Chopping Off My Hair For Charity!

Alright, wassup, watchers? It is Jordan with a rare appearance from the mother. We are at the chopping block, also known as the Hair Cuttery, because I’m going to be donating my long-a$$ hair. [Ex Boxer by Riot] Okay, in most of these donation/extreme cutting of hair videos, there’s usually a reveal. Don’t know if all my montage gave too much away but… I very much enjoy it, as you can tell. I’m looking a lot more at myself than at the camera. But you wanna see something gross? This This is the hair that used to be on my head. It is now in a plastic bag, ready to be shipped off to – I forget if I said it before. I will be donating 12 inches to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. Even though I have a lot of hair, apparently, they’re still going to need more hair to make a wig. I can’t imagine needing that much hair, but, then again, I’m not a wig maker. I’m just the one that donates the materials. This is the second time that I have donated my hair. The last time was in the fifth grade. Uh, my hair did not cooperate with that cut, so. Giving you a back ground. This is what I looked like: *wah* I don’t think it was a cute look. Apparently, everybody and their mother thought I was cute, but I didn’t personally like it and that’s because I didn’t know I had curly hair? And then I cut it to where you see now. We cut it here, and then it went *shrinking sound effect* because it’s curly and that’s what curly hair does. I thought I had straight hair. *lip pop* I was really wrong. I plan on donating my hair for as long as it grows. As long as it is long and healthy and able to be donated, I plan on giving it back because its one of the easiest things that I can do to make someone feel good about themselves and it also makes me feel good about myself, like, i just treated myself. It’s fyyyne. It’s great to play with. I was planning to do this anyways because my hair was getting out of hand. I-I’m vlogging right now on my phone so I can’t do the heart, but just know that I still love you all. and laters!

3 thoughts on “Chopping Off My Hair For Charity!”

  1. A brave step in the name of love. You got a complete new look. Very pretty! Can i show this video on my channel about hair makeovers? I would link your channel in the description of the video so everyone can find the way to you & subscribe.

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