38 thoughts on “Chilling Video Captures Woman Screaming For Help, Car Fleeing, In Apparent Kidnapping”

  1. People must stop thinking this is someone elses responsibility. Right away, call the authorities. It's a common human reaction that has to stop, the "not my problem attitude." People are desensitized to crime. Don't just watch, do something! She might be cut up into pieces now.

  2. My God people get out there react quickly someone is screaming for help do something I can't live myself not doing nothing about that my God man I don't wish Karma on no one I need to apply at the Police Department it clearly sounds that he might have already killed someone that she knows that is why he was saying sorry and now he's going to kill her I'm just dumbstruck. If someone is screaming for help react quickly even if their children

  3. Everyone’s fight or flight response is different. My dad says women need to carry tasers but it’s not always easy to anticipate an attack and be ready for it. Hope this creep is caught quick. Scary AF!

  4. I can’t walk and I use a wheelchair. When something crazy happens in the neighborhood I’m the first one outside with my phone ready to call the cops (and I have call the cops 3 times for various reasons) these people really let this women down

  5. Why are these people just standing there watching!!!!!?? Ida maybe tried to follow the car or hide near a parked car to catch video get the dam license plate number!!! DO YOU ALL KNOW WHAT T F. H E L P MEANS??? Why get Ring??? Omg this is very scary!! People we need to help,!!!

  6. So no one hopped in their cars and followed them from afar? I mean, you don't have to get all on their bumper, but at least see where the car went. Disgusting that NO ONE did anything to help this woman. Way to go, America.

  7. I hope she's found and I hope the pos that did it DIES! YOU are the first line of defense, NO ONE ELSE. Not the cops, NO ONE! Get yourself a gun and always look out for number one! It's either you or them! To hell with these pos that want to harm innocent people or if this was some ex-bf. I hope all you little thugs out there die a horrible, excruciating death!

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