Booth Library: Seeking Assistance

>>If you need to find or cite
sources for your research, have questions about your library
account, or want information about any library resources or
services, Booth Library staff are here to help. Here’s how you can find help
online. Start at the library’s home
page. On the left, click Ask Us for
the ways you can contact library staff. You can email us, visit us, call
us, or chat online with a librarian. Need help in the morning,
evening, or even at 4am? No problem. Our “Ask a Librarian” chat is
open 24-7. To start a chat, type in your
name, email, and your question, and a librarian will respond. If EIU’s librarians aren’t
online, your question will be answered by one of our partner
librarians from around the world. After you sign off, you’ll get a
transcript of your chat over email. Our FAQ answers many questions
about the library. Library staff have compiled many
research guides to help you with your research. The guides outline how find
articles, books, and other materials on different subjects,
how to cite your sources, and more. Within many databases, look for
the Ask a Librarian link. Or click Help for the database’s
own help options. Even inside your D2L course,
look for the Booth Library Services widget on the right
side to reach Ask a Librarian. Please contact the library if
you need assistance at any time. We look forward to hearing from

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