A Celebrity Hairstylist Transformed My Hair! (new hair reveal)

*gasp* You did Elsa’s hair? I did Elsa’s hair. ♪ intro music ♪ You guys, look how short my pony tail is! Oh my god it’s so crazy So in real life it’s the next day, for you guys, in YouTube world it’s a few days later Today, I’m totally transforming my look Totally different style, totally different hair colour So I’m walking right now down Wilshire Blvd, in LA On my way to the Honey Pot Lounge which is incredible I love this place. It’s a mom and daughter run place. Love it, they do my waxing, my lash extensions I have to go get them done tomorrow so don’t judge the waxing and lashes off of me right now cuz we need to redo. But it’s really cute and they’re so kind to donate their space to me today, to me and the artist So I’m gonna link all their info, all their stuff down below You guys should definitely check them out if you’re in the LA area and looking for some spa treatments and girly stuff. Now I’m just gonna get ready, head in D: Nice to meet you M: Hi! I’m a hugger, so nice to meet you D: I was going to call you to tell to leave it layered M: Oh! It’s very layered yeah, we’re gonna have to get lots of fixing done D: Yea, that’s okay M: I’m so thankful you where willing to do this D: Oh no problem when they called and asked I got excited Oh and this is my guide dog, he’s always sleepy Gallop: I was thinking of getting pink ears maybe Alright, so nows the time my incredible stylist has arrived Do you want to introduce yourself Hi I’m Danilo M: Oh please you need to give more of- you need to give them the rundown this man is like a legend you guys. I’m gonna put some links about this guy down below because you have done some incredible things with hair I’ve had a lot of fun and a lot of beautiful collaborations too and great opportunities. Starting with this one today. We’re gonna have fun M: Can you give us some name dropping? D: You know this is the thing I’m worst at but I’m very well-known for Gwen Stefani. We’ve been together we’re good friends for 20 years now so that’s a lot of hair lot of looks. But I’ve had the pleasure of movies uh videos, magazines, just really all- I’m also global ambassador with Pantene. I do a lot of things I enjoy hair and I enjoy all that hair pulls in So I know I’m in good hands. I trust you because with this I mean I have to trust you so much cuz I’m not gonna be able to see myself You can see the uh, the botched chop job I did D: Yea well that’s pretty typical with donations, you know It’s kinda hard you get an instant layer I’ve learned some tricks with that but I love that you where doing it and doing your own I always encourage people to do their own So today we’re gonna clean up you cut and do some colour I brought some shades you know I’m going on what you showed me but there’s room to play What are the details that you’re looking for from a cut M: Yes!
D: and just to honor you I’m gonna cut you hair with my eyes closed Oh goodness! Two blind haircuts D: I’ve done it before
M: Nooo because it’s funny you talk abpout feeling because that’s how I do everything M: Right! is touching
D: I don’t usually look in the mirror So I can cut it so you have the illusion of shorter bang But it’s really just a layer that helps push back the length That works very well so you have options whenever you want a bang you kinda pull it out You know and I’m also looking at placement of colour I also find colour break is very flattering around this area That’s what I like, is like the mid temple I’m lopping off about an inch and a half M: That’s what I figured I’m doing it kinda along the edges so you have a little bit of a… sort of A very subtle layer of quality to it So it’ll swing and swish a little more I like that I do like your over all look M: Thank you
D: Do you wear your in ponytail a lot? Well I have just- I’ve been very known for the top knot The big bun on top my head just because it’s been D: Thank you for letting me know that cuz we wanna make sure you keep that So this is a product from Pantene It’s called, it’s beautiful, we have beautiful length line. Cuz the scientists found that they could treat you hair with a conditioner that allowed your hair to stay strong M: The whole way down
D: So donation worthy-able It smells very um, tropical fruity So your layering in front there quite a bit M: Yea
D: But I guess with you length.. so I’m building into that, I’m going to reshape some of it but there’s some really good length in there so it’ll work really well in this whole At this point I’m going to section you away and start applying colour which- initially I’m going to do bleach on you M: Yes
D: It’s just going to be quicker and consistent. I’m still sorta feeling out the pictures that I received we’re a bit of a dusty rose kinda quality and that coupled with the colour that’ll bring you hair up basically your tips will be much lighter with a fade to a little more golden and the dusty rose will blend the 2 I have a different theory with colour I do a different thing, it’s always served me well I attack. I get it on and I get it off No so precious about it, the real damage to hair is the time the colours on more then anything So what I’m doing now is putting it on just basically to the point, the length of your bangs M: You always knew you wanted to be a hairdresser?
D: No actually I got talked into it. The heads of the Vidal Sassoon in San Francisco said “We think you’d be a great hairdresser and we’ll train you” and so I did it. That was the first academy outside of London for Vidal Sassoon. I had that great fortune to have span the late 70s and then I got to New York in the 80s and just went crazy M: Well thank god they suggested it You guys it’s lightening apparently it’s starting to get blonde looking D: *whistle noise* look at that Time to rise out my bleach D: You can grab my arm
M: thank you You know the proper way to sighted guide and everything Hi babe, mummy’s a blonde mummy’s a blonde Well now you’re more of a um Probably coppery blonde Well it’s still a nice, you’re definitely a golden shade You would be a very- like a strawberry blonde I feel like you just have incredible stories for days and so much knowledge. D: I’ll write a book I’ve been in some pretty amazing situations and you it’s like I don’t know- you know it’s kind of the take it to your grave kinda thing This product smells so good D: It’s a good one this is the overtone, and so I’m gonna do that all over cuz it has a little more vibrancy to it What I’m gonna do is put it down as a base and then I’m gonna play with a little pink and the red I feel like this is like a neck work out as you pull on my head all day D: You can definitely relax I’ll do this ones The rose gold on and your hairs gone to a rose and gold. Rose gold to me is always very- more towards like a D: real strawberry blonde
