Cafe Con Dulce: My husband and I Have Different Religious Beliefs?

hi guys welcome to a new Costigan boon se episode if you like summer a little bit right not really it's actually very gluey if you like summer in here though wearing this little romper some leaves I got plants in the background I'm sipping on Wow today I will be answering your questions like always so thank you so much to my beautiful snapchat family remember when I shared in my one of my last episodes of graphic one boosah that I got dumped by a boy when I was 14 years old and I felt like I really really loved him and I was so devastated by that breakup and I shared the story with you guys the and yesterday it was so crazy because I found out that he passed away and I was not like you never expect for someone that you know to just pass away all of a sudden and it was so shocking I didn't even know how to feel when I got the news and I was just thinking about it all last night like thinking about him and how one day he was here and then the next day he's just gone you know and I was thinking about his family and his friends that were really close to him so yeah it's been crazy in the morning also because it's just it's hard to like I don't know it really puts things into perspective when it comes to that and I wasn't close to him at all like I said I only had that interaction with him we were when we were 13 14 years old but I just knew that he was a great person he was all about his friends and his family and he was so proud of being the person that he is and he was really into sports and really funny and the jokester like a popular guy in high school everybody loved him and it was just so crazy you know like someone so full of life like just gone and literally all that tonight I was just thinking about that like how blessed how much of a blessing it is to like I was talking in my last videos to even just take a breath you know and I woke up today even more grateful to have life because he was just on social media on Friday and yesterday Monday I got the news that it just happened and it's like wow you know someone with so much life to give just gone it's crazy guys I get the chills huh just wanted to share that with you guys because it was part of my cafe condusive episode and it's just something that's been on my mind a lot you know just really appreciate if anything like tell the people that you have in your life that you love them and show them how much you appreciate and love them so today I wanted to talk about a question that I got in from one of you guys it says what are the obstacles in a relationship or marriage and how do I overcome them with Jesse and I think it was really important for me to talk about this and I wanted to answer it because if I'm going to keep it real with you guys like I grew up Catholic right and my parents are Catholic and I believe in the Virgin Mary and I believe in angels and I do believe in that but I also believe in Jesus and I pray to Jesus and I pray to God you know so I'm still trying to figure out to be honest with you guys and I had this conversation with my friend yesterday like she's Jewish and I was just interested in what she believes the and I started thinking she asked me to do I pray for and I was like well I pray for Jesus but I also prayed to God and sometimes when I'm starting to pray I'll start with like dear Jesus and I'm like wait dear God or to deploy talk to you know so sometimes I find myself in that balance of life who do I pray to and then I've also heard you guys please educate me on this I've also heard some of you guys tell me that Jesus is God I don't understand I got to do my own research okay so that's my own ignorance before you get married with anybody if I can just give some advice it would be to have a conversation with your significant other about your personal beliefs because in my Catholic religion growing up it's really important to get baptized as a little baby or as a child and that's something that my parents are always pushing and always asking me like when are you going to baptize Isaac and wonder when is this going to happen so I feel pressured I feel like I have to baptize Isaac or else something bad is going to happen and then Jesse believes that you know children are innocent and why should they get baptized if they have done nothing wrong and I get that as well spend some time discussing what what are the beliefs that you guys are going to instill in your children because sometimes two people can have different points of view that and it's hard if someone is Catholic and the other person is not and you want to baptize your child and the other person doesn't believe you're going to have them friction and that's how that's how it is in in my marriage there's friction there because we sort of believe in different things you know something that I have realized tremendously guys is that everything that does happen in your life absolutely every single thing that happens to you is for a greater purpose I know that when it's happening you're thinking how is it even going to be a part of my story but when I was growing up and like when I immigrated into this country at six to me being an immigrant which is like a normal part of my everyday life because there were so many immigrants and children of immigrants around me all the time that it was just normal it was like that's who I am and I never signed up a big deal in still until I started to get older so nowadays I feel so proud that I am an immigrant I don't hide it I feel like it's a blessing that I am an immigrant because there's so many people just like me who came to this country when they were little when they were teenagers maybe adults and they do so much to contribute back to this country because this is where we live nowadays I look back and I think how much of a blessing it is that God like God knows exactly what he's doing when he's putting you in situations because I personally would have not had a story to tell is that what it wouldn't have been something that happened to me so you guys I know like sometimes you guys go through situations where there hard situations but and you can't even fathom how you're going to get through this or why you're even in a situation like that but I believe in the power of sharing your story and I really do believe in that because it changes the way that people feel in a positive way depending on what you like to share but it's so soothing and comforting so like whenever I find someone that I can relate to that is going through a similar situation I don't feel alone and it gives you hope you know when you see someone that looks like you that it has almost like the same upbringing the same background you see them doing things that you believe that you couldn't do that's really inspiring so I encourage you guys if you are someone who would like to share and is open and it's ok with sharing your story share your story with people trust me it helps people really helps people get through tough situations when you know someone else is going through the same thing it really does help so a little girl actually wrote to me she's in eighth grade and she's about to go to high school yeah well she's gonna be a 9th grader I'm so excited and she's telling me that she she has a really petite frame and she's been body shamed alot because she's really skinny woah let me just read the text I'm in eighth grade and I'm going to high school and I said picked on because of my body and my skinny self and my question would be how should I deal with this sort of shaming and maybe how or who I should talk to this about now when I rep it I cannot believe yes actually I'm sorry I could believe that that sort of situation is happening in schools because you know some children haven't matured enough to know that that's wrong and how much it affects another another child the only advice that I have to give from experience look for someone that you trust so either counselors your mom your dad don't be afraid to talk to your parents if you have any dates have a relationship where it's pretty open you can go to your mom or your dad about the things that you're going through because sometimes ask kids you know you think that your parents guess exactly how you feel and what you're going through but unless you don't communicate your feelings and what you're going through your parents are not going to know and trust me your parents could help you okay they could help you they're there to protect you they are there to make sure that your you're okay and you're happy and you shouldn't have someone picking on you because if someone is picking you picking at you at school and being a bully then you can't concentrate and learn because all you're thinking about is when this class is over I'm going to see them in the hallway they're going to be so me they're going to give me love or I'm not going to have any friends to fit during lunch what am I going to do talk to your parents because maybe they can do more to help you than you think they can or a counselor and if you can't just talk to someone write a letter with all of your feelings because sometimes that helps a little bit more because you're able to get your emotions out on paper because when you talk to someone then it's kind of hard if you're talking to someone who's really not listening so so yeah write down exactly what is happening and who is doing these things to you because at the end of the day these are also 13 year old girls I'm assuming or 12 or 11 year olds girls that are being mean or boys I don't know so at the end of eight they are still children also and there are adults up to school and they also have parents that can take care of the situation you know so don't be afraid to talk about it and go to an adult for help or if you have a girl a friend or a sister that you're really close to talk to them about it because sometimes also like when I'm feeling sad and I feel something in here and I just wanted to just get it out I just call my sister Wendy and she just instantly makes me feel better because she's just listening to me sometimes we just need someone to listen to us so yeah I would love to hear any other parents any other big sisters anyone else out there who would have advice for this beautiful amazing 13 year old girl and you know what I know it's hard but don't let what they say about you make you feel that way because they all know you they are not you and they are probably missed they are missing out not probably they are missing out on the amazing and beautiful friendship they can have with you and bullies out there people who are mean to other people at school here on the Internet I always say this that is so true I don't understand how people who are mean like that being that they are not going to have that same sort of karma come back to them so I hope you guys enjoy today's episode got sick on Thursday I will talk to you later thank you so much for watching and have a blessed and beautiful day bye

