Chopping My Hair Off Again! 💙 I Am Kristin

hey guys it is friday evening i did not log this entire week it was literally doing the same thing everyday and it was super boring but tomorrow I wanted to record today because tomorrow my hair is being chopped off so if you saw my video seems like in the springtime cut my hair pretty short and I’m really sick of my hair what I if I don’t curl it or do something to it it just looks horrible so I’m gonna already doing that spying on me what are you doing come on otherwise i just want to show the before i’m going to record more tomorrow to before i actually get it cut but not that long I mean it’s curly it looks shorter but it’s really too like they’re so just finished recording a video something you guys me may have known as or may not but a lot of times i do a few videos and I like to change my shirt so literally I just never shirt on and still wearing sweatpants and now i’m about to put my other shirt back on this is a rare occurrence when they get this close the 910 be nice you want to get here oh no you can not pay that’s the stuff she doesn’t like see they made her mad no please don’t backorder come in come on come away be nice to her ability she doesn’t like using the corn all come on you’re making me nervous go we’re gonna go now come on let’s go sorry Ravi movies asst most spoiled dog ever so you accepting a bling here he actually pretty cold in the house and she was sitting experience she kept like shaking like this I felt really bad so put the blanket on earth you shall cute everyone sleeping down here fella sleeping that’s something pretty much how it is everything i’m the only one awake show you my nail because it keeps getting worse and it kind of how it looks really weird with it’s starting to change color but it kinda looks like the new one that comes to putting it like a ready color and then the one that the push-off for coming over like turning yellow and the doctor did say that at some point could just like teal off so girls alright so we are at the hair salon about my hair in ponytail because it was all messy from yesterday but hands with me and Gracie and we’re going to go and get my hair chopped off so i’m not sure how short are going to do it probably not as short as when I normally do in the springtime but fairly short but I just I’m still sick of itself ready who had enough of it feel so much better he did all that extra stop it just doesn’t suit me feel like I didn’t have her lifestyle or anything like that because i always jump in the shower on and I always could feel like i like the little hairs on me and salt into the shower but this is uh what it looks like now I do want to get a big shadow to my hair stylist Victoria if you guys are in the denver colorado area you definitely should look her up and go check her out because she’s amazing you just tell her what you want she does exactly that I’m gonna put all of our information in the description below the man I are in the truck and we’re heading over to start to get some goodies i got these three coupons from influencer to try to products and then review them and see what i thought i’m somewhere over there are check target and they didn’t have any and apparently they only sell them out either walmart or king soopers now we’re in walmart which is not my favorite place to be but it’s the only place that actually sells the stuff that i need with the coupons and look what like that we all dressed ship and I got one two three four five bags if they had 10 bags of what about today that man sighs not aren’t you super excited that i found all dressed ships a man obsessed with clogging better not fail everyone on YouTube blocking you oh you lost Kari going to moorpark know what you can move it around that that draft things we gotta help me over the dogs and you’re not going to get it all those clothes clothes through the guard here’s one of our favorite chinese places and we haven’t been here in a while actually this is just me chicken this is the broccoli from beef and broccoli and then that would be for you then we got the dogs new bones slow leave us alone they’re happy learning guide it is now sunday I’m with Max and we are going to costco some grocery shopping and stuff like that so your space we all shopping hidden recording that you want to watch go grocery shopping but we just got back outside and it is freaking hot out is 56 degrees yesterday it was I swear like 32 I’m like dying out some wearing a sweater pretty much and then I got this like big coat on we gotta race back and put everything away because I totally forgot I Gracie has an eye doctor appointment because you’ve been saying you can’t see the board Matt some ice is not yeah i think is behind pays for sunny out all the snow is pretty much gone and up what what’s going on with this outfit you’re wearing a cookie monster onesie and cowboy boots what’s going on for yeah it’s really hard to kill him sweating be changed and now i’m in just a t-shirt and that’s injustice t-shirt and i have not lost on in January that got nice equate you don’t got a seat covers because his seeds friend like falling apart a little bit well here we go ready to go get your eyes check the girls and I are waiting for matt because he went to home depot we’re doing my exam and then didn’t come back ok you want people to notice when he’s actually at the light on if you can see them the great there at the light they’re always going to be coming i’m freezing my butt off Matt to the rescue so it’s sort of like what are you doing we got back from the eye doctor and all other stuff shopping and whatnot and I started making my meal prep stuff for next week so i started on last week i started preparing my lunches and dinner so that it’s ready to go and I know how many calories are in it and all that stuff and I’ve been doing that it’s five o’clock right now and i think i started at like 130 it wasn’t just that i was making like stuff for dinner tonight I was making my whole week for school lunches and dinners and then I’m a protein ball but my poor little feet I’m a barefoot person and I was standing on the floor for the last like four and a half hours ish micr so red and white little toes are swollen huh so you upstairs to just get away and sit down for a few minutes i’m gonna watch some TV edit some videos and let my poor little toes rest i’m totally forgot to ask you guys if anyone does meal prep I would love some ideas I have a bunch of ideas that I’ve been running through to make sure that I have like enough protein car vegetables and i’m going to blog about it but if you have any ideas that you think are really good for like a meal prep I would love for you to comment below so we’re just getting ready to go to bed we just finished watching the movie nice guys don’t like he not like a long time ago but it happened to be on HBO and I thought it was pretty funny but like as a movie overall not the best that I’ve seen but it was educated select its job anyways I have to get ready to go to bed now with only like ten o’clock on because i’m working an earlier shift at my my actual like full-time job so normally 295 but now i’m doing 73 I don’t have much time to sleep in so i’m going to go ahead and this video if you liked it please give me a thumbs up and if you want to see more don’t forget to subscribe and I will talk to their peace and knowing it going to fix that

5 thoughts on “Chopping My Hair Off Again! 💙 I Am Kristin”

  1. omgosh! I just cut my hair off yesterday! (myself) bc I got annoyed how my hair was cut by someone else.
    I'm still working on it.. taking me a while. I don't want it to be bad lol.
    Your finger looks cool though!
    love your hair! that's how short mine is now.. so cool 😄
    I love Walmart to an extent.
    I've watched YouTube videos of people shopping.. it's very entertaining for me idk why 😊

  2. right?! binge filming is a great thing!! what happens behind the scenes no one ever knows!
    I just cut my hair from about the top of my hips to shoulder length and I hate having it short!! I always immediately regret the chop, but once it grows a bit it gets better for me.

  3. I freaking hate things to do with fingers and nails lol. I had to have part of my big toenail removed last year and even now it freaks me out still lol.
    I'm glad you didn't cut your hair super short, when I saw the thumbnail I was worried haha.
    I wish it was warm here! It's freezing and been very wet and foggy lately! Xx

  4. have you got use to your neck being cool? its brave wearing sandles in january. doesnt your hairdresser clean your neck after cutting your hair?

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