Anything as Support

You can meditate with anything; things you can see or hear, or with any object. Now, we will choose the breath
as a support for meditation. Once you know
how to meditate with the breath, then, in the same way, you can meditate
with any other object. Now, I will teach you
breathing meditation. There are two steps, but first,
I want to ask you a question. The question is… are you breathing, right now? If you are breathing, right now,
raise your hand. OK. Great! That is breathing meditation. Do you know why? You might wonder: “This is funny. Why is that breathing meditation?” Actually… you are breathing all the time,
twenty four hours a day, but you do not know
that you are breathing. Now, when I asked you, “Are you breathing?” You know. Suddenly,
your awareness is with the breath. Therefore, it has now
become breathing meditation. I told you there are two steps, and both are finished. The first step was when I asked you, “Are you breathing now?” You said, “Yes!” So, you knew you were breathing. The second step is when you know
that this is meditation. Actually, meditation is very simple. Just be aware of your breath. But, you cannot meditate
with the breath for a long time, maybe two or three breaths later,
you totally forget. It is OK.
Come back again: breath, forget, breath. Short times, many times. It is like
when you are going to the gym; at first, you cannot exercise
for very long, right? After maybe
seven or ten repetitions, you cannot do more. But, it is OK. You can try again next time, and slowly, slowly, you can do more physical exercise, at the same time your body
becomes healthier and fitter. It is the same with your mind; when you meditate
on your breath more and more, even though it is for a short time,
you repeat it again and again, and eventually
your mind will become more calm, peaceful, and healthy. Okay.

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  1. Does Meditation work with smoking. I mean When I stoped smoking I enjoyed meditation and I was always meditating, but unfortunately as I get back to smoking I can't feel alive and focused anymore. The awareness decreased.

  2. Remind yourself to be aware, to be present, to breathe… sometimes we're so wrapped up in our routines that we forget to breathe, we're living in automatic pilot… set intentions, stay present in the moment, enjoy every minute of your existence

  3. Thank you! How can something so simple to understand can be so difficult to practice…i'll keep trying to be more aware ❤

  4. Hello sir rinpoche, can you please explain why there has to be an object for meditation? I always hear people saying they focus on this and that but when I meditate, there is no focus. I started on focusing on the small delay between outbreath and inbreath and now I can maintain that for a longer period without focusing. Now there is only awareness of everything around me.

    Thanks a lot!!

  5. Mr. Yongey i wish i could talk to you once in my life, i have a panic disorder since i was a child, i love your videos but it would be a wish to come true to actualy talk

  6. This is so simply explained that it is beautiful and and also practical because I truly and easily participated in the instruction and learned something new. Thank you!

  7. Thank you ! Love and blessings always ! Breathe in, smile, I know I breathe in in;, .Beathhe out, I know breathe out l¡!!l Smle again !

  8. I basically used his technique of looking at his panic as meditation… to look at all my anxiety episodes in that manner. Unbelievable really how its helped. Instead of fearing them i get excited by them now

  9. The essence of meditation is to train your awareness….this ..its just come to me..its to live your life as you would everday normally ..only with awareness attached to it. First you must practice meditation formally by sitting down. This is only to train your awareness and then it and meditate informally all day on anything everything.

    2 types of meditation… one for awareness.. the other to build your love and compassion to yourself and others.

    Go clubbing, drinking, cycling, playing, smoking, do whatever but with awareness attached to it.

    The difference is that living it with awareness you will live it more calmly with love and compassion creating happiness within you all day. Because even if you have a bad feeling….you just be aware of it….let it go (ignore it) and carry on with compassion to yourself…. you will not get caught by will pass..

    If anyone does not understand i will explain it but this wisdom has just come to me

  10. Сосредоточение на любом об’екте является фоном на котором можно увидеть мысли, увидеть их составную структуру, иллюзорность восприятия.
    Thank you.

  11. Bhante..! Please inform, tell to the people about VIPASSANA MEDITATION.. The Pure DHAMMA..,The Teachings of LORD BUDDHA.

  12. Thank you very much for it.🤗💕 You make it so simple and understanding. I'm so grateful I have found you Rinpoche.💕

  13. Pranama Guruji . I am currently practicing it for last six month . I realized that it gives mental clarity and good immune system and digestion process.

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