Blood donations are needed ahead of Hurricane Florence

one form of preparation before Florence’s arrival is making sure Virginia’s blood supply is stocked and that would help fill a critical need that could happen once the hurricane leaves 10 News reporter Magdala luzon tells us why donating right now can help save lives in recent tragic shootings like the pulse nightclub in Orlando in the Country Music Fest in Las Vegas thousands of people came together to donate blood for those injured the same need is there ahead of hurricane Florence Melanie Mitchell works with Virginia Blood Services you know people don’t think about it so it happens and then important thing is to keep coming back because we’re gonna need you again because we don’t know when tragedy is going to occur since last week doctors like Chelsey Shepherd have been following the weather reports and preparing blood they’ve collected ready to send to hospitals that would every year the Virginia Blood Services say they save about two hundred and ten thousand lives through blood donations blood centers look for people ages 16 and up with all blood types but especially those who are oh oh negative and platelets patients that need it most are going to be your folks with blood cancers disorders cancer in general they’re the greatest population that uses blood products the organization want people to donate today but if you can’t make it out before Florence then go to a Blood Center near you next week we have addresses on WS LS comm in Lynchburg Magdala Lucent 10 News working for you

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