Chinese army halfway ambush to kill enemy support army!Heroic soldier 43

Come on, take this Bros, rush Be careful Go Look, come on Be careful Rush, retreat Retreat Dingling, how about situation No, The enemy’s firepower is too strong Throwing grenades Go Are you ok, I’m fine First go to the camp to save the family You go to the kitchen and bring all the pots and pans you can Why take them I don’t leave anything I use to the Japanese Go Ding Ling, take them first. I’ll help Mengge No, I will be with you You have to take them out. The team has to be commanded OK We will meet under the big trees at the foot of the mountain Be careful Go Hurry up Even if we die here today, we can’t let them go Hurry up Shoot Bro, Magui is dead Spare me You hurt me. Go die Bros, we retreat first Where is Wu Shisan He’s going to stop the enemy. Let’s get out first Where is he? I help him Wait, you can’t go, this is order He is fighting enemy, you wanna me to follow you, you can go first I know you’re worried about him, but now it’s war. You have to obey orders. This is the plan of the fifth company commander and his orders He’s fine, but if he’s dead, I don’t care if you’re the instructor, I can’t spare you , bros retreat Retreat, hurry up Follow me Captain You still wanna run Captain, save me You come out I am a Chinese Captain save me I’ll never let you go today Two immature dogs It seems that the huangxie army is completely rebellious You take people to the stronghold and kill all the families The rest of you follow me to the barracks, go Yadan, find Wu Shisan Our task is to wait for him here It’s not you who happened. Thanks to his kindness, you will repay him like this He is my comrades in arms and company commander. I am concerned about him. I am mainly concerned about my brothers. The situation is unclear now. We cannot act without permission Commander, they come Dingling, you come back Shisan you come back, are you ok I’m fine, commander You take her to prepare. We need to meet Wuneng We go first, you hurry up I’m fine How come there are only so few people, others The other brothers and my big brother died to stop the enemy Tang Jinrong was a man who contributed to the Anti Japanese revolution It’s all my fault. Have you been wronged in this period They’re trying to save me. I’m not afraid to suffer You’ve been struggling for so long. You’re worried. Come and help me Stop blaming yourself I don’t know where to find so many brothers who have died and want to thank and worship These are passed by You are fine Dingling, I wanna explain You don’t have to explain. You’re the company commander. Don’t be indecisive. I’ve arranged for the women who have been arrested to be picked up. Get your team and mood ready to go Dingling, listen Who was that woman just now She’s the commander of the National Salvation Army What’s your relationship with her? It doesn’t matter Don’t explain it to me. I said I would Bro Meng Let’s hurry up. Let’s meet Wuneng before the Japanese arrive

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