M: Yeah There’s a realness too it, but this particular one has a little fun in it M: A little more of a- little sparkle to it yeah D: I’mm allowing some of you hair to grab alright… …so you’re gonna get
M: Some mix So it’s gonna be a mix and there’s going to be bangalore tonality, meaning an ombre of vibrant to pale M: Love that, love that then some of your balayages are picking up a little warmer which is nice. M: It’s going to be so intresting D: the more colours the better Frozen I did Elsa’s hair *Gasp* You did Elsa’s hair? I did Elsa’s hair, I created it with incredible creators When I went to Disney to start developing I read the script, I was given a studio, I went in it’s a huge studio and they had 6 cameras set up I brought a tripod, a wig head, and designed 3 styles that I thought would fit the script when I read the script It was such an incredible experience I did the 3 then a model came, then we had set up a huge one of those big Disney wind machines and everybody came, directors, producers, the people that where branding and making product all of us came into one room M: You have the coolest job I worked with MAC on their troll doll movie collaboration. M: *gasps* that is so cool You should see the video I did it got posted M: Link below So this will be another rise and if we want to saturate a little deeper we’ll do that again M: Yay I’m letting some of the red punch through a little bit Gotta rise D: I’m glad I put int the vibrance If you want to do a overall I would do the rose gold overtone. And then if you want to play vibrance there’s the red and the pink. Pink absorbed really beautifully in it *hair dryer noise* We’ll be your eyes for you at this moment, there’s some areas that have a little more blush going on so that- Not only have I done the ombre I know I talked about this but if you’re going back through it placement, I did linear this way too, so I’ve done horizontal and so that way you sorta getting bands of new colours M: Do you like it?
J: It’s semi reminiscent of like old Hayley Williams kinda style when she use to have like a gold-red-pink sorta like mix together M: Interesting
J: That’s cool too when it’s like up and then you get the like ombre still in the bang D: You’re long enough that you can still go up So I have a big iron, I’m gonna use my big fatty Biggest iron in the world It’s 2 inch, but it’s great cuz it’s like I spent hours blowing you hair out Even though blowouts are fabulous, and I know every girl with curly hair loooves them but I feel people 1 they pull the hair very hard and when they roll it they often aren’t getting the heat all over They just get one spot so I think ultimately it’s pretty damaging This is just to give you a little round brush finish little fluff So you can throw it around all day M: And I will be D: It’s pretty good colour there M: How are my ends looking? D: They’re- everybody’s happy, they’re good So that’s leave in conditioner in you hair with the little spray you can feel it Is that tolerable? M: Yeah! Yea I love it D: and it will stay, I bought a new spray that an interesting new spray that’s made out of bees wax M: Oooh I have no sense of your vision being impaired at all I have to keep reminding myself M: That’s like most people D: Well you’re so present that it doesn’t seem Oh my god I feel so like, New I feel like a new women I feel light, I feel fresh M: I feel excited
D: Looks really good Here she is D: And it’s perfect cuz M: Look how cute she is she’s not down to my butt D: What’s happening here too is you have the dark sweeping into the colour so it’s a nice fade D: Happy hair M: Happy hair, happy girl I’m so thankful to you, I can’t tell you enough D: Well it was a pleasure, thanks for making it happen M: Thank YOU for making it happen
D: Thank’s for you donation too Gallop do you like my hair babe? I’m a new woman You guys the transformation is complete I can’t even- I can’t thank you enough D: It was a pleasure
M: This is just.. I mean I can’t see what it looks like but I feel so good. You know everybody is like in awe of what you’ve done and I’m sure everybody in the comments is as well. I’m gonna link- do you have any social media? D: Yeah.
M: I’m gonna link it all below you guys he is a hair god you need to follow this man What he does is incredible, I’m so grateful to you to your assistant James who you guys saw, to Stacy and the Honey Pot Lounge for letting us use the space *Jake and Stacy laughing* More hair transformations, if you are growing your hair consider cutting it and donating it, it’s a great cause it’s really important and you know if you can’t donate hair donate money these wigs cost a lot to make D: They do, and the great thing about these foundations is they give them away
M: Exactly D: and I think you and I where discussing eairlier one thing about cutting hair is it grows back, yaaay so you can do it multiple times, but it actually changes peoples lives. People are different because they have the confidence and they can walk in the world, whatever their challenge is these wigs make a huge difference M: Hair is- can become somebodies identity can feel like a make or break for confidence It’s so important so to be able to like give that gift to somebody else. To give them confidence and like you said to even make a difference of having them go to treatment or not. D: Yeah, that was a shocker for me M: For young people being bullied or not You know these things they really matter so I really encourage you guys, I’m gonna link a whole bunch of information about hair donation down below as well, both the charity I donated to and as well as Pantene Beautiful Lengths who you been working with for a long time so both of those will be linked below. Both are really worthy causes so thank you guys for coming with me on this hair journey Leave all the love for this man down below and the incredible work he’s done. And we’ll see you next time M: *blow kiss* Bye guys
D: Thank you