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  1. I'm a catechist teacher in a catholic church, we need to get baptized to receive god grace. ( grace is a participation, or sharing , in Gods life and Friendship) and the baptism is the first and foundational sacrament by which we become sharers in God's divine life, are freed from Original Sin and all Personal sins, become children of God, and are welcomed into the church. yes your husband maybe right that your son is innocent and has no sin but getting baptized just welcome him into god's way of life. I encourage you to read more about our religion it very fulfilling once you start to read about god. Believing in Jesus is believing in god because god is Jesus, and Jesus is the holy spirit. this is call the blessed Trinity. God the Father is the First person of the blessed trinity, second is the son which is Jesus and the third is the Holy Spirit. God is one community of the divine persons, and these three are one and share a single mission. That is why when we pray we say in the name of the father the son and the holy spirt. I recommend you to read the bible and start with Genesis it gives a lot of information and there is a book for young teens which answer a lot of questions for those who have doughs its call youcat you can find it in amazon they have one for kids so you can explain to you son about god in a way that he can understand . May God bless you and I have been watching your YouTube channel for years and thanks to god and people like it has help me with my depression watching your videos on makeup tutorial help a lot. so when ever I us to feel sad I would see your videos and put on my makeup and it help to making me feel better about my self, and still to this day I always do my makeup to boost my self-esteem thank dulce for being so inspiring god will always bless you for help us thank you and love you.

  2. Before Islam I had that same question. "Is Jesus God or not and who am i praying too?" Read the Quran chapter "Maria" or "Marium". The Quran has the answers. I have a video about this on my channel.

