Can you be Spiritual And Rich? The Simple Answer…

Today I want to address a little bit of a
controversial topic. One that's been struggled with by many people
when it comes to the blogosphere and looking around YouTube and that is really trying to
understand the connection between spirituality and business. A lot of the feedback I get is people
resonate with some of my work because they feel that it's able to combine the two. And so I want to give you a context of understanding
today that I think can help resolve some of the dilemma that people have when it comes
to misnomers and beliefs such as "Oh, you can't be spiritual and wealthy!". So you know, let's dive into that and see
what shows up. First thing I want to look at is, let's just
look at what they are. Now, what is business? Well, business is nothing more than the creation
and transaction of value. That's it. It's not inherently good, it's not inherently
bad. It is a vehicle for being able to exchange
value in a society and an economic basis to our world. Spirituality is nothing more than the reflection
of your own journey through higher levels of awareness and consciousness. That's it, The two don't have to be mutually
exclusive. However, where it tends to get a bad name
is that if you're at a lower level of consciousness, at the start of your journey there – and again:
spirituality and levels of consciousness are not correlated to chronological age. For some of us it's probably taken many many
lifetimes to get to you know, what we call higher levels of spiritual awareness. But if you're still at a low level – and how
would I categorize that – ego-centrism vs ethnocentrism. Are you all about yourself? Are you all about what you can get at the
expense of others or do you come from a place of how do I serve and contribute beyond myself? That's really the dividing or tipping point
on your journey of emotional and spiritual maturity. So when it comes to lower levels of consciousness,
where you're coming from a place of greed or fear or scarcity or fear of loss or that
kind of stuff, most of the time you will use business as a vehicle still to be able to
acquire material things but you'll do it through compromising values at a higher level of spirituality. So you'll be willing to step on people to
get something rather than help them up the ladder and that's really where money and spirituality
tends to get a bad name. However if you go further up the levels of
awareness and consciousness you're coming from a place of – as I said – more ethnocentricity
or even world-centric, where you're really seeking to add value. Where you're trying to make a difference beyond
yourself. Where you're really looking to, you know,
sort of, add value to the world. Then business is an incredible vehicle for
being able to do that and enrich many more people. Now if you're successful at that, guess what:
you get to acquire a lot of material wealth, material gains as a direct result of that,
because that's how the process of the economics of business work. Now there is a higher level, and this is again,
somewhere, sometimes when people draw the wrong information, and if you go further and
higher up different levels of awareness then on your spiritual journey, you'll tend to
have far less attraction or far less willingness to care about material things. If you take some of the great teachers in
history, you know Jesus being the obvious one you'll find that he added value to millions
of people but it wasn't through the vehicle of business, that was not his interest. It's through a much higher level of spirituality
where he didn't care about, he wasn't addicted to the material side. Although if you do your homework, philosophically
and you extrapolate the value today of gold, frankincense and myrrh -according to the parable – Jesus was already born a millionaire. So if it comes to equating spirituality and
wealth and that they're incompatible, well: go reconcile that. So if we look at those three factors, You've
got business as a stand-alone vehicle for being able to transact value and you've got
spirituality as your own reflection of your own journey through levels of consciousness,
then if you're at a low level of consciousness, business is going to provide you a way to
still acquire wealth but you're going to do it by compromising higher levels of spirituality. If you're at a higher level of spiritual values,
business is a phenomenal vehicle to add value to lots of people. If you're at the upper levels of spirituality
there's no attachment to business as a vehicle because you're not looking to acquire wealth. There's no, no materialistic. So if we look at what's the driver there,
it's not business, it's not wealth or money, it's not even spirituality. The fundamental driver behind all of that,
the prerequisite to whether you can reconcile that is nothing more than the reflection of
your own place on your journey of consciousness. And that's pretty much it. Don't over-complicate it, don't overthink
it. So can spirituality and business go together? Absolutely! And if they do so successfully, that's more
of a reflection of the fact that you're at a higher level of value than as a lower level
of value also reflects in the fact that you're still looking to go through your journey until
you get to a point where you have complete non-attachment to most of that. And we see that in society in many different
ways when people that have gotten to a point of high levels of extreme wealth where they
realize that "Well, the fulfillment isn't there, I'm really not attached to it". People like Stuart Wilde for example and his
story. And you know, you have a complete letting
go of that because you realize that isn't the goal of where we're ultimately heading
in life. And you see billionaires giving away their
fortune as a result. So I hope that's given a little bit of context,
It's obviously a controversial topic, you know people are obviously going to have their
own views on that so feel free to comment below and start a discussion. But I'm hoping I can give you just a little
bit of framework for understanding how to marry that up and use it not as a debate to
judge other people with but as a way to look in the mirror to see your own path and your
own journey as to where you are. Hope that was helpful.

7 thoughts on “Can you be Spiritual And Rich? The Simple Answer…”

  1. just know that you can be wrong and it isnt as fairy tale as you describing things to be . this is the world of sin the fall of men . lucifers kingdom i may be wrong too but i just shared what my eyes are seeing nowadays

  2. Great talk as always! If you wanna easily remove the wind sounds from your video add a lowpass filter on it. If youre using premiere this should be straight forward 😉

  3. Thank you for all your sustained wisdom, dedication and thus tutoring to assist my path to getting more consciously alert furthermore spiritually connected.

  4. i think The more we add value to our personality the greater is the impact in our business. Out world respond to inner world. Thanks !

  5. Thanks Peter – very interesting and well articulated.
    Not a topic I've considered much but as soon as you'd described it, the penny dropped so to speak. A nice primer to push the needle back into the right direction! Thank you

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