99.9% Of All Men Fall in Love When You Do This!

in this video you will learn five tips
that make 99.9 percent of all men fall in love 5 powerful tips based on solid
psychological science that you can use today to make your guy fall in love with
you and these tips work because they are focused on replicating the changes in
brain chemistry that happen to all men when they are in love so if you want to
make a man fall in love with you then this is the video for you don’t go
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so you aren’t missing anything okay on to our topic the five tips that make
99.9% of men fall in love usually falling in love is something that
happens to us not something that we make happen by an act of will I mean
sometimes we fall in love when we least expected or wanted however there are
things that you could be doing that could kind of kickstart and facilitate
the process of falling in love and those things are all based on triggering the
same physiological systems and the same powerful neurotransmitters that are
present during the attraction phase the infatuation phase and the attachment
phase of passionate love so without further ado let’s just jump right into
them number one the attraction phase get his dopamine flowing dopamine is a
neurotransmitter released by the brain that plays a number of roles in humans
and other animals but the important functions that we are concerned with
here are dopamine’s effects on pleasurable rewards behavior and
cognition attention and mood let me give you some examples that explain
dopamine’s role in attraction when you see a person that you’re attracted to
your dopamine levels instantly increase because you’ve detected something
desirable in your environment so you become instantly focused and excited
well guess what happens if you’re able to artificially provoke an increase in
your level of dopamine in the presence of another person yes you become more
attractive and start to enjoy and desire that person as a result so how do you
provoke your brain to release dopamine well as it turns out engaging in
challenging and novel activities affects the brain in much the same way that
drugs do that is they trigger your brain to release the neurotransmitter dopamine
and when that happens you associate those great feelings to the people that
you are with here are some examples that you might recognize people who are in
challenging academic programs together they are facing the same
and challenging experiences and often they grow very fond of one another
quickly they feel like they have a super special bond or they feel that they know
each other much longer now that’s dopamine working its magic
another example people taking dance lessons together and ending up having an
intense affair yes that’s also dopamine so finding ways of engaging your man in
novel challenging and exciting experiences will cause you both to have
elevated dopamine levels and you’ll feel closer and more attracted as a result so
try out a new hobby together preferably it’s something that is
challenging or requires him to learn new skills or to push himself for example
perhaps you are into yoga or pilates but the guy that you like has never tried it
so invite him to come along or take dance lessons together or invite him to
experience different types of foods with you or experiment with learning to cook
new dishes together again we want to be doing something challenging and novel
together remember these three words novel challenging and exciting
activities all of these new adventures will cause a surge in dopamine that will
be associated with you and that’s a great thing now the second tip in the
attraction phase is number two get his adrenaline pumping you know that feeling
you get when you’re really attracted to someone or when you really like someone
some people call it the butterflies it’s that nervous excitement the jittery
stomach a racing heart and an inability to focus on anything but that person
it’s an amazing feeling but what’s happening on the inside of your body
well when you’re attracted to someone your body is releasing a cascade of
neurotransmitters particularly norepinephrine also called adrenaline
just as it does during the fight-or-flight response
chemically it’s the same response if you fear for your life your body prepares
you to fight or to run away by releasing adrenaline and adrenaline causes an
increased heart rate focused attention and sweaty palms
it’s that same wide-eyed electricity in your veins feeling that you get when you
have the butterflies so what do you think happens if you’re able to
artificially trigger the fight-or-flight response by engaging in some adrenaline
producing activities with the person you like well the arousal he feels can get
transferred to you and the level of attraction he feels towards you
increases in other words when you trigger your fight-or-flight response by
engaging in thrilling activities together your adrenaline increases his
adrenaline increases your heart races his heart races your palms get sweaty
and all of those feelings cause what is known as a misattribution of attraction
the adrenaline hi you both experienced it’s associated with the other person
and your feelings of attraction and excitement about your partner increases
as a result do a search and look it up this is a phenomenon that has been
widely studied just do a Google search for arousal and attraction or
misattribution of attraction and you will find the many studies that support
what I’m saying so how can you apply this to be more attractive to your man
