Code Of Support Foundation Overview

Our men and women in uniform for years since 1952 Approximately had been bound by a code of conduct it began in the eisenhower administration The code of conduct is a set of six articles that begin with article one in which they? Declare that they are prepared to give their life in defense of our country That’s a huge commitment to blank check that our men and women are offering to the people of the United States The code of support is a set of what we call six simple promises that we ask all Americans To make to our men and women in uniform our veterans and our military families Coda support Foundation is an organization that provides critical One-on-one assistance to servicemembers veterans and families with the most critical and complex needs War can come home and it can destroy entire families? off the battlefield so we want to make sure that they get the help they need when they come home we could provide a holistic approach to analyze the situation and try to uncover all of the needs that that family has if the service member is in a Crisis mode his family can be sure to be hurting as well We have found that people don’t come in pretty little boxes, and when they’re in crisis They need more than one thing and it’s hard to navigate the field and so our veteran peer Navigators are not only there with them to really help Identify because they’ve been through a lot of the same things But really help them find all the different things are going to need to really truly transition out of the military successfully into civilian, Oregon When clients contact us. They’re dealing with a crisis situation? They’re behind on the bill or they’re pending an eviction or they’re having difficulties securing their va Disability benefits for whatever reason so they’re always at a turning point and generally when they contact us so being that person for these veterans right now is maybe one of the most meaningful things I have in my life as A veteran peer navigator my greatest frustration is having a wait list of people We need case coordinators We need support from our community we need support from our nation so that we can help those that stood for us our biggest fear with with having a wait list honestly is Someone will give up that will fail them You know and and we we don’t want to do that and all the work that we’ve done so far We’re proving success. We’re seeing long-term good outcomes for our clients, so we know it works We just need more people to do it We’ve realized that our case coordinators and veteran peer navigators are really struggling to find all these resources So that’s when we created Patriot link and basically Patriot link is a cloud-based Resource now avocation platform designed by service fighters poor service providers they can input their clients eligibility Criteria such as Branch of service Disability what war they served in how many years and through those? Criteria, we’ll find a direct resource for their exact need we’re telling veterans that we care about Who they are the service and sacrifice that they are making and behalf of our country? But the bottom line is that every American has a sacred obligation To do their part in defending the freedoms that we enjoy you

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