Adopt Dottie and Support Make-A-Wish® and WE!

Dolly and Dot are my best friends But they’re not the only ones! This is Dottie, and she’s my newest, bestest friend. This one time, Dottie got lost. A couple of wrong turns and, sure enough, she was out there on her own. I can’t imagine the places she saw… …or the people she met… …or the trouble she got into. But she’s tough, and has a few tricks up her… fleece. One day, she just came strolling back, like nothing had ever happened. But that’s Dottie for you. She always comes home.

100 thoughts on “Adopt Dottie and Support Make-A-Wish® and WE!”

  1. Blizzard, if you really want to help charities, dont cap them at 3 million, in fact you should match whatever the donations eventually equate to, instead of trying to profiteer, its a new low.

  2. People complaining about the 3 mil cap:

    November 2009: Pandaren Monk – over $1.1 million (USD) for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

    December 2010: Moonkin Hatchling – over $800 thousand (USD) for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

    May 2011: Cenarion Hatchling – over $1.7 million (USD) for the American Red Cross's Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami relief efforts.

    October 2011: Server blade[9] – over $330 thousand (USD) for the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

    November 2012: Cinder Kitten – over $2.3 million (USD) for the American Red Cross's Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

    November 2013: Alterac Brandy – over $1 million (USD) for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

    December 2014: Argi – over $1.9 million (USD) for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

    December 2015: Brightpaw – over $1.7 million (USD) for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

    December 2016: Mischief – over $2.5 million (USD) for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.[20]

    September 2017: Shadow – over $1.8 million (USD) for the American Red Cross Disaster Relief.Due to recent disasters, Blizzard decided to start the charity early for this pet.

    November 2018: Whomper for

    December 2019: Dottie for Make-A-Wish Foundation and

  3. I'll definitely support this. Already bought the epic edition of shadowlands. Love the new mount and excited for new expansion. The year of shadow!

  4. Nice cap you have on this CHARITY pet, you suddenly couldn't bear some of that money NOT going to your pockets?

    She always comes home……to China it seems points at the Abomination using the censored Chinese model

  5. "a maximum donation amount of USD $3 million from all sales of the Dottie in-game pet and plushie for charity." -Blizzard
    The rest Blizzard pockets. So make a profit in the name of charity, and hope people don't read the small print. Unbelievable.

  6. Trying to make money using charity ? This is beyond disgusting Blizzard. What's next ? A flying unbrella pet in support of Hong Kong protesters ? Shame On You.

  7. No blizzard I dont trust you not to skim from donations like you have with other fundrasiers me on the other hand i would rather walk down to the Susan G Koman charity here in san diego california or i could just buy some toys and give direct to the san diego children's hospital you have burnt your bridges when it comes to fundraising

  8. So…let me get this straight. Say you make 7million. (Hypothetically speaking of course.) That means the charities get 1.5m each.
    Who pockets the 4m? You?
    I hope not.

  9. Banning Blitzchung, laying off 800 people after a record year, changing established content just to appease the Chinese government. Some of this could have been forgiven after enough time, but to use two children's charities in a loop-holed attempt to make a profit is unforgivable to me. To my knowledge not even Electronic Arts (EA) has ever stooped that low to make money. I was looking forward to the launch of Diablo 4 and was going to resub to WOW in January but I can't support this kind of business practice. I will be uninstalling all of my Activision/Blizzard software. For now, I am not sure there is anything you could do to get me to consider supporting the company again.

  10. So summary of why the dislike bar is like this, 1.2k people don't support make a wish or 1.2k people don't realize the cap that's been placed has never been met by any of the previous charity pets and also don't realize how donation laws work.
    Would people be more happy if 100% of the money went to Blizz? Who knows!~

  11. Support Make-A-Wish? More like Support Blizzard's own pockets. They profit from this too. A charity should have 100% of the money go to the sponsored charity. Not to a greedy company that's already sold its soul.

    There are other ways I can support Make-A-Wish. Ways that don't include Blizzard.

  12. People always find something to be angry about… They could have just sold it not for charity but they didn't. You are all negative nancies.

  13. Blizzard: it's for the children even though we put a cap on it. also we didn't put tencent or a penny into e sport WoW it's all mine. on the side note we laid off 800 of our employers just before christmas.

  14. Blizzard-"I have an idea, lets make an in game pet to raise money for Make-A-Wish, but we do it in such a way we make a profit off of dying children, and we do it during Christmas!!" . Shareholders- "Brilliant!!" .

  15. People are such cynics. I am skeptical of a lot of what the company has done of late, but can't this just be a good thing Blizzard does to help people. Why does everything have to be a conspiracy of evil by the company. They are doing a good thing for a ton of people. Saw a post that since 2009, the winter pet/mount/toy sale has raised 16 million dollars for good causes. It is a safe bet that a good deal of that would not have been raised without the reward. Thank you Blizzard.

  16. I always supported Make-A-Wish foundation, I do it every chance I can, from buying stuff at a store and being asked to donate to them to online purchases.

