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Well hello everyone and welcome back to my
channel. Or if you are new, hello welcome to my channel. My name is Sophie. So, Summer is the time to experience the world,
with friends, with family. Go places that you can’t normally go. Travel to new cultures, new adventures. And just you know,
escape from reality for a week, or two weeks or a month. That being said with a chronic illness it
can prove tricky from getting around on the plane to food on
the plane. All that kind of thing. So i thought i would share my experience with
special assistance at the airport. [Upbeat Intro Music] So the first thing I’m going to talk about
are meals on the plane. Now I’m gluten free. I know there’s obviously air free and meat
free and all of that. But i am gluten free so i can only speak for
the gluten free meals. now the 1 thing that i would say was negative
throughout both my journeys was that meal seem to bought
like 20 minutes before everyone else’s. So i would get my meal like 20 minutes before
my friend would get hers. Which if you want to eat together because
you can’t because your food would go cold. And i mean, plane meals aren’t that hot
to start with let’s be honest. But that i found kind of annoying and that
went both journeys. it wasn’t just that plane it was, any journey
I had a special meal. It was the same. But on the way to Boston the meal was actually
half decent. In fact it was decent. I actually really liked it. It looked better than what the standard meal
was. It was chicken in a tomato sauce with vegetables
and sauté potatoes. And then like bread on the side and cheese
on the side and i think salad and fruit on the side or something
like that. it was actually pretty decent. it was nice. it was fairly hot *laughs*
and yeah it was actually quite a good meal for a gluten free meal. BUT….. On the way back from Miami,
it was an average meal. And that’s being polite. I mean,
if you are a vegetarian then maybe you’d like it. But it was just basically the like thin layer
of like aubergine. You know like when you like grate it like
into a long… yeah it was like that. And it was just wrapped around like a sauce
or something. I don’t even know. It was weird. You couldn’t even cut the aubergine because
it was really tough and stuff. it wasn’t great, but,
i mean, it was a meal…
i guess? So the second type of assistance that i personally
use and can share my experience with is Special assistance in getting to the gate,
onto the plane and back the other way. Now, I didn’t use the wheelchair to the
gate for anything because i didn’t feel i needed it. But i did use it coming off the plane on all
of my journeys because the pressure and POTS and all that jazz, i needed it. It was…. Okay?! Now i have had a few different ways of this
special assistance. And i have had some that are great and i’ve
had some that are extremely poor. Last year when i went to Italy,
i actually had a really amazing special assistance getting to Italy. it was amazing. couldn’t fault him at all. my dad even tipped him and my dad is NOT a
tipper. Hum… going to Boston was also really really
good. There was a wheelchair waiting when you get
off the plane and it took you through like security,
it took you to get your bags and then it took you to the door to the taxi. I couldn’t really ask for more. His attitude maybe could have gone for a bit
because he was a little bit attitudey. And he was just kind of like erm.. where is
my tip? And i was like ah that’s a bit rude. Especially considering he wasn’t like,
he didn’t have much of a personality or whatever. he literally just wheeled like 100mph while
my friend tried to catch up. BUT… it got me where i needed to go and
it did what i needed it to do. And it was there waiting for me. Okay so flight number 2 and 3 were kind of
similar in some ways. So, when got to Miami, it was a shorter flight
so it was about 2.5 hours. Luckily my head wasn’t too bad. Just as well. Because,
there was no wheelchair waiting for me when i got off the plane and we waited till the
last because that’s what we have been told to do. wait till the end then come off. None there so they have to call someone to
come. Fine, not the end of the world. Get on the wheelchair, he literally like wheels
me up the ramp at again 100mph with my friend like tryna catch up. Then goes oh we need you to change wheel chair. I was like huh? yeah you need to get on this one. Which is like this big like…
it’s like a pussy wagon for any of you that watched come fly with me or like a buggy type
thing. Changes me to that but there’s no space
for my friend so she has to walk and try and catch up
Which is again, ridiculous. There’s no security at this airport because
it was an internal flight. Just as well because that probably would have
been another wheelchair change. So i’ve changed once. Then wheels me just before baggage…
like just literally you can see the door to baggage claim. Like oh okay umm… you need to get off here
and hum if you need another wheelchair then you need to give your boarding card to this
lady at this gate and she’ll get you one. We’re like excuse me? He was like yeah if you could get off and
sit over here and then you can just wait for another wheel chair. We were all just like seriously? Just to get to this point has already taken
like half an hour. Luckily at this point my head wasn’t too
bad. It kind of had a chance to get a bit more
balanced. I was a bit unsteady on my feet, luckily i
wasn’t having a really bad turn like i’ve had previously. So this point we were just like do you know
what, We can’t be bothered. this is just ridiculous and we took a very..
very slow walk to baggage claim. And then i just kind of hung off my case and
lent on my case wheeling it out and just hoped for the best. Which really wasn’t that like
i could have done with the wheelchair because i was unsteady. we would have had to wait for like another
20 minutes for a wheelchair to come. and there were other people waiting as well
which i thought was really really bad. Especially as they knew that there were this
many people on this flight that needed special assistance. There should have been enough there waiting
or just do one journey rather than keep switching you. i just thought like, luckily i wasn’t that
bad. if i was having a really bad turn i wouldn’t
have been able to keep changing wheelchair. it really defeats the point of having a wheelchair
if you have to keep getting up and down up and down every 5 minutes. The same kind of thing happened when we got
to Heathrow from Miami. We had to wait again for a wheel chair. they took us up. They dropped us off and said okay you need
to get on this wheelchair now. Then they went a bit further and it was just
before security and they were like okay we need to drop you here and you can wait again. So, again i was like i really don’t feel
well.. but like..
at this point you just want to get home. you don’t want to be waiting to be changed
chair like 50 times. So, i mean…
it was…. below average. I would say. Well that is all for this video. I would love to hear of you experiences if
you’ve used special assistance at the airport. If you’ve used it if you’re blind, if
your deaf. Even if you’ve used the same types as i
have. I would love to hear your experiences. I have had good, but on this trip i didn’t
have the best for the most part. So yeah if you did like this video be sure
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Keep Watching Stay Strong
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Bye Guys

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