American Humane Certified | Serve Good

Hi, my name is Natasha Hiotis, the senior product developer for fresh at US Foods.
I’d like to discuss American Humane Certification for turkey. US Foods and
our vendors use a certification to verify claims for exclusive brand
products to fall into our Serve Good product lineup. The American Humane
Certified program for turkey provides verification for the care and handling
of turkeys through a rigorous third-party, independent audits. The
welfare standards are science and evidence based. The program provides
ongoing support to farmers that encourages continuous improvement in all aspects of Turkey care and welfare. When you see the American Humane Certified certification seal on a turkey product offered by US Foods you can feel
confident that: the farmer has solid animal health, nutrition, and welfare
procedures; the farmer has solid husbandry and transportation procedures; the farmer has a zero tolerance policy regarding willful acts and abuse towards
animals; the farmer agrees to third-party independent audits regularly to maintain
their welfare certification. You can find more information about American Humane on their web site

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