Cutting Off My Daughter’s Hair!

– I think we go like 15. – Daniel, stop. – [Daniel] Are you more
nervous about school tomorrow or your hair being cut off? We’ve been waiting for
a long time to do this. Claire has been waiting for a long time. Let me see your long hair Claire. She’s been growing this out for months. How long have you, how long has it been since you’ve really cut your hair? – Like more than just a trim? – [Daniel] Mhmm. – Or.. – [Daniel] Your whole life basically. (laughs) – [Daniel] How much do
you want to cut off? – Eight inches. – [Daniel] Which would take you to where? – Eight off is like right here. – No it’s not. – [Daniel] Adolph? – Eight off. – [Daniel] Oh, eight inches off. Just right there? You should do more. – You should do it to like right here. – [Daniel] So what are
we doing with this hair, we’re donating it somewhere? So we’re donating to a hair
replacement for children who have medical issues,
so it can be like cancer or burns, and they give
it to them for free and they get free hair until
I think they’re 21 years old. And so that’s really awesome.
– [Daniel] And so how long, Does it need to be eight inches? – It has to be a minimum of eight inches, but you can go further if you want. – [Daniel] Okay, you’re
the pro hair cutter what do you think, how far should we go? – Uhmm, eight inches gets us… Right about there. – [Daniel] Oh come on. That’s 10? – This is 10. – [Daniel] What do you think Claire? – 10 is good. – But let’s look at 9 and a half. I’m fine with whatever mom wants. I’m really okay with anything. – [Daniel] It’s whatever Claire wants, Claire’s the boss. – Okay if you want 10 we can do 10. – [Daniel] What about 12,
what does 12 look like? – 12 would go pretty short. – What are you doing? – [Daniel] Just asking a question. School starts tomorrow for Claire, so good time for a new
beginning with your hair. And then by the time
school’s, school year is over your hair is gonna be 12
inches longer anyway. Right? How much does your hair grow in a year? – I don’t know. (upbeat, cheerful music) – [Daniel] Are you more
nervous about school tomorrow or your hair being cut off? – It’s even. – [Daniel] Woah. – Eight inches in the front
would hit it right here. Nine 10 11 Oh it’s getting shorter. 12. – There’s a picture, there’s a picture I am putting up right now that’s a little Claire-bear
that I remember. – I dated a guy in seventh grade. – [Daniel] You dated in seventh grade? Claire what grade are you in right now? Claire what grade are you in? – Maybe it was eight! – Sixth. – [Daniel] You’re old enough to date now! – Alaska was different. And he had a tail, he had a tail. Like the braid was so gross.
– [Daniel] Uh the story is getting worse, this is not a good story. – It was at least eight inches and when we broke up he cut
it off and he gave it to me. And I, it was so gross. And I forgot it was in my
drawer, and then in high school I found it and I was like what is this? It was all braided like the thinnest Ugh. Stories. – [Daniel] Awful story. – Thank goodness I found you
and you don’t have a tail. – Not the story we need
when Claire is going into seventh grade, no dating Claire. It’s too early. – Sixth! Yes – Oh you still have another year until you can date ponytail boy. Wooh, that was a close one. (country music playing) – If you change your mind, we can scoot it down once they’re all in. But after we cut off the first one, you can’t change your mind. There’s the difference
between the 12 and the 10. – [Daniel] Ooh, let’s see. Hmm, what do you guys think the comments? 10 or 12? We’ll go off only what
it says in the comments. So what do you think? 10? 12? 14? 16? 18? – 10 – [Daniel] 10 it is! 10 is the number. – I cut four inches off
once which I thought was a lot at the time, and only one person noticed at my school. – All right. Is anybody
else helping with the hair? – I volunteer. – Nooo. – So I’m gonna do little pieces at a time.
– [Daniel] Oh, tricky. – [Lizzie] Because it’s
too much hair to cut all at the same time. (scissors chopping) – [Lizzie] Keep it as close
to the band as possible. – [Claire] But don’t cut the band. – [Lizzie] I will not cut the band. – [Daniel] Duh duh duh,
the pony tail is here. Look at that Claire! Look at that! – Okay (exhales) – Be very perfect. – I need to switch sides. I’m just too nervous. I’m right handed. Maybe right here. Ooh I made a cut. I made another one. Okay, we’re close. I did it. Are you ready to see it? – I already saw it. – Here it is. It’s a little pointy
– You did it wrong! – What, wrong? Let’s look, let’s compare here. You can’t even tell which one is which. In fact, mine is shorter. Did I do a good job Liz? – [Liz] Great Just taking little pieces at a time. – [Daniel] She did great. She did great! I will say after the three cuts, mine is definitely the straightest. – [Lizzie] You’re doing
the last one my dear. Okay, here you go.
– Right here? – [Lizzie] Yep, go ahead and cut. Okay Pretty easy. – [Daniel] Looks great.
Still it’s really long. We definitely could cut off a little more. (happy, clapping music) – I think Claire was pretty brave. She got all the hair cut off
that we need to have cut off. Okay, so we’re gonna ship this off and then we’re gonna let her
get her hair styled right now and trimmed up a little bit.
Then we’re gonna show you the final image of Claire’s new haircut. While we’re getting
the hair taken care of, I’m gonna show you what
the boys are doing. They’re doing boy stuff! This isn’t hair cutting time in here. What’s the boy stuff, Lincoln? What’s going on? – Um, so my dad when he was
riding one of the boosted boards the band snapped on it. – [Daniel This is a true story. – So we can’t ride it anymore.
– [Daniel] I almost crashed into a car. I had no brakes. Look at this. – [Lincoln] Sam is really
good at building stuff. – [Daniel] He’s got all
of these, and these. The wheels. And then we’re
putting new wheels on or new bands on? Well Sam is. Sam is the guy that is
a pro at fixing bands. He did it when he lost to
me in a race in the Tesla. Whereas his Razor he fixes bands so fast, so we’re like this is perfect. What’s your contribution been to this? – I looked for a flat head screwdriver and I could not find it. Sam, do you want a drink? I could help like that. (Sam laughing) (booming beats) – [Daniel] Give it a go, don’t crash! Keep the wheels clean. There he goes, new wheels. They work. Wow, he’s zooming! We are very fortunate
that Lincoln has an uncle that is really, really handy with things. And that he’s willing to
take part of his day to help us out with that. Because that’s been sitting
there for months and months. Let’s go check on that hair
cut and see how it looks. Are they ready? – Yes. – Time to see it. I’m coming! Whoa, there it is! Wait, let’s see it. – It looks so nice! (camera shutter sounds) – [Daniel] We’ve got a few
of the hairs here, we’re gonna take this back. Throw the hair inside of
a bag, and we’re gonna send it to um a charity. I don’t even know the name of the charity. Leslie found it and is doing it. And then we’ll send the hair in. So let us know what you
think about Claire’s hair, first day school, fancy hair
cut, and a fixed booster board. That’s our video today,
hope you guys liked it. Goodbye. Okay, well I’m just gonna sit over here. I can’t even get in it. This thing is weird.

