안녕하세요, 제 이름은 나미입니다! (gentle upbeat music)
– Hi, it’s Nami. Today, I am going to chop off all my hair. Like, literally, all my hair. I was filming a different video and that video took me
seven hours to prepare. I was working on it all night and then I fell asleep which is why I’m like groggy. ‘Cause I just woke up! Hopefully, the haircut comes out okay because I literally just opened my eyes like two minutes ago. (laughs) I chopped off all my hair. My hair was like waist-length
and I cut it to my chin. But this time I’m gonna
cut my hair to my mouth and I’m actually gonna be cutting 30 centimeters off in
celebration of 300K milestone. (cheering and party horn blowing) (record scratching) We’re not quite
there yet. But we’re very close, so I’m gonna chop off 30 centimeters of hair. My inspiration for this
haircut is actually Sosuke’s mom from the movie “Ponyo”. I believe it is a Studio Ghibli movie. Michael, my husband, just immediately fell
in love with her hair and he was like, “You should do that!” I honestly don’t really
know what I’m doing so I’m gonna start from the back (laughs) because I feel like this is
like the most problem area. If I get this part right then
everything will follow after. That’s my logic right now. I’m gonna create a section, like, literally, the back of my head. (speaking in foreign language) I’m gonna tie it where I
want the hair to be cut but I don’t want it to be so tight so it gives me space to
actually cut the hair. So I’m actually gonna
pull it a little bit. I’m gonna give an inch from where I actually want to cut my hair. The rest of my hair, I’m
gonna line it up beside it. Now, here, the piece near my face, I wanna be careful because
I do want to mark that. The tie should be around my mouth to get it to the 30 centimeter mark. So I’m gonna tie it about here and everything that I’m
gonna tie is gonna come back close to this elastic again so that they’re all at
the same cutting line instead of being choppy, ending up choppy. The thing about hair cutting
is that my mom told me the way that the hair is
pulled before it is cut highly causes the way that
the hair falls on the head. So she told me to lift my
head here when I tie the back so that when I cut it, it’ll cut like a layered
kind of back piece and then when I tie the fronts I would wanna tie it like
towards the back here like this so that when I cut it,
the front will be longer and it’ll fall like in a nice line. (speaking in foreign language) I’m really scared! Okay, (laughs) calm down, Nami. This is not the first
time you’ve done this! You can do this. Okay, one inch. I’m giving myself (gasps), I’m giving myself one inch. (speaking in foreign language) Oh my gosh. (gasps) Wow, oh my gosh, I love it! (gasps) It’s like the perfect length. (gasps) The rest of this clip piece. I’m going in really small sections to make sure that I’m not
sawing through the hair and I’m making sure that
I am using hair sheers because they tend to be sharper and cause less breakage to the hair. My hair is so silver and grayish. I wonder how I’m gonna clean up this hair after. (yelling and laughing) Oh my gosh, guys! Here it is. Wow, man, my mom was
sad actually, yesterday. She was like, “You’re gonna cut your hair? “Oh my gosh, you’re beautiful
hair, the beautiful color? “Give me your hair after
you’re done cutting it “so I can use it for
extensions during up-dos.” And I was like, “Eh, okay, I guess.” This hair has probably
been bleached over 20, 30 times. Wah! Yo, so scary, especially like at my nape. I’m using this hair as a
reference for my length that I’m gonna maintain here. Oh, gosh, I actually love it! (laughs) I will say right now, though, that I do have many many many many many
videos pre-filmed for you because we will be giving birth very soon. So any video that you see
with my previous hairs, it’s basically a video
filmed before the baby. I did wanna cut my hair
before baby three is born because I know that long
hair will be such a hassle for when you’re trying
to take care of a newborn and I just wanted my hair to be short. Guys, it’s perfect! (laughs) (speaking in foreign language) Oh, man, I can’t believe I’m literally chopping my hair off right now. (videotape squeaking) Okay, now here I can’t see ’cause it’s directly
as the back of my head. Just go ahead and snippity-snip. I don’t know, there’s
nowhere to look, either. Maybe this part I should
saw through my hair. (videotape squeaking) Yeah, oh! Yo, it’s so light, my head! (laughs) My head is so light! (speaking in foreign language) Wow, these are all my hair bundles. I can’t believe it. It really just happened and I feel good. I’m ready for the baby now! (laughs) Let me just show you my
belly, while we’re at it. I’m two and a half weeks away. This is baby three,
she’s coming on July 9th. So if you see any
viewers who are confused, like, what happened to your hair? How come your hair’s the same? How come your hair’s a different color? How come your hair is still long? Just please be my hands and let them know that it was a pre-filmed video because, you know, while we’re
getting ready for the baby we’re not able to upload things in chronological order
of how I filmed them. I’m gonna go and wash this hair, actually. So that I can kind of clean up the edges. Welcome to Nami’s snatched salon. (laughs) Oh my gosh, it’s so
chic, I actually love it! It’s so short! (shower water thundering) I’m just gonna comb it here real, pfff. Wow, all my damaged hair is gone now. My hair is like so healthy now, wow. Now I’m gonna go and clean this up. (videotape squeaking) In this case, I might
just go in with a razor. Oh, please survive! (laughs) It ran out of battery. I don’t know where I’m
cutting, I’m just kinda. Oh, man, I actually
really kind of love it. (giggling) ‘Kay, I think I’m gonna
stop here. (laughs) There’s just too much hair everywhere now. Let me go clean this up. There’s like hair everywhere. And then we can dry the hair
and see what it looks like! (hairdryer blowing) Do you like my shirt? It’s a new design for our merch which I’m super excited to share with you because we have now new reduced prices and you can get this shirt just for 12.99. I feel like this design
really means a lot to me because of what we’ve gone through with our viewers the last two years and with our content and our channel. So if you’re interested
in grabbing this design or any other designs that
we have on our merch shop, you can check the link down below. Yo, it looks so chic, especially with my
asymmetrical baby bangs. – Whoa…
– What’s that? – [Ziek] Hairs. – Hairs? Where did this hairs come from? – The hair is yours. – The hair is mine! Then what’s on my head? – Hair! – Look at my head. – Oh. (laughs) – What happened to my hair? What happened, Ziek? Look!
– Too bright! – It’s too bright? What is this?
– Hair. – Whose hair is that?
– Yours. – So what happened to my head? – Why is your head like that? – (laughs) I cut my hair! What do you think? It’s really short now! Isn’t it weird?
– Ah! (laughing) – Do you like my hair on your face? (laughing) If you’re wondering about my phone case, yes, it is a Game Boy and, yes, it does work. There are 36 games on it. Classic games like “Tetris” or “Pac-Man” or “Super Mario Bros.” I’ll have a link to this phone case in the description if you’re interested. I really like it! I feel like it’s everything that I kind of expected it
to be, I hoped it to be. It feels really light. It is honestly not a bad cut at all. Let me just show you the back and I’m just gonna turn
around for one last once over. The back is quite jagged,
I will have to say. But I’m not too worried
because my mom is a hairstylist and I’m just gonna ask
her to clean it up for me. But I think I didn’t do bad. Like, I mean, like for an amateur DIY at home sometimes ratchet, sometimes
snatched salon person. Like, honestly, not bad, right? For not being able to
see the back, either. I didn’t really have mirrors. I think I did a pretty good job. It’s cute, I feel like
it’s pretty symmetrical, except for my bangs ’cause obviously they’re asymmetrical bangs. I like it, I really like it. Thank you so much for taking
your time to watch this video. If you liked this video,
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