guys thank you so much for joining me for another episode of The Steve Freeman podcast we're we're needy we're not quite up to here yet but we're knee-deep in the 12-step program for musicians today step 3 having safe does if you're enjoying the podcast and you're listening to it on any of the audio platforms Apple podcast google play google podcast I Heart Radio radio com please subscribe to the podcast leave us a five star review you're enjoying the video version of the podcast here on YouTube then subscribe to the YouTube channel like the video and leave your thoughts and comments in the section below I love reading your comments I try to respond to each and every one you want to work with me one on one personally you want a mentoring session or a coaching session or work with me in the studio you can find out everything you need to know at my website the Steve Freeman dot guys as always keep being creative keep pressing the boundaries and there's nothing wrong with being

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