Coffee With Jesus #17 Divine Resolve

hi I'm Alanna vazha I am a wife a mother to three boys a coffee lover an author a prophetic voice to the nation and a speaker it began for me in my relationship with God with asking him two questions what is on your heart today Lord and what are you dreaming about that became the place of the greatest encounters for me over coffee with Jesus hi everyone welcome to coffee with Jesus episode number 17 what a joy to have you with me again today I am so excited about today's episode so whether you're here today for the first time or you are joining me for episode 17 a huge huge welcome to you as you can see here we are we're still in Sydney we are still on the road ministering and seeing God do amazing things it is an exciting time to be alive well friends I have an exciting hope-filled word for you today I really feel as I've sat with Jesus over this episode today I feel like there is an impartation in this episode that you are going to receive because God is so big isn't he he's so big that time and space are nothing to him and so I believe that the Holy Spirit is actually going to minister to you today a powerful impartation to see a major shift in your life so let's begin this episode together I'm gonna take a sip of my coffee right now so good because people have been writing in saying why does Lana never drink her coffee in coffees with Jesus well let me tell you I get so excited and in the flow of what God is saying or what God is doing that I actually forget that I'm holding a really good coffee in my hand so Cheers anyway let's dive in there is a breaker anointing on today's episode where you are going to receive a powerful impartation from the Holy Spirit to go after all that God is speaking for you that has your name on it in Christ and what God is wanting you to walk him in this new era that we've entered into God is doing a mighty work right now in the area of identity God is really healing and molding and reshaping and rebuilding and fortifying and delivering his people from all of the things that have caused us to remain in that place of captivity God is going after all of the things that have tried to hold us back you hear me saying it all the time don't you but God is going after the things in the heart and the things in the soul right now to to uproot if I can use those words to uproot those things out of your heart and out of your soul that would cause you to trip and to stumble and to not run in victory and triumph and all that God has for you and so this episode today I believe that the Lord spoke to me so clearly that there is a breaker anointing on this episode for you to receive a powerful impartation to not only run forward in the things that God has called you to run in but also a shift of perspective I believe today that many of you are going to watch this episode and your vision is actually going to change your perspective is going to shift from the place of where the enemy is trying to get you to focus back to the place of I am looking at Jesus I'm looking at His Word and I'm looking and seeing my circumstances and actually what's really going on through his eyes I believe right now that the Holy Spirit wants me to encourage many of you that there is an uncovering that's taking place right now by the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit is actually uncovering things for you right now and he's actually clearing your vision to be able to see even as I'm speaking the areas where the enemy has tried to confuse you you've been seeing things one way but it's not a reality the Lord is actually breathing upon you right now to be able to see what's really going on I just feel right now this is a specific word of knowledge maybe for one of you or a hundred of you I don't know but I feel it really strongly right now that how you have been seeing things God this is what I'm feeling this is what things look like right now and I think this is what must be happening it actually isn't reality what you have been perceiving in the sense of your natural eyes looking at and you're like God this is what it looks like is happening right now that's actually not the truth that is not the truth there is a major distraction that of an assignment of distraction I'm seeing that has been sent against you to get your eyes off the reality of heaven and what God is speaking I'm seeing right now that many of you feel like you're being brought backwards torn down Lord I'm going down where actually God is saying no you're coming up you are not drowning you're coming up into new life and new identity in me and a greater strength in me and who you are in me as a new creation in Christ you are flourishing you are thriving and these symptoms in your body these situations in your life the torment over your mind all of these things are lying to you friends I want you to hear this right now that the enemy is sending these things into your life to lie to you about what is happening and what God is doing you are actually being set free you're already free in Christ but you're walking out your freedom the Lord is delivering you you're already delivered in Christ because of Calvary the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ you are free you are whole and you are delivered and you are now walking it out every day on this earth right we understand that as believers but I really feel right now that the enemy is trying to trick many of you there is a sly assignment of the enemy right now it's a demonic spirit can you hear me today it is a demonic spirit that is coming against your life and coming against your mind and coming against your heart to lie to you about what is actually taking place right now in your life God is delivering you God is freeing you God is strengthening you and God is increasing you don't believe the lies that you are going down you are going backwards you're becoming more broken the only brokenness we want is the brokenness of surrender in him the undoing of our hearts as we see Jesus in the revelation of who he is in His Word and watching the revelation of his love flow out of the Word of God out of encounters with him and into our hearts the beautiful undoing that takes place when we see him and we see