Beyond Brain Chemistry: A Spiritual Understanding of Depression and Anxiety

how do you know if physical symptoms such as anxiety or depression are a result of just getting absorbed in your thinking or if there's something physically psychologically within the body that needs to be addressed through medication due to hormonal or chemical imbalance in the brain or body or has been absorbed in thought for too long has been what has was created the chemical hormonal change physically dr. Howard so they're saving the easy question that heart questions for last time okay so here's what you here's what I do you have to go back to the truth you get a question about yourself like that and you're wondering about these physiological symptoms that come from anxiety or depression you hear there's a chemical imbalance and go well what's the truth let's start let's go back to what the truth is so the first part of that is you can't have anything that we would call anxiety or depression without thought creating thinking there's no way you can have that physiological of expression without thought now we're talking again about a spiritual energy that comes before anything happens physically you don't see that forming what you get is the reaction to that thought that's what you see it's either emotions it could be the physiological reaction because when you get into what you might call anxiety thinking your body responds to the thinking you're doing remember all of you responds to what you're creating so to find an understanding you have to go back to the fact that there's a spiritual essence to who you are that's before what everybody's talking about in the physical form and that's where you look to try to get an understanding of it so how I look at that is um people are people suffering from depression and anxiety having all kinds of physiological feeling or reactions or feeling something in their body however if you start to look at the fact that all of that is a reaction to thought you have a chance to transcend it you have a chance to not be frightened by being in the experience of your thinking and as you can think in a better way everything else follows as well your brain chemistry and your physiology all follow your thought follow the creation of thought now what I have seen in the field again is that it comes from what is produced to try to be of help and of course brain chemistry changes in physiology changes according to the kind of thinking you've been living in over time the kind of thinking you're living in but you want to see that that's just the reaction to the spiritual nature of who we are that we're creating thinking and that thinking is creating what we're feeling or experiencing our physiology now sometimes times in my work and my work I've seen thousands of people over the years and sometimes people are so caught up in a reaction that medicine helps but here's what happens to that when people come to me after they've taken medicine you know and they're feeling better they think it's the medicine but in actuality what's happened is their thinking has changed I don't care what medicines you take if your thinking doesn't change it's not going to have any impact on you so what I want to help people see is there's something else going on besides what's being provided physically there's something else going on that if you can recognize will help you so I have somebody recently this young man I'm talking I was talking about last night who is suffering from anxiety and he has had the thought whenever he goes out to dinner that somebody's put something in his food and of course it's heart he gets all anxious about that and even if he has succeeded in not thinking that on the drive home if his body feels funny he thinks that's because somebody put something in his food now last week he came in and said I had a week of not having that thinking and so I said well that's wonderful um what did you see and we talked a bit about that and I said now did your body feel funny at all he said yeah but I realized that that was just like how bodies feel they feel funny sometimes and I had nothing to do with with food it just had something I could think about it like that again but I I just had shifted inside I don't know why and it didn't look to me anymore that that would be reasonable to think so if you're suffering from depression or anxiety you want to go back to the truth of the matter that I'm not seeing that there's anything wrong and having those feelings or symptoms it's just that you want to begin to look in the direction of the spiritual nature through how thought creates that you cannot have any experience you would call anything boredom anything like that without thought there's no way it would exist without thought insecurity all of that must exist because of thought the way you're thinking and you keep looking there it's just like this woman I shared about earlier this morning she will she woke up to the fact that every day she was reminding herself that she's a depressed person and you know once that happens that's what you are you know and then your friends say to you but look at your life you know you've got a wonderful family you've got a nice job and what do they say because they're in the reality of their thinking they say you don't live in my shoes because they're in the reality of their thinking but what you want to see even if you're caught in that thinking will change thinking will change even if you're seriously depressed you're not always going to be at the same level all day long you're not and you want to start looking at that I know this is a long answer I I'm going to try to sum it up but I have one other thought I worked for one of my postdoctoral fellowships at the VA Veterans Administration in San Francisco in their day treatment center where people were suffering from very serious mental problems and there were people who were so depressed they couldn't move or talk but you know what in six hours of being with them they were not at the same level they were still depressed but they were not at the same level why thinking thinking changes thinking will not all not be the same now the overall feeling you have about yourself may look like the same but your thinking is going to be changing throughout the day and you want to start looking there but you don't want to be wedded to having something wrong with your brain or your physiology when you're suffering from anxiety or depression because you are the energy of mind you are the energy of mine and you will never ever no matter what the brain chemistry lose that connection and that's what you want to start looking at you don't want to start looking at a physiology and brain chemistry that will scare you it will it scares me when I used to think there's something wrong with me one more thing this is outside of depression and anxiety but I want to share with you how this how we are all connected to mind and the feeling of love and and happiness it is there and that's where you want to look I my step mother had a major stroke and was in dementia and at first I thought I needed to fix her delusions so she would I would come in in the afternoon and she would say she could not move and she would say I've been cooking all day your favorite meal go have some lunch she's bedridden I would try to fix that oh no no no you don't you can't you know what I you you can't cook or something like that and one day I'm sitting with her she's in a wheelchair and she said something like our friend dolly just showed me a new way to cook chicken you get chicken and you dunk it in boiling water for a minute and it's cooked it's delicious and it I just started rolling on the floor laughing and she started laughing almost falling out of her wheelchair we're laughing ten minutes in a beautiful feeling the two of us and it dawned on me that's how to be this beautiful feeling of connection of our connection to mind showed itself showed itself and it was just deeply loving feeling and I realized that that's all that she needed now here she is in dementia no memory but listen to this every time I showed up Oh most of the times I showed up after that she would tell the story why the feeling she remembered the feeling so I don't want you to look at yourself with limitations in the physical form not to say that brain chemistry doesn't change or I'm not saying anything like that I'm saying don't stop there don't look as if that's you look to what you truly are and start to see how the thing you're calling depression and the physiological feelings you're called you're experiencing from anxiety is being created through thought and try to stay reflected to see something new there so I hope that was helpful I know that was a long answer so I hope that helped

7 thoughts on “Beyond Brain Chemistry: A Spiritual Understanding of Depression and Anxiety”

  1. It's so funny to hear that kind of interpretation for depression and mental ilness, when your brain is broken, beacuse of your limbic system, amygdala, hormones (cortisol, insulin) itd….you can't think straight, or have "positive thoughts" intrusive thougts are real for the brain, and person has to have so much courage to go beyond them, it's like broken car, you can't drive with them anymore it has to be fixed, it's the same with the brain, the brain on the fire is real thing, and chemical imbalance is real!! And negative thoughts are reasults of broken brain, and trauma..itd..So that's why when people take medicine, they feel relive, beacuse it's a facting the brain, and then they can think difrently, like the broken car, its's the same, of course medicine isn't everything, but they have huge power, when you are in a realy bad dark in the brain! Love to all, and take care of your brain <3 <3

  2. Oh dear. SOME People with depression cannot think more positively because of the distortion caused by the depression. That’s why current treatment path involves medication before cognitive therapy can start to work. Fortunately most people will respond well to the medication once it kicks in. While I realise he is trying to be helpful here it’s concerning when Drs downplay the physical realities. A metaphor: You can manage or cure some diabetes with diet but u better take your insulin first.

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