  3. My goodness the boy that broke my heart at 14 also passed away… but he was only 15 when this happened.

  4. Oh how relieved I was when you said you have a Jewish friend. listen to her. I would advise you regarding prayer, to pray to the one whom Jesus is said to have prayed to. He didn't pray to himself. Honoring anything that was ever created/born is idolatry. Pray to the Holy One of Israel and that Power alone. That's who all the prophets and great leaders of Israel prayed to. Indeed adding people to the "godhead" should and is going to be confusing. G-d is ONE.

  5. Christ is our mediator which means you/we may pray to hım worship him aside from the Father
    I also pray to both of them, the one who lived with us took our sins, pain who would understand the struggles of the flesh and people than the mighty son himself he who was sent by the almighty Father. I pray to both of them!

  6. God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are the same person! It seems like you dont even understand the Catholic faith and that's why you "left". The Catholic faith is not a bunch of traditions , everything that happens with in it has a purpose on why their done, ie. Baptism. Educate en la fe y no le niegues a tu hijo el Sacramento del bautizo…..I would suggest to also research the bible itself and not just read it because its so easy to take things out of contexts, I mean why do u think ppl have degrees on it….so yeah :).

  7. If you do your own research with no biases and an open mind you will undoubtedly come to the same conclusion as many others have, religion is all man-made and your particular god is as imaginary as another religion's god. There has never been any evidence and never will be any evidence for the existence of any gods. If there was indisputable evidence for the existence of any god trust that the major religions would immediately trot out that evidence. As I said there never has been and never will be any evidence because it's all imaginary. Oh and faith, faith is not evidence. Faith is blind belief without evidence and only the gullible have blind belief.

  8. i encourage you to listen to the Terry and Jesse show on <3
    great catholic podcast

  9. 1 Peter 2;21
    To this you were called, because Christ suffered for you, leaving you an example, that you should follow in his steps.

    Jesus came to earth to save us and to leave footprints in which we could follow. Scripture teaches us that He got baptize as an adult. The Lord will teach you through His word.

  10. I literally just baptized my boys, and this came up in the classes.. caused a big argument between my husband.
    It is a balance.. i feel like children are innocent. His family and him believe its tradition, im doing an awful job if we dont. The most stressful situation ive been in.

  11. All kids go to heaven 😊🙏🏼 Isaac should be baptized when he himself can believe and confess with his lips and believe with his whole mind heart and soul that he believes that Jesus died on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins 😊🙏🏼 than will he be saved , for now God knows he’s an innocent kid😊🙏🏼

  12. When you cry 😢 turn your tears to Jesus and thank him for what he did on the cross , turn all your tears to him , it’s all about him …😊🙏🏼

  13. God whom no one ever seen, sent his son Jesus to the world 🌎 through the Virgin Mary , Jesus was sent from God because god saw the world had become bad and sinful so he sent us a savior Jesus Christ. The Bible says no on goes to the father (God) but through the son (Jesus) meaning if you want to be saved you must confess with your lips that “I believe that Jesus Christ is my savior “ and believe it with all your mind heart and soul , this is how you get to the father. when we pray we pray to our father God he is the father. He will hear you in prayer and this is how you communicate with him . God is good Dulce el te esta llamando, you just have to surrender and believe what he did for us which is that he sent his only son Jesus to die on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins. I see your videos and I know you are searching for something to fill that void that only God can fill , I can hear him calling you…we are all called but few come to the feet of Christ .when Jesus died he went back with the father in heaven a heaven he sat in throne with god there spirits reunited and they became one. I hope this helps you Dulce, in your videos I can see you have a kind heart, and are very blessed , to God be the Glory! It is his !

  14. The way i understand it is, we believe in one God, NO OTHER BEING can do or be anything like him. However, father (God), Jesus (Son) and the holy spirit are all the same in nature, characteristic and ability. There is nothing one can do but the other can't. Therefore they are all one being but different forms. Or how you are a daughter wife and mother, your one person but different capacities, likewise God is father, Jesus is friend and holy spirit helper. In the end God is one and is all you need.

  15. Yes Dulce if you see this
    I just want you to know Jesus is God!
    Jesus is a different realm of God
    God has three realms Father , Son, Holy Ghost/Spirit.
    If you speak to God you’re speaking to Jesus, this may be complicated to understand or may not be for you, but Yes Jesus Is God!

  16. God the father God the son God the Holy Spirit — 3 in 1. Yes Jesus is God and because he died and shed his blood for us on the cross for our sins, through Jesus we can pray in his name directly to God (the father) and he he hears us. The Holy Spirit is here and helps guide us in our decisions. I watch SBN online and on TV it helps explain a lot about the cross. Thank you for your videos they help so much!!!!