who he is so right now in the name of Jesus I decree over you today wherever you're watching from I decree that the light of God's Word and the truth of God's Word the light of the Holy Spirit is illuminating areas right now I want you to take a moment right now whatever pops into your head into your heart the Lord is showing you areas where the enemy is trying to trick you he's trying to trick you by saying this is what's happening but right now I believe the Holy Spirit is speaking to you and say to you see that area where that thing there looks a certain way I'm removing that fog right now I am uncovering what is going on right now many of you right now by the revelation of the Holy Spirit are beginning to see what's really going on and you're beginning to see the root of what the enemies be in attacking you in and as you see that root I want to encourage you repent god I'm sorry I am sorry for any ways that I have aligned with this root of unbelief or lies or fear or doubt whatever it is god I'm sorry that I've aligned Holy Spirit I invite you to come right now and to show me your truth I invite you to come and show me your truth and god I renounce this lie of the name of Jesus I break my agreement with this life in the name of Jesus and I refuse to give it any any room in my life anymore god I'm sorry that there's been that alignment in my life and right now Lord Jesus I choose to align with the Word of God and I choose to align with the reality of heaven with what's going on with what you're saying is happening in my life god I'm sorry for anything else I've aligned with God I'm sorry that I have turned the volume of the enemy the enemy's voice up in my life or the volume of fear up in my life god I repent and lord I ask that you would come right now and that you would reveal your truth there is a major uncovering taking place in this episode right now today you are getting set free right now I prophesy to you that by the end of this episode that you will get up from your chair and you will feel lighter you will feel the deliverance of God that has just taken place as Jesus as you have seen Jesus and heard his word you've had an encounter with the Lord I believe that many of you even though you're watching you may be hearing my voice but you are having an encounter with God he's setting you free today and where the enemies come to try and trick you where the enemies come to try and twist words and lie to you and where he's found those roots in your life i prophesy today those roots are coming out today those roots are coming out and a flourishing tree of life and a revelation of God's Word is blossoming in your heart from today in the name of Jesus thank you Holy Spirit thank you Lord many of you are going to feel right now things are just falling off you there's a deliverance take place right now thank you Jesus thank you Lord thank you lord well the verse the Lord gave me for today was out of Matthew 11 verse 12 now I know that we know this scripture really well so please don't turn off and go yeah I know that Scripture I always encourage people that even the most familiar verses let us approach the Word of God in the place that says God showed me something deeper because there is so much in your word I never want to approach your word in a way where I think I know it all right so let's go Matthew 11 verse 12 I'll read it to you first out of the passion translation it says this from the moment John John the Baptist stepped on to the scene until now the realm of heavens kingdom is bursting forth and passionate people have taken hold of its power what a great verse let's do it if this translation which is the Christian Standard Bible Matthew 11 verse 12 says from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven has been suffering violence and the violent have been seizing it by force do you know how the Lord spoke to me about this message I was literally grabbing a coffee and I looked across from the the the register where I was getting my coffee and on a mailbox right pay attention to this on a mailbox it said the word raw now friends anybody that's followed my ministry will know that I pay attention to these things the Lord highlighted that mailbox like a 3d picture and I walked away from the coffee shop with my coffee and it's stirring in me I'm a holy spirit what are you saying and then instantly the Lord takes me to the scripture and he says to me Lana for coffee with Jesus episode number 17 I want you to get on that that episode and I want you to decree the divine resolve of fierceness that I am delivering and releasing to my people that is going to see them running my authority like never before so today I am here to prophesy over you the divine roar of God there is an impartation right now of the Holy Spirit into your life into your heart you're gonna feel it coming into you right now where the Lord is decree over your life stand up and don't take this anymore stand up and don't take this anymore this is not your inheritance this is not what was paid for you at Calvary stand up and roar at what the enemy is doing you roar at the circumstances that are screaming at you friends I believe in this episode right now that there is a release taking place of the divine resolve of God to take the kingdom by force God said whatever it is your promise it is yours in Christ go after it I am I am heralding to you that it is time to come out of the grave it is time to come out of the ashes it is time to come out of a victim mentality it is time to come out of the place where the enemies tried so hard and for so long to hold you down there's been a weariness over your friend it's breaking today in the name of Jesus and I hear the Holy Spirit saying run run run run run in the empowerment of my spirit like never before you are going to see right now the power of God filling your body filling your heart and filling your mouth speak out whatever it is the Lord is is is putting inside of you right now release it out of your mouth the roar is coming out the delivery of heavens revelation and impartation is coming into your life right now and it is coming out of your mouth and there is a decree that God is birthing in you right now that says no more I am NOT taking this