Add one dollar to your electric bill to help with energy assistance program

I understand you also do advocacy work? We do. We try to play a pretty active role so there’s two basic things we have commissioned every year, a study that we call the affordability gap study. And it really looks at what is the real cost of energy, both heating and electricity for people in every community of our state. And then what can they really afford to pay. Especially those that are below 200 percent of the federal poverty level. Those are the people that we’re mostly looking at. And we find that there’s a 313 thousand households in our state that can’t fully afford their energy costs. And that’s important information for our decision makers to know. Our utility companies. And those are the kinds of the kind of information that even our federal and state programs need to know about him in making allocations that are going to work for the low-income community. Finally how can people help? Well there’s a lot of ways to help and there’s a the first one and we love you too to visit our website which is There’s a lot of opportunities there. But probably one of the easiest ways is through your own utility bill where you’ll see a little thing on your bill called add a dollar. And by literally just adding one dollar to your bill you can help your neighbors, because the utility companies then pass those directly to us which we use directly to assist households in need alright, so those those are two favorite ways but I’m again I urge people to look at our website lots of great information on how to help.

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