  17. As far as who do you pray to, this Sunday the Catholic Church celebrated la “Santísima Trinidad.” It is the trinity of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. It’s one being in 3 different essences. God: The Creator, Jesus: Salvation and The Holy Spirit: Santidad (pardon my Spanglish, I go to mass in Spanish). It’s like a guava tree, you can eat the guava fruit (one essence), I can make a guava dulce (second essence), I can make you a tea with the leaves of that tree (third essence)… so it is one tree, that gives you three different things. This is how the priest explained it to us, hoping that we would understand it better because a lot of people are confused about it, just like you. There’s more to it, and would be pretty long on here, but if you would like to know more, let me know 🙂

  18. If you are interested read about Islam
    It is a good and tolerant religion that preserves human rights
    Take a look at this account, it'll help you understand , But look for it in the right places a lot has distorted the image of Islam

  19. Jesus is NOT God. The trinity is never mentioned in the Bible, however Jesus was sent here as an ambassador for God but he is not God.

  20. I believe God is God Jesus is God's Son! your husband is wright about baptize kids they are small and don't understand what they are doing! so yes baptize should be for grown people that now what they are doing! God sent his Son Jesus to save us from sin he did not come to earth he sent his son to died for us!

  21. Dulce, I am glad that you are having this topic. Yes, Jesus is God, they are the same person. I grew up as a catholic. At the age of 22 I got married, my husband tried going to the catholic church but he had so many questions and to be honest I had noooo idea how to answer any of them. I was just taught to pray to God and to the virgin Mary and to follow all these other traditions from the catholic church. So i decided to start bible study with my husband. 5 years later, I decided to get baptized again, I am no longer a catholic. All 3 of my kids are not baptized, they know about God. We pray everyday. I want to invite you to listen to one of my pastor's sermons. Our church is called Word of God Ministries. you can watch it this sunday on facebook live or on their website. I really hope you get a chance to watch. Btw, we are not part of any denomination.

  22. The word of GOD says to pray to GOD the father in THE NAME OF JESUS…..THE LORDs prayer, JESUS PRAYED TO THE FATHER

  23. Hola Dulce…creo Dios nos utiliza de diferentes maneras, y a ti te ha enviado como persona publica que eres a hacer las preguntas que muchas personas tenemos, pero no nos animamos a hacer o a quien preguntar, talvez y no se si leas este comentario, pero espero y creo que alguien lo hara. Humildemente, a tu pregunta que a quien le rezas? Dios (en el antiguo testamento envio atravez de Maria a su hijo Jesus para salvar al mundo) quien como dijo Jesus, que en este momento no tengo la cita biblica, pero dice en su Palabra "el que cree en mi cree en mi Padre y el que cree en mi Padre cree en aquel a quien ha enviado…" Jesus es Trino..El Padre, el Hijo y El Espiritu Santo, que se considera la Santisima Trinidad. Es una gran bendicion conocer cada dia mas de lo maravilloso que es Dios (Jesus). A mi me han dicho en el ministerio que estoy, que para aprender un poco o mas bien comprender un poco mas La Palabra de Dios debemos leer comenzando de el Nuevo Testamento y luego el Antiguo al final. Bendiciones!

  24. Hi Dulce! To answer your question, Jesus is God. Jesus said,“ I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.” John‬ ‭14:6‬.

    My pastor’s friend (of a different faith) invited him to a get-together. His friend’s wife, son, and grandchildren were there. While they were sitting at the dinner table, his friend asked him how it could be possible for God to be 3 beings in one; so my pastor answered, “Are you a husband to your wife?” His friend answered,“Yes.” “Are you a father to your son?” “Yes.” “Are you a grandfather to your grandchildren?” “Yes.” So my pastor asked,” Then who am I sitting next to, the husband, the father, or the grandfather?” And he replied, “You’re sitting next to me. I am all of them.” God is 3 in 1: God the father, Jesus the son who came down to earth in the flesh and died on the cross for our sins, and the Holy Spirit who helps us to pray, guides us, and is the direct line communicator between us and God.

    "The Gospel is the Good News that God became man in Jesus Christ. He lived the life we should have lived and died the death we should have died – in our place. Three days later He rose from the dead, proving He is the Son of God and offering the gift of salvation and forgiveness of sins to anyone who repents and believes in Him." – Dr Rice Broocks

    Hope this helps a bit! ❤️

  25. Dulce you cannot let your parents dictate when you're supposed to baptize your son. I know you love your parents and I adore the videos you share with them. They have to understand that is your baby boy's decision. We get baptized because we believe that Jesus is the Christ Son of the Living GOD. We must also want to serve just like Jesus. If your son wants to get baptized then you all should speak to your minister at your church. I will pray for you that the Lord will give you clarity. Jesus gives us clear instructions on how to pray. Matthew 6: 5-18

  26. Jesus is the son of god . I always start my pray with dear Lord or my lord but I believe in both Jesus and God I just start that way so I won't get confuse

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