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  1. I'm growing my hair out right now. I was going to dye it but I want to donate it also and I don't think you can if it's dyed.

  2. reasons your kids never get bullied: (if they dont) The kids who would bully know your chanel and think if they bully your kids the next whatsinside will be "Whats inside a bully"

  3. This is amazing. I’ve donated my hair 3 different times. I’ve donated to wigs for kids the last two times and locks of love the first time. Claire is amazing for donating her hair.

  4. Claire when she was in the hair wash, looked just like Lincoln.

    Omg!!! Thanks guys for 2 likes I’ve never had this much!!!

  5. You guys always do the most wonderful things for people!
    Claire you are amazingly kind, keep it up! Good job Dan and Leslie for teaching your children to be good people!

  6. Claire looks amazing with the new hair cut! ❤️ Also, it's so cool that you're sending/you sent the pieces of Claire's hair that got cut off to a charity. It will help someone going through a tough time feel confident and beautiful. ☺️

  7. Lincoln, hang with your uncle and learn about, and how to use tools and fix things yourself. It will help you in life later. Take advantage of the opportunity you have available now, not later. Be safe!

  8. Haha I just cut off my daughters hair just before school because I’m an awesome parent! Tbh I like their channel but this is a bit much. Honestly I doubt she decided this on her own and decided to donate >1/2 her hair on a whim.

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