anymore I am a child of God I was I blood bought by the blood of Jesus I am completely his I am new creation I am not taking this anymore enough is enough the divine resolve of God the fire of God is bubbling and increasing inside of you right now to run out of the shackles that the enemy has tried to hold you in for so long and now you are going forth empowered by the Spirit of God delivered free and heals today in the name of Jesus and moving into all God has for you it's time friends the divine resolve of God that was the word for this episode the divine resolve of God to stand up and say that's it you're not mucking with me anymore I've had it you are not touching my family you're not touching my kids you're not touching my identity you are not touching my destiny enemy your time is up you are not mucking around with me anymore there is an awakening of your identity taking place right now friends and awakening of your authority in Christ and the roar of God is coming out of you not only is there going to be instant I'm seeing instantaneous deliverance happening right now that will you get up out of your seat from this episode not because anything lana vawser has said but because of the Spirit of God and the impartation of God and you're gonna get up and you're gonna feel completely different you're gonna feel lighter you are going to feel completely free mental torments falling off it's breaking there is a healing anointing that is falling on many of you right now the enemies kept you caged in sickness and disease you are suddenly being healed and you are moving out with a healing anointing to see others healed set free and delivered there is a mighty shift happening right now right now by the hand of God by the decree of God things are shifting over your life the birthing is taking place right now the fierceness and the resolve of saying I am NOT going to settle any more for anything else but what Jesus says what the Word of God says and I'm not going to take anything else that is it the divine resolve of God I'm seeing it come at you like a river like a wave and it's going to overtake you and you're never gonna be the same your vision is shifting right now friends you are having an upgrade in divine wisdom and revelation right now to see as he sees and to run empowered by the spirit like you've never never ever run before today marks a shift today marks a new beginning today marks the Lord releasing into your life an impartation of a raw and divine resolve to steamroll the enemy and to steamroll those works of darkness he's messed with you for too long but now is the moment where you are a rising daughter son of God right you're a rising as the warrior God has called you to this isn't a breakthrough that you're gonna have of them next week you're gonna fall back again this is a once and for all major shift taking place today gosh I feel that the Holy Spirit there is major deliverance and healing taking place so I release it over you right now in the name of Jesus run run run with excitement and expectation into all God has for you yes you're being freed right now there is a freedom to run and to fly and to fly higher than you've ever flown before that's it it's done it is done it is done in Christ it is finished he paid it all he's done it all the victory is yours and today the manifestation of it is finished is going to explode in your life in such a new and fresh way curses are falling off words are falling off ceilings are shattering and you are running forward as the new creation 2 Corinthians 5:17 the new creation that you are in Christ you are running in that like you've never run before so I want to bless you today my friends please contact us let us know what God does through this episode because I just feel so strongly that God has moved so powerfully and I know there's going to be so many testimonies of the powerful freedom and deliverance that God has done today and as you take the kingdom by force as you run in that passion and that fierceness you wait you just wait till you you see the power of God that's not only flowing to you but flowing through you so I bless you today friends thanks for joining me and I look forward to seeing you next week bye hi there I'm Kevan voice and I'll work with Lara in this ministry I'd like to invite you to come and check out our website lana vawser comm there you can find larnice latest prophetic words even an archive of her past ones on our media page you'll find a collection of Lanna streamed media and if you check out our itinerary page you can see if we're coming to speak anywhere near you if we are would love to see you there if this video blessed you or encourage you we welcome you to leave a thumbs up and if you'd like to hear more click Subscribe and the little bell button next to it so you get notification next time we post be blessed bye there is a fresh wave of the Spirit of God crushing over you in this new era empowering you to do what you never thought you could do to face the Giants that have intimidated you and see them bow to the name of Jesus to overcome the mountains that have stood before you and to go further than you thought you could ever go to go forth in the name of Jesus in boldness and to overcome this is your call to arise this is your call to go forth this is your call to abandon complacency and fear and step into your destiny and your dreams this is the call for the warrior in you to arise this is the call for you to trailblaze the new pathways with Jesus this is your call to respond to the voice of the Lord in radical obedience no matter what it looks like or costs you to follow him and see the empowerment of his spirit flow through you like never before this is the call to facing possibilities and see them bow to the name of Jesus this is the call for you to be empowered to overcome all that has held you back and move into your authority in Christ like never before there is a new sound you were sounding from the heart of God resounding from heaven empowered we have entered the new era of seeing major demonstrations of his power it's time to be reintroduced to his power and go forth empowered to do what you never thought you could do in him can you feel it a fresh wind of empowerment is here

