B00BLESXD $12,000 Donation Ban Controversy!

this streamer was banned for slut-shaming donator yeah for slamming a slut shitting donator this chick got a donation from somebody who's like eleven thousand eight hundred bucks twelve thousand bucks allegedly to help her it was supposed to be like a loan she had to pay off some bills or something though he donated this amount to help her out and there's some leaked text messages from both parties that say a different story so there's like the guy who donated the money and then the streamer chick and the messages say like when he posted the text messages she was saying please what do I have to do to get you to help me and he's like I only asked you one thing you just can't date other dudes and like you need to you know stop being slutty on stream and shit like that we haven't done any of that and you she doesn't plan on paying that money back so then she sends screencaps of text messages saying that he's like I'm sorry I know I just gave you that money and it wasn't supposed to be for anything and like I know we're not dating and you know I'm sorry about all this post whatever you want right and so it's been looking back and forth everybody online is like what's real what's not who's who's telling the truth and it's fucking fucking crazy but she goes off on this day yeah yeah that clip right there at the bottom go let me tell you about all the shit that he was saying about the nation yeah he said I'm so sick of a you can live okay I show I told him he was getting mad at me for the shit that I was saying on stream you know like sinking that canoe could slay me through a wall sexually and stuff like that some dumb fucking shit literally he's saying to me this the slut shit is unattractive the cocaine shit is unattractive your attitude is shit you need to grow the fuck up this is a top donator by the way this is not I fucking friend this is not my fucking boyfriend this is the guy that donates to my fucking stream and thinks that he's entitled to shit are you fucking ready for the rest of it I like I said you always lie it's bullshit I said okay getting mad about the Ross show is ridiculous can you imagine that guys can you imagine some random person donating to your fucking stream and then getting mad about a show that you're on insane let me tell you about all the shit that he was saying about the real quick she's really upset over not her boyfriend not a friend just a donator calling her a slut she is furious about it look how upset she is dude it's a little too much emotion for just a random dude on you a slut I think personally I think there's more to it than that dude why are you so upset about it yeah you know why so bad guy gave you the $12,000 already dude you're already already got the money what's what's wrong the reason why you're so upset cuz that dude fucking has screenshots of you fucking saying that you needed the money you're gonna pay back and now you're not now she's fucking pissed my opinion I don't know yet there's been a lot of information coming out last couple days but I just I'm just confused by her reaction dude when I checked out her Twitter account I checked out reddit on this subject and like read some of the posts and stuff and some of the links and there's been like a lot of back-and-forth you know in the the fact that she she'd go okay so she goes into her Twitter refresh is it live stream or live recording on your phone refresh is Twitter so you know it's not like a screencap of the webpage so it refreshes you know it's a fresh page goes to the messaging app or the messaging part of Twitter finds this guy's name which has no no picture no profile picture has very few followers but was created in 2014 right so it's not a new account I there's only 7 messages on it and it's him saying I'm sorry about all the stuff and she's like I'm gonna post this by the way I hope you're ok with that and he's like yeah do whatever you want but he made a post on reddit being like this bitch is still trying to tell me that that she wasn't trying to pay back the money or whatever so like what if he's cool with her you know posting stuff why would he make that reddit post you know so all the stuff is super like somebody's lying really hard right now yeah yeah and they're both doing a really good job whoever it is that's lions doing a really good job at hiding the evidence you know I think it's I don't see I think she's lying – yeah I think she's lying – sure cuz she seems like really pissed off in this video which means there's a lot more to that like if you don't get mad because we have people all the time come in and say random shit and you know everything yeah so you just ban them and move on or you just let them stay there like me and his talk shit to them until they get bored you know like yeah you got 12 thousand dollars out of it dude you should be stoked as fuck dude I know you only $1,000 that's fine yeah like this is just fucking nuts plus $12,000 dude what would you do if you fucking saw it $12,000 I thought whoever gave me that call me whatever you wanted for a week why would she say like you're not my fucking friend and not my boyfriend nobody said he was yeah who's that bet it kind of looks like projecting to me

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