A little bit goes a long way on Giving Tuesday.

Hey Andy, I got you a coffee. Aww, Jess, what’s the occasion? It’s Giving Tuesday! V Team, there are so many great ways to celebrate this day and this season of giving. That’s right. And the easiest way for all of us — VtoV! Since 2013, the VtoV Employee Relief Fund has awarded nearly $4 million in grants. And it’s all possible because of generous V Teamers like you, who have each others backs. All donations are tax deductible and they can be doubled via the Matching Gifts Program. But there’s one asset more valuable than money. Time! And there’s no shortage of opportunities to give your time in meaningful ways. As we all move forward with a collective purpose, your time helping others can help us reach our 2.5 million hour volunteer goal. Let’s count those hours together — head to verizon.com/volunteer to sign up. By the way, if you missed the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, boy did we put on a show. From 360 livestreams to a portal experience putting you right in the action. It’s not magic. It’s 5G! Speaking of, the first ever 5G AR concert experience took place at The Chainsmokers concert in the Bay Area. You know Jess, in the spirit of giving, you’ve inspired me. This coffee’s on me. Aww, thanks Andy. Until next time, you’re up to speed! Wait is this the… It’s the one you gave me. Oh.

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