well find opportunities to engage in adrenaline provoking experiences with
him go to an amusement park and ride a roller coaster together go bungee
jumping together or skydiving or wall climbing you can even watch scary
thrillers together all of these things will provoke your body to release
adrenaline and when that happens your level of attraction for one another goes
through the roof it’s like fooling your brain that the arousal produced by this
activity is really due to your attraction for the other person and this
helps to perk up the passion try it I promise you you’ll be amazed at how
effective this is number three the infatuation phase and the look of love
during the infatuation phase the neurotransmitter phenylethylamine or
peña increases peña is a natural and fat Amin produced by the brain and high
levels of this neurotransmitter help promote feelings of attraction
excitement giddiness and apprehension so it makes sense that if you’re able to
raise a man’s level of PA in your presence he’s more likely to become
infatuated with you now as it turns out PDA levels can be increased by certain
psychoactive drugs and maybe by eating large amounts of chocolate too the
chocolate part is still up for debate but you can always try it just make sure
it’s dark chocolate with the highest percentage of cocoa that you can find
and cocoa is also the name of my kids dog however there’s another surefire way to
stimulate PDA and that is by prolonged eye contact
that’s because prolonged eye contact is a powerful stimulator of affection and
specifically PA I’ve talked about this in other videos and you can look up
studies about prolonged eye contact but what you need to do is deliberately
spend time gazing into his eyes this isn’t going to be difficult to do you
can even make a game out of it just remember deliberate close eye contact
for five minutes try this it’s crazy how effective it is
closed deliberate sustained eye contact for five minutes it will kick-start his
production of PA so far we’ve covered the attraction and infatuation phases of
passionate love keep watching because now we’re going to talk about the most
important part the attachment phase and oxytocin oxytocin is a very powerful
neurotransmitter that is used to form the attachment in both children and
adults oxytocin is the hormone that facilitates bonding between romantic
partners and the most exciting part when oxytocin is released the positive
bonding and attachment effects are profound high levels of oxytocin is
associated with feelings of love sexual desire and bonding among romantic
couples and it’s the hormone responsible for the rose-colored glasses that make
your partner seem so perfect when you’re falling in love and oxytocin prevents
you from becoming close to other potential mates and helping to maintain
fidelity and the best news there are things that you can do to trigger the
release of oxytocin in your man and facilitate and strengthen the attachment
between the both of you fortunately most of these tips are simple and even
pleasurable so they are easily adapted into your life so start with physical
touch the best way to stimulate his oxytocin production is through physical
touch and specifically number four give him a massage massage is one of the best
ways to get oxytocin flowing into the body
in fact massage benefits both the person giving the massage as well as a person
receiving the massage both shall increase levels of oxytocin and you
don’t need to be a professional at it but simply spend fifteen to twenty
minutes massaging your partner and you will both experience an increase
feeling of clothespin and attachment and many studies have shown the
effectiveness of massage and helping to reduce everyday stress enhance the
immune system and generally making people feel more healthy and relaxed and
many of these benefits are directly related to the oxytocin release that is
associated with massage and physical touch so make it a point to give him a
massage it really works number-5 physical intimacy and waiting
on sex it has been well established that physical intimacy and sex causes both
men and women to release oxytocin and as such they are both more likely to
develop a bond and become attached for both men and women oxytocin is released
due to the physical touch and closeness involved in sex oxytocin is released
when gazing into each other’s eyes and oxytocin is released when hugging and
kissing however there are some very important differences between how and
web oxytocin is released in men and women and here’s where things get
interesting women produce more of this hormone and in particular a surge of
oxytocin is released when a woman has an orgasm now on the other hand when a man
has an orgasm the main hormone released is dopamine so instead of getting a
surge of bonding and wanting to cuddle more men receive a surge of simple
pleasure so if you want to take advantage of triggering oxytocin in your
man try to hold off on the sex and focus on the foreplay the more hugging and
kissing and gazing into each other’s eyes the more oxytocin that is going to
be released make a deliberate attempt to hold off on the sex as long as you can
and engage instead in other foreplay and lengthen your lovemaking session to
include as much physical contact hugging kissing and gazing into each other’s
eyes as possible so I really want to know how many of you have tried these
tips please leave a comment and share your experience they really do work by
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