Beyoncé Helps Kid President With World Humanitarian Day 2013

[off camera]: Who are you gonna meet tonight?
Kid President: Beyonce! [off camera]: Oh yeah, you’re excited for
that? KP: Yup!
[off camera]: How excited? KP: So excited I could die!
[off camera]: The president is here. [cheering]
Amazing! Coolest kid ever! [off camera]: Is this the most interview you’ve ever done. KP: Probably, yes!
[off camera]: Are you ready for it? KP: No!
[off camera]: Are you excited though? KP: Yes!
[off camera]: Good, alright so here you go! Get your game face on!
KP: So Beyoncé…[laughs] Take two! Who encouraged you when you were a kid?
Beyoncé: My mother encouraged me and I think it’s so important at that age to feel safe
and to know that you have someone there supporting you and standing by you. KP: Do you like the video I made for you? Beyoncé: I absolutely loved the video you
made for me. I can’t believe I’m sitting here with the Kid President. I was very excited
to meet you today. KP: So Beyoncé, August 19 is World Humanitarian
Day and I’m asking people to tell us what the world needs more of. Why is World Humanitarian
Day so important? Beyoncé: Well I know it’s so admirable the
people around the world that dedicate their lives to other people and I think it’s so
important for us to take some time and be unselfish and have compassion because we really can
impact the world. KP: So Beyoncé what do you think the world
needs more of? Beyoncé: Well I think the world needs more
strong, empowered men and women. So I think the world needs more strength.
KP: Ah strength, good answer! Are we best friends?
Beyoncé: Only if I can get a kiss on the cheek.
KP: Okay…[laughs] Beyoncé: [laughs] Come on, come on, come
on Kid President! Thank you! KP: Thank you for doing an interview with
me. Beyoncé: Thank you for interviewing me. Can
we get a fist bump? KP: Yeah!
[laughs] KP: August 19 is World Humanitarian Day. Sponsor
a word and make it a reality! Too legit!

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  1. U smack talked reBbeca Parham I think that’s what she said in her vid but her YouTube channel is let me explain stuDios

  2. I’m pretty sure he’s around my old is he cause he has been around since was in 1st or. Kindergarten

  3. Me:wait thats ilegall
    People in the comments:awww so cute omg this is so cute🥰😍
    Me:wtf what if the genders swapped?
    People who is gonna reply:blah blah blah blah it was honna be the same

  4. Beyoncé, Obama, Tom Hanks, Muhammad Ali, Steve Martin when he is ten years old! I met Siri cruise briefly. That is it!😧

  5. I love Beyoncé she is just so kind,Sweet,Amazing, and much more…..She is literally my fav celebrity….She’s also very pretty….AND HER COICE IS SOOOO SMOOTH!!! 🥰🥰🥰😇😇😇😇🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

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