Decluttering my clothes and donating them 2016 in under two minutes!

Hi, welcome to my video. In this video I am
going to show you how I decluttered my clothes to help you get started on decluttering yours. I started by removing everything from my wardrobe,
as you can see. I also fetched any clothes within the rest of the house and bought them
into the bedroom to be sorted at the same time including costumes, clothes that don’t
fit anymore etc. I then put all these clothes in one place
on the bed. As I was sorting I was also creating a give
away pile / rubbish pile and this kept growing throughout the whole process. I was left with three piles: one to donate,
one rubbish, and one to sell; and here they are in these pictures. These are all the shoes I gave away and these
are all the hangers I gave away. These are the clothes that I was left with
which I just need to sell. This is how my wardrobe looks when everything
was finished. I hope this inspires you to clear through
your wardrobe. I think in the end I got rid of three quarters
of my wardrobe.

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