Brit family’s £7k Tui ‘holiday from hell at hotel that was a “building site”‘

  A British family who spent almost £7,000 on a Tui holiday claim their hotel was a “building site” and constant noise and illness ruined their getaway  Linda Secular, 45, said she was hoping for a relaxing two-week holiday with her husband Paul, 52, son Mark, 17, daughter Amy, 20, and her boyfriend Joe, 21  But they claim they were woken by builders banging and using power tools to cut through stone floor tiles at the Cleopatra Luxury Resort Makadi Bay in Hurghada, Egypt  Describing the family’s stay at the all-inclusive resort as a “disaster”, Linda said the noisy work carried on for days and caused distress to Joe, who has autism  The mum, from Dorking, Surrey, claims Paul and Mark both fell ill during the holiday in July this year  She claims the trip went awry as soon as they landed at the airport.  Special assistance that was pre-booked for Joe, who struggles with large crowds, didn’t materialise, she said  Linda and Amy both suffer from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a connective tissue disorder that affects the joints, causing pain and fatigue  The mum claims Tui were informed of this before the trip so they could get rooms close to amenities, but they were placed “up a hill and half a mile” away from the hotel’s restaurants  The continuous walking left them “exhausted”.  She also alleges that Paul and Mark fell ill during the trip, with her son bedbound for two days and her husband ill for a week and barely able to eat anything  The family claim that a letter as pushed under their door warning of an E coli outbreak in the region and telling guests to avoid consuming fruit and ice at the all-inclusive meal service  Linda, a learning support worker, said the hotel was a “building site” and they were woken up by loud banging and drilling  Staff assured them that the works would be finished by the end of that day, but it carried on, she claims  The hotel offered to move the family, but Linda and Paul feared it would have unsettled Joe even further  As a result of autism, Joe has sensory issues which can be triggered by unexpected loud noises or harsh lighting  Linda said: “Joe was on the verge of an autistic meltdown, we all felt so upset  “It was traumatising to see Joe so distressed.”  Paul, who has asthma, was also suffering as the brick dust set him off coughing, his wife said  On the third day, the family accepted a room change, but they were allegedly left waiting more than five hours before someone came to collect their luggage and take them to their new accommodation  Linda said she rang reception four times to find out when someone would arrive.  She claims their luggage was coated in dust from the works and “we had to duck under a tape to get out of our room”  Things got worse for Joe when the hotel – billed as a “family resort” – held a late-night techno beach party, said Linda  She said Joe’s anxieties were sent “over the edge”, adding: “He was flapping his hands, slapping his face and climbing under the covers to hide from the strobe lighting and unbelievable noise  “It was so traumatising seeing Joe, a young man who was on holiday with his girlfriend’s family, so distressed The noise was making the doors and walls vibrate. It felt very humiliating and degrading for him ”  The family complained about their experience and were offered complimentary massages as an apology  But when they checked out the massages had been added to the bill, and when they complained to a Tui rep they were offered £400 in vouchers or £360 in cash, it is claimed  Linda said: “How on earth do they think that’s acceptable? We went through hell and the holiday cost us nearly £7,000 – it was rubbish What they were offering wouldn’t even cover the cost of one of us.”  The family have now instructed legal firm Bott & Co to fight for compensation  Linda said: “It’s ironic, the word ‘luxury’ is actually in the hotel’s name, but there was absolutely nothing luxurious about this hotel It is even advertised as a ‘platinum’ hotel on Tui’s website.  “In total we were a party of 11, all loyal Tui customers, and they showed us no care at all We would never book a holiday with Tui again. They aren’t interested. Our complaints weren’t silly, they were very valid ”  A TUI spokesperson said: “We are very sorry to hear that the Secular party were unhappy with their experience  “We can confirm our reps in resort did everything possible to help resolve their issues, and we have also offered the customers a gesture of goodwill ”

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