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  1. Are you surprised by the hair color I went with? 🙂
    Also, isn't Danilo amazing?! I just love him!! – follow him on Insta – @officialdanilohair

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  3. What is it with these 'Professional Hairdressers' that brush wet hair?!? OMG did you anyone at all learn you're supposed to COMB wet(to prevent stretching/breaking and not fray the ends) and BRUSH dry(to distribute the natural oils) I know I got licensed in 1992 but dang- * Molly, if you get this message please brush your hair when it's dry and use a wide tooth comb to detangle your hair then a comb where the teeth are closer to seal the cuticle of your hair. Brushing wet, especially bleached hair will trash it-it won't be shiny and silky AKA healthy looking. At least try it….. 😉 BTW your adorable!

  4. Molly you’re gorgeous but I don’t know if color is his thing… I’ve seen his up dos and stuff but he did you wrong

  5. Idk y'all, I agree it isn't what I'd call ombre but I actually quite like this, it's more of a punk look and the color is amazing.. Also I love Overtone

  6. I think the pink is so cute on you, but I felt he could’ve been more cautious. It seemed he carelessly slapped on the bleach, and the transition line was rather uneven, and he didn’t fade from the brown to pink so it looks really noticeable. But you still look cute.☺️

  7. I’m growing my hair, I’ve been growing it almost all my life (13), and the longest it’s been is a littlest above bra length. Maybe not everyone has the long hair genes. Oh well…


  9. Unlike all of the people complaining about her hair (haters), I think it looks great. Good hair job. Nobody wants to hear negative hater comments

  10. celebrity hairstylist???? where tho??? this was put on so unevenly and overall looked like a pink mess. Ya it looked ok on the side but on the back, it looked atrocious. I hope no one goes to him since he has no idea WTF he's doing.

  11. If he is a celebrity hairstylist WHY ON EARTH did he slap on that bleach like that, was it because she's blind that he did this?

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  13. Wow, I had to come back and watch this after you went to Briza. I'm thinking this guy is probably getting lots of hate, I'm not a hairstylist and even I disagree with the way he applied bleach. Good thing you wear your hair in a top knot 🙂

  14. The guy seems just lazy and blahza doing this hair. Since not working on a celebrity. Shame on him. Thinks to much of hisself to care about the average person. Not" bulling " just an average person opinion.

  15. im sorry but like im 13 and i can dye my hair and fade it better than he did 🤔🤭😬😐😳😕🤨😂 no shade, just facts but ly the most molly he just did u wrong girl

  16. You’re amazing Molly.
    That said, if you are supposedly Gwen stefanis stylist, not sure you’d really get “excited” for a youtuber to call you.. no offense to Molly but what?! He’s frustrating to me. So much talk about what he’s done… and no offense again but HIGHLY doubt he really believes Pantene is a product that justifies the prices I’m sure he charges… like does Gwen love the Pantene? I am dead.

    “Sassoon just thought I’d be great” ya…. that’s how it happens hmmm… sure.

