Cloverdale Education Support Centre – Digital Technologies | Innovation Partnership Schools 2018-19

(upbeat music) (excited yelling) – The school is an educational
support setting so, we have 62 students at the time moment. Every single child here
has a diagnosis ability, so it’s either an autism diagnosis or an intellectual disability diagnosis, or a physical diagnosis. – I’m gonna press the left
button then it will go right. – I’m looking at this Innovation
process that we’ve been on that’s been very much what
we’ve been trying to gauge into because they don’t think in our boxes. They think in their own
box and what they can do and actually, they can think through is sometimes quite amazing. – See? You like the colors, don’t you? – The student voice within
this process was very much about the fact that they love technology. They love engaging with technology. They understand it. And a lot better than we
thought they understood it. And I think that was one
of the biggest things that we’ve actually got
through this entire process. Is the fact that, we can’t
make any assumptions. What they know, they don’t know. – Here we go. (guitar strumming) – The Innovations partnership
gave you that process of actually really focusing the staff and actually going, “Okay, so
this is what we need to do.” – We’ve broken down each strand
into really, really small tiny steps to be able to
achieve a certain goal. (talking) (upbeat music) – One of the biggest hurdles
that we had with the whole Innovations Partnership process
is because we were the only education support setting going
through the entire process, they would go, “Ah, that’s not going to
work for you guys, is it?” No. “Okay. “What can we do?” – Which way is this way? – We’ve managed to embed
the technology a lot better into what we do on a day-to-day basis. – I think it’s exciting and I think our kids are
gonna lead the way eventually. Given the chance. – Aw, this one! – We’ve got one school
and three other centers. They’re all at different
points of the journey so, what we do is looking at
each of the bits and going, “Okay, what can we take from that? “What can we give?” So, it’s very much a partnership and that’s through the
Innovations Partnerships process that actually made those connections. – Oh, he wanted to do- what he likes, doesn’t he?
– Wanted to do, yeah. It would’ve been very easy to just go, “Okay, we are a primary
education support setting. “It doesn’t apply to us.” But, I’m really glad we didn’t because I think it’s made such
a difference to our students and to our context and
those students lives. (cheerful music)

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