3 ways to manage a fear of needles

Ready one, two three! Many can relate to this. Needles can induce worry, discomfort and in some, an overwhelming fear. As a registered nurse in Sunnybrook’s Family Practice Unit, Andrea Goncz has pretty much seen every reaction there is. Usually teenagers and older children usually have the hardest time. Goncz administers more than one thousand needles every year, so knows of some tried and true techniques to help. Tip one? Focus on something else. People of all ages need a little distraction from something that is not enjoyable. For younger children, bring along favorite books. And for older kids, parents can help. Distraction is one of the best techniques, so if mom or dad is standing in front chatting with them while you go ahead and quickly do what you need to do Her next tip? Sugar. The body’s natural response when tasting sugar is endorphin release, so it makes sense that that would actually diminish the sensation of pain that would be received by an immunization. Research has found that dipping soothers into sugar water helps cut down on pain for infants. Goncz also recommends that mothers breastfeed immediately following immunization. For older children, bring a favorite candy. Ya, that’s OK to give your kids treats at those times and it will help with their pain management. Tip three? Emla patches. Available at most pharmacies, these topical pain patches numb the site of injection if applied about one hour before the shot. I find it actually really good for kids who are a little bit older who understand what the needle is and are still very, very scared of it. After immunization, Goncz says both acetaminophen or iboprofen are good options to relieve pain, but there is no need to give it beforehand. The best thing to do is to keep moving the arm, keep moving the limb that did have the injection because it will help dispurse the vaccine. One, two three. With Sunnyview, I’m Monica Matys.

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  1. Why Hawaii, why you make us get shots a year before 7th grade… i don’t get it cause middle school in my district starts 6th..

  2. My fear is so bad you don’t even know. I’m 14. I have never gotten a shot without screaming and crying. I’m crying right now watching this video. I can’t stop crying. I act like a 3 year old but I can’t control myself. I don’t know what to do. In a package I once got they had an alcohol patch that was for injections and I broke down crying. I need help.

  3. Bruh I'm 20 years old and I still experience a great amount of anxiety when it comes to needles. Not that it hurts all that much I just panic. Ik it's silly… I'm trying to get over it fast cause I need to start giving myself injections soon. I've done it before but I quite after the first time cause of my anxiety. I don't want to do that again, and I'm sure after awhile I'll be fine cause I have to take them every month….

  4. Less than 2 days having mild panic attack

    Edit:shots done had numbing patches and meds I didn’t even realize they were done so happy even though my arms hurt to move

  5. i overthink it too much i imagine the liquid going into my blood and stabbing me in my arm oof i feel ill now bye

  6. i just got one ,like a few mounts ago it dint rlly hurt i swear when igot needeld
    i dint feel anything and an antbite hurts more idk my opinon ,oh nvm they kinda hurt but not really😄
    em i the only that thinks getting needel is satisfying?!😂 ok im weird okie! XD btw…. i always get needeld every singel year cuz every year i get sick 😐
    the worst thing when i get sick is…. i need too drink does ugly medicine that taste trash 😳😝😝 and the taste dosent go away fast its stupid , soo i need too deal with the ugly taste for idk maybe 20 mins :/
    oh sorry i talk too much ….

  7. Hey I know nobody really cares that much but I just am freaking out because I have to get 3 in 3.5 hours I’m not feeling well and not very excited

    Edit: I got numbing patches and calming meds and I didn’t realize it was done and even though my arms are sore I’m so happy

  8. Literally hearing the word 'you'll need an injection' makes me want to vomit- it makes me feel dizzy, sharp feelings all over my body- and i just start sobbing like a 3 y/o It's embarrassing but i can't help it

  9. im getting a shot tomorrow and i wanna cry. Im breakimg down already and ive had nightmares about this. For 4 months its been anxiety. I cover most of my body and face with blankets at night of fear ill be pricked. I have low pain tilerance and it hurt$ so much

  10. The moment I see a needle in its wrapper I ascend into another reality.

    Simply, I have an internal crisis.

    The moment they apply the alcohol. I ascend into another plane of dimensional reality. (*what?*)

    Simply, I repeat a single word of panic in my mind.

    When I get injected…I become insane.

    Simply, I become insane.

  11. My year group had 2 vaccinations and I had 3 as I was travelling to Bali for my God father’s wedding. When I had my 3 I had some mad breakdown and every time I see someone get one I feel sick. I don’t know why I’m that afraid of them and nothing else. I want to parachute out a damn plane for my 18th ffs 😂😂

  12. All of you are talking about the needle but I get scared when the rubbing alcohol touches my skin

  13. I'm going in for my tetanus booster, I was supposed to get it at 21, but I'm getting it now at 23. I really want to go to adaptive horseback riding so I have to do it. I'm disabled btw.

  14. It's so annoying how our parents keep saying they don't hurt when they do hurt so bad but actually we feel pain because we are focusing so much on the needle that it hurts more than it's supposed to. Btw I thought about this all day long so the next time im getting a needle I am not gonna get scared

  15. i Remember when i got a shot A Long time ago the docter told me that it would just be a little pinch for about 10 seconds. But she literally left this 7 inch needle that was connected to a shelf inside of my arm. For Like an HOUR. and when i had to use the bathroom i had to go with the needle Just sticking In My Arm. But i didnt Feel It After about 5 Min. but when u first get a shot IT HURTS.

  16. Hey i getting my blood drawn in in like a week please help with tips but still i think it's better than injection but im still terified

  17. Yesterday my puppy bit me really hard this month I'm going to have 24 injection , wow I wan to die

  18. Some shots don’t hurt me. I just got 2 shots today and neither of them hurt. But sometimes, it hurts like hell.

  19. …ughhh noo im 11 and i hate shots i am gonna get em tmr so that i can enter 5th grade i hope it wont hurt……

  20. “For older children, bring favourite candy.”


  21. If I see a needle I will gag and maybe throw up. One time I had to get 15 tubes of blood and they just left the needle in my arm….😭owww

  22. I have too get one every 2 weeks for 2 MONTHS!! Ofc I cry everytime BUT on the bright side After those 2 months I get to go buy new stuff at the mall C:

  23. Needles dont hurt me anymore but for some reason I am terrified of them idk why, so everytime I get a shot I close my eyes and hug my mom like there's no tommorow and it works!

    What does hurt is when you get blood taken out. Needles are just soft jabs, but when they leave it in there and take pouches of blood that hurts

  24. I just left the oppiontment and right when she said(are you ready to start)I hear the radio and the song said ( a a ay commo me duele)which means oh oh oh how it hurts😭

    I left before they could start

  25. The nurse was gonna get blood from me and i was holding to my moms hand and when i look how much blood it is i said wow Thats a lot of blood

  26. Today i got shots for 6th grade and i got two shots and i don’t think it was minutes i think it was only seconds I looked while i got the shots i just panic in my mind🤣🤣

  27. One time I crawled under a chair at the doctors office and kicked all of the nurses. There was 5 nurses in the one doctors office holding me down. Oh to be 7 again

  28. I’m a scared of needles but I know it doesn’t hurt much. When the pediatrician tells me to look away my mind be like “I want to see”. One time the pediatrician told me to look away because she was going to give me my shots I blurted out “But I want to see” and the pediatrician was like “No look away” 😂

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