  17. “Letting some of the red punch through….. since I didn’t lift you high enough to get a real rose gold and I had to go darker”

  18. “Hours blowing your hair out” ? “To give you a round brush finish….. but I don’t wanna spend 30 mins to round brush…”
    “It will stay” no honey no the pink will not stay. I’m disappointed he didn’t give you the time you deserve honey

  19. Did anyone else see her eyes (pupil) move really fast 7:46 also did anyone see him show the hair to the mirror at 11:13 😓🤣🤣😂

  20. Ughhhh😣😣😣 the color is okay , but the blend is horrid.
    I feel so bad.
    As a stylist too, we all have our own styles of doing hair I guess you could say, but omg. I would never let anyone I care about get their hair done like that. No way. 😭😭

  21. Ik I'm late but he literally used pantene… not trying to start drama but if you look at there ingredients it was they use for floor wax.. I'm in school rn and honestly she looks so gorgeous literally all the time but omg he did sooo bad on this. And he isnt wearing gloves or using a brush like whattt

  22. I know there where a lot of negative comments but I liked it! I'm visually impaired and Canadian as well go Canada! Come to the west cost!!

  23. He looks high🥵 no he offense and he did a horrible job it’s not even an hombre😑 and Jenna marbles could have done better😒😫

  24. Hate that he’s using Pantene. It’s so terrible for your hair. As far as color goes, he didn’t even try to blend it and his sections were too large. I feel like he took advantage of your blindness and didn’t do as well as he should have. Looks home done. Not trying to be negative, just sending feedback

  25. Girl take his links off of your description box! He does not deserve any exposure for this! Yikes!

  26. Ewww I do not like this guy! At all! He acts like he's an a list world renowned hair stylist/celebrity/God. Gross. & he sucked! It would be one thing if he was actually good or amazing but he's horrible!! I'm sorry molly I love you & I never just leave all out hate about anyone in your video, but he's so cocky and smug & I don't like him whatsoever. He's so unbelievably full of himself it makes me disgusted. I hate people who aren't humble or down to earth. Thankfully you can pull off any look or color, but he's horrible & I'm so glad you never went back to him.

  27. Came here from Brad Mondo reaction vid: I think the hair looks great even if the ombre line isn't perfectly straight- maybe being from the midwest, I don't have the same ideal of perfection.

  28. How has this man lasted in this business? Unless homeless patch work is what he was going for he is absolutely shameful.
    I’m thinking his Elsa story is probably not true. It sounds like most of his experience is in styling and not color and is relying on his pocket book of terminology to distract her from his first time playing with the color clenditioners that he is praying works for him.
    I’m so sad that her filmers are so respectful they are letting her have this experience and advertise this mans horrible ethic.
    Why is there an assistant? With how slow he works and lack of sectioning or technique he dosnt need any assistance.
    I’m at a loss for understanding here. Sadly I’ve worked with a handful of this kind of stylist.

  29. I normally NEVER comment; however, I need to today. As a licensed hairstylist I have to say that 1, I see this happen ALL THE TIME. “Senior stylists” that somehow go so far off the grid being “creative” and over explaining their mess up to mask that they don’t have the proper education or lack the talent to do a current trending hairstyle and “wing it”.

    It is so apparent that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, which brings me to my second point. “Curly haired girls love a blow out”. Yes, yes we do! Why?! Because it’s less damaging to have a PROPER BLOWOUT done, then have someone haphazardly curl their hair with a giant curling iron!!

    A proper blowout will not “pull your hair out”, when proper tension is applied, you get beautiful, silky, smooth Shiny results and you will not miss areas?!?!

    rant over

  30. Molly, I absolutely love you and think you are a beautiful person, but GIRL that guy did a bad job. I mean really. The color is great and I like it a lot, but the ambre looks like he dipped your hair in a paint bucket. Absolutely no hate towards Molly at all, I love her, but he did such a bad job.

  31. This poor hairdresser 😕 everyone is being mean and I get it, he didn’t do the best job ever but you don’t have to be mean! He tried hard and put time and effort into her hair. It’s a good thing that molly now knows that it doesn’t look the best but there was definitely a nicer way to deliver your thoughts

  32. Even if my client was blind I could never take advantage of her like this man did. Your clients are your walking advertisement. I’m sad she praised him so much and he didn’t own up to his mistakes. There is no blending whatsoever. The color choice isn’t so bad but it definitely needs some highlights and gloss! She is such a beautiful girl but this “hairdresser” is not a hair god! I am a hairdresser as well and our only hair god is Guy Tang! So upsetting to see virgin hair treated like this 💔

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