Basic tree felling chainsaw course in Wangaratta

We’re at Wangaratta. We’re conducting a
basic chainsaw, tree felling course. And yeah, we’ve got students from engineer
units and other units and we’re just trying to upskill the guys so that they’ve
got some basic tree felling. So, obviously with Operation Bushfire
Assist, there’s a lot of burned out trees on roads and in areas around houses and
things like that. So the Army is assisting with the civi
community and they’re trying to bring up a bit of a shortfall, with not enough boots
on the ground, not enough guys with skills being able to drop trees
safely and that’s where the Army’s trying to come in and value-add, so. The
trainees will be learning skills to do with small tree felling, basic tree
felling so, we just need to get them to a point where they can knock over a small
and basic tree if they come across it, out in the jobsite.

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