24 thoughts on “Coffee With Jesus #17 Divine Resolve”

  1. It was so powerful! I saw many trumpets in spirit when you've said roawing!!! I've received a call from my friend the prophetess during the program!!! Wow!!!

  2. Thank You Yahshua-Jesus! Right on time words title! Now, ….how, ….You know, …..You have the know how

  3. Did anyone else see the word FLASH across the screen?! I tried getting back to it, but couldn't!!!! Found that rather interesting!

  4. Lana months ago the Lord has told us that we will be getting a financial blessing. In the natural I haven’t seen it yet. So the Lord has shown me that the devil has been putting thoughts of doubt in me. Having me to start to doubt the Lord that this is going to happen.

  5. Yesterday I twisted my foot below the ankle and this verse came to mind:
    Romans 16:20 (TPT)

    20 And the God of peace will swiftly pound Satan to a pulp under your feet! And the wonderful favor of our Lord Jesus will surround you.
    My foot is bruised BUT…. The above Word holds true still

  6. I had a discouraging dream last Sunday. In the dream I was happy/hopeful at first because I was being released from prison then all of a sudden it felt like I hadn’t been freed only transported to house arrest. Over the last week I have heard several words about battles of the mind, and torment. I love what you said here because it sheds light on my dream, “You are actually being set free. You are already free in Christ, but you’re walking out your freedom.”

    “There is a demonic spirit that is coming against your life and coming against your mind and coming against your heart to lie to you about what is actually taking place in your life. God is delivering you, God is freeing you, God is strengthening you, and God is increasing you. Don’t believe the lies that you are going down your are going backwards you are becoming more broken…”

    Thank you for being obedient. I love how God helps you interpret dreams through other people.

  7. God has used you so many times over the past 4 or 5 years to confirm and shed more revelation on what He has been giving me and our prayer team and, of course, the timing is always amazing. Some might say it's just coincidental but I know that it is Godincidence! He is so good and you are so obedient. Blessing of Shalom, dear sister in Christ! From Birmingham, AL, USA.

  8. Yawned and burped a few times. My understand that's demons coming out. I have a ways to go. God bless.

  9. Thank you lord for the encouraging word threw Lana tonight . I believe I received a new freedom and I will never be the same again ! Thank you Jesus for that fresh fire Amen!

  10. False illusion of lies, are being broken. Thanks for this word. Time to come out of ashes. Yes!! We're Running &. Roaring!!!! Amen

  11. Than you Lana..
    Been waiting a long time for some promises of healing and finances..
    Am going through a huge distraction right now..
    Hard to roar with unexpected house guests who needed a place to stay in my small house and don't like any noise above a whisper..been here 6 weeks now with no end in sight…

    Sometimes I need to be a little loud to "hear"

    Roars aren't quiet!
    Gods roar is not quiet!
    Maybe I need to think of it as a roar in my spirit
    but I need to be a little loud when I battle sometimes..
    Thank you for any encouragement /prayers you can offer💖

  12. Lana, what did you mean at 7:47–7:53 when you said "The LIE of God's Word (?) and the Truth of God's Word, the Lie of the Holy Spirit (?) is illuminating areas right now…" ?

  13. Ooooooh I receive this liberating word of God in the Name of Jesus!!!! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Glory to God! He is gooooood! Wuuuuuhuuuu!!!! Soy libre en el poderoso Nombre de Jesús! Aleluya!!!!!! Blessings woman of God! May the Lord, our King Jesus keep glorifying Himself through you, and equipping, and bring healing, freedom, and restoration to His people in the Name of Jesus! Amen 🙏🏻 Shalom dear sister 🙌🏻

  14. I’ve been physically attacked in my body to the point I would wake up in a panic attack but as I declared what was released, the sickness lifted from my body. I begin to breathe fully and the pain left! God is a healer! I can now go in God’s strength for the vision He gave me concerning Women Who Roar!

  15. Enough is enough…..genug ist genug….Basta!!!!!
    Blessings from Germany to all my Sisters of Power in Christ.
    Run, you are free😃✌

  16. Amen I receive this and take the kingdom by force in Jesus Name and run with this on time confirmation word by the Holy Spirit thank u Jesus thank u Lana V. 🙌🏼♥️💃🏻

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