Deep Sleep Guided Meditation for Unlocking Your Sacred Spirit Wisdom (Voice & Music Dream Ascension)

do not listen to this recording whilst driving or whilst operating machinery only listen when you can safely relax and bring your full awareness to your own complete comfort hi this is Michael Celia joining with you I have created this meditation for you to help you relax deeply as you allow your powerful imagination to connect you to a very special sacred part of your own divine self so I hope and trust at this beginning as you close down your eyes just as soon as you choose that the incredible source energies of our wide and beautiful universe may speak all of its truth to you as you learn more and more to connect to your sacred spirit or Souls guide now with your eyes gently closed give yourself all permissions to physically relax as you become aware of your own abilities to just daydream and visualize and go further within and imagine yourself walking beside a long shoreline a coastal length of a stunning stretched out pitch and you are walking so easily and calmly feeling so confident and relaxed as h easy step takes you deeper into your inner minds resources where your mental visualizations are all beginning to align you more and more towards ideas of peacefulness and serenity and tranquility and somewhere out beside you to your left or right hand side you find yourself looking out across a wide and clear ocean as soft and gentle waves crest and roll forming the vastness of a stunning blue and green sea and closer into you the waters foam and wash so gently into this longer stretch of white sandy shores a natural paradise for coastal colors and seaside sounds and here you are relaxing and moving slightly up ahead and above the shore of this peach line strolling and moving in your own time and completely at your own pace as he walks lightly winding paths of lush green