Carmella explains her decision to help Charlotte Flair: SmackDown Exclusive, Sept. 17, 2019

Carmella, we just witnessed a very
unlikely assist by you in the aid of Charlotte Flair, why?>>I know, I mean I’m friends with Bayley,
I don’t have the best past with Charlotte Flair, but
it was two on one, they were cheating. Sasha and Bayley,
they’re kind of out of control, and I don’t know it just
didn’t sit well with me. So that’s all I’m gonna say.>>Thank you.

100 thoughts on “Carmella explains her decision to help Charlotte Flair: SmackDown Exclusive, Sept. 17, 2019”

  1. "I'm friends with Bayley"
    Still attacks Bayley to save Charlotte FLAIR.
    This really shows how indecisive and stupid wwe creatives can be with their storylines.
    Perhaps this is the Final nail in the coffin of Carmella's championship opportunities.

  2. Wow amazing performance by Carmella congrats on crushing and destorying Sasha Banks and Bailey for the win. She totally deserved the beatdown and you deserved the win tonight.

  3. The real meaning is, well actually its bcs of the fox deal so they(wwe) ask me to go out and act like im relevant. so fox think they’ll get a star.

  4. People asking for the following wrestlers to be in the title picture

    👑Carmella: Currently Being Used For The SD Woman’s Title Picture
    🤡Asuka: Yeah I’m afraid to break it to you boo but she gone gone for the Singles Title Pic for a whilllllllllllle.
    👾Liv Morgan: Currently Loading 75%. She Will Most Likely Be In The Next Title Story Or She will cost Charlotte Flair The Win At HIAC resulting in Carmella or Bayley to win and having a Rivalry with Charlotte. Morgan Then wins the Rivalry then goes into the title picture and Wins the Title, Feuds with like 2 people and then loses the belt to Charlotte Flair. (My Prediction)

  5. Carmella, I'm happy your are back on the scene. But can you please please PLEASE expand your move set?! All you do is kick. You have become a one trick pony. Pun intended.

  6. I prefer Bayley and Sasha vs Becky and Charlotte in a chairs match inside Hell In a cell winners take all please do not include Carmella into the story line let things with the four horse women develop first then think about doing a story with carmella

  7. Tag team titles just helping or when charlotte wins the smackdown title she want a shot well there is a reason but is it a good one.

  8. I want a feud between Sasha and Carmella both are savage on the mic, it would be interesting specially because both have never had a singles match on tv

  9. Alicia Silverstone Bat Girl Carmella Hailey Baldwin Bieber Alison NikkiBella Vanessa Hudgens Jazmine Catherine Sutherland Kat Pink Ranger

  10. The good thing is it looks like the "Wild Card" rule is finally coming to an end! Good signs to come!

  11. This is where bayley’s heel turn should start really developing more, when she sees her friends start helping her enemies, it should change her perspective on loyalty to where she is only loyal to sasha and forgets everyone else

  12. Well at least someone realize that cheating is bad Sasha Banks should have just stay home who the hell get kicked in the face twice

  13. Well Carmella maybe Bayley and Sasha were out of control. but when Sasha got kick off from the side of the ring Bayley was making sure if Sasha was okay then aftert that then Charlotte jump on top of both Sasha and Bayley then Bayley did something when someone does something first. then the other person could do something second just remember that’s wresting.

  14. Carmella is friends with Bayley. But helped Bayley's enemy.

    Good storyline. Glad she's doing something rather than being R Truth side.

  15. Love u sasha and carmella Fan❤️❤️I'm from Thailand, and I like to watch wrestling. They're fans.😘🇹🇭I started wrestling from a few months ago, with Sasha Banks, my favorite inspiration, because you're a famous female wrestler in Thailand, so if I had the chance, I would love to see the real one🤩

  16. I don't think Carmella wants to be buddy buddy with Charlotte but she just didn't like it when one of her good friends were cheating I think that's it

  17. I always wanted to know what a tag-team consisting of Mella and Sasha could do. Guess I’ll have to wait some more 😂

  18. For those of you who keep saying, “ She said she’s friends with Bayley but stocked her to help the enemy.”
    First off she pushed Bayley not attacked her, second it’s not that hard to understand why she helped Charlotte is because Bayley is changing and her friends see that and are basically like what’s going one tug You this isn’t you but Sasha is persuading her to do bad things because she believes they are “friends”

  19. Seriously wwe !?? Now u r truing to make da boss n hug loocking weak?? Using da fkng mella?? Just go n watch the 3o minutes iron man match back in nXt .

  20. Good seeing Carmella get back into the actual wrestling fray. Her bits with R-Truth's 24/7 belt were good but Truth can hold those segments on his own. Carmella belongs in the ring.

  21. She says it's because it was 2on1 here she didn't stop the icconics when they did that to flair instead she took advantage of it and cashed in her MITB 😂 she just wants another shot at the title.

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