    These Rageaholic keyboard warriors disappoint greatly with their ilk, and bring nothing but shame to our entire community and society.

  17. They have never sold over 2.5 million dollars in donation pets in years past. And most years it is below 2 million dollars, well below that. So, yeah, all that money in their pockets….since they will never break 3 million bucks.

  18. F you blizzard, so once you get to 3Mil dollars, you pocket the rest for yourself. Scummy chinese communist company.

  19. so are you guys going to pocket most of the money like to did with the e-sports prize pool toy sale stunt you pulled earlier?

  20. For those who don't know how to do research, Mischief only raised 2.5 million…. The cap won't matter because they're not going to raise over 3 million. It's so they can legally state the tax money doesn't go to the donation amount.

  21. After the whole tournament cash pool thing and now seeing them add a cap to a charity fundraising, who in the right mind would trust blizzard again?

  22. Another year another scam! DONT BUY IT! The money will go to Activision! DONT BUY IT! TRUST ME! IS A SCAM SO THEY COULD MAKE MORE MONEY!

  23. Nice to see you placed a cap on donations, not that I am surprised. Rather just donate to a charity directly. The pet is also pointless.

  24. If you really want to support a charity, do it directly. At the bottom of the blizzard post there is a HUGE caveat, limiting the total amount to be donated. Basically, Blizzard will keep anything above $3 million and call it profit. This is disgraceful. Shame on you!

  25. "with a maximum donation amount of USD $3 million from all sales of the Dottie in-game pet for charity."

    Blizzard using charity's to pocket money, and even then charity's are just a way to get tax-evasion schemes in the US. (look up how much taxxes blizzard pays)

  26. So you guys are going to cap the amount you send to from your playerbase I might add…so none of your own. And whatever amount the players make you past the cap or after december the 31st you will simply stick into your own pocket… Yeah that sounds like the sort of charity I would expect from Actiblizzard. What's the point if you cant make some profit on it right? Be it charities or laying off 800 people.

  27. Down Vote! I don't care about so called "Charity" Scheme
    Usually, as I serve Good and Evil, I don't care if You Kill or Heal, but this time, I do…Blizzard is Mega Billionaire Company.
    I semi-like the Pet "Dottie", but for Now, I vote down…If I'll change My Mind, You'll feel My presence, Mortals!

  28. **Donation amount for in-game pet excludes chargebacks, refunds, and value added taxes (VAT) or other similar taxes paid with a >> maximum donation amount of USD $3 million from all sales of the Dottie in-game pet and plushie for charity. <<

    Nice scam blizzard. Makeing money with dying children… wow… you lost me last time with the e-sport price pool money scam.

  29. God ure so disgusting Blizzard, trying to benefit from a charity by putting a limit on the amount of the money that will go to the cause so you can pocket the rest. No moral values what so ever. Unbelievable

  30. putting a cap on a charity really shows blizz couldn't even spare a small goat pet in its entirety for charity. the ultimate greed.

  31. Did you cap the donations so you could give the rest of it to China? Your company should be investigated for money laundering.

  32. What a disgusting idea profiting from people that are giving money to a charity You bunch of scumbags Blizzard take off the $3 mill limit.

  33. I feel disrespected and offended. I am not 3 years old Blizzard! This isn't even for 12 YO's! WTF! You lure kids that are under 12 YO to your game! Illegal! You are not allowed to play this game if you are under 12!

  34. Activision: Hey Blizzard!!!
    Blizzard: yes master!
    Activision: Holidays are upon us, its the time of giving, so here's what we gonna do, create a pet and tell people that if they buy these things, all the money will go to charitys!!!
    Blizzard: But what about us??
    Activision: Idiot im just joking, let's make a cap of 3m and take the rest of profits for ourselves
    Blizzard: FK yeah!!! That's my daddy!!!!!

    God save us all (except these companies)

  35. 0:22 Lmao, Blizzard creating the trailer for chinese mainly because they are the majority of people playing current WoW lmao! Pahahaa cringy Blizzard, busted!

  36. Me: blizzard cant get worse
    Blizzard: hold my chinese flag

    Putting a cap on donations is a greedy and despicable move… its even missing in EAs playbook thats how scummy it is

  37. Dont spend money on this. Most of the money goes to blizz. They only give 3million to charity, everything else they keep for themselfes.

  38. Okay, so listen up. If you want the pet, I suggest you buy it now while the proceeds will go to charity. If you're only buying the pet to donate to charity, I advice you donate directly and forget about the pet. It's that simple. That way it'll take longer to hit 3 million, ensuring that all the proceeds will go to charity. I highly doubt Blizzard will hit the 3 million cap based on the other charity pets, but if you don't want to buy the pet because you don't think your money will go to the charity, then you should donate to them directly. "Blizzard is greedy", but aren't you greedy yourself if you'll only donate to charity if you get something for it, in this case a pet? Double standards everywhere 😊


  40. The only wish that comes true by buying this pet are bigger monthly pay checks, when im hearing that you have a donation cap on this item

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