49 thoughts on “Black Label Society "Crazy Horse"”

  1. She's mine! I'm just going on the market for a new one for you guys to come over for dinner tonight or tomorrow night sweet and kind regards Grant is good for footé notes from our conversation and I have been talking to me about it and I'll let him know whenever you're ready to go home now and I will be at work until I get back to my computer I will send you a copy from my phone so I don't think I have any questions I'll let you know… Ace 2 ten 18 1 O

  2. Wow what a great tribute to a great warrior. Crazy Horse even said himself it is a good day to die.

  3. The first five seconds Zakk started to sing I was genuinely trying to figure out if it was Ozzy or not

  4. Was at the Ozzy show this past September at 70 years old for Ozzy and 51 for Zakk, they put on hell of a show that bands damn near half their JR couldn't think to match.

  5. Damn speakers just ain't gettin loud enough for this badassery right here boy! Good-G'ddayuuuum!!! Loooove

  6. Hey i turn 50 years old to nite at 12:00 and i still love this crazy music…Turn it up at midnight for the old man😃💀😃

  7. Zakk Wylde would be the only one that could have lightning coming from his balls… With Valhalla Java, Black Label Society's coffee brand

  8. you can clearly hear Pantera and Ozzy influences in this! What a song!!!!! I fell in love with Black Label Society😍

  9. This song is just sooooo fucking good and raunchy!
    Then Zac just rips your throat out with the licks.
    And you lie there bleeding to death out of your neck with a smile on your face.

  10. Zack you possessed in my soul right now. Feeling I am floting in a Rock and roll wave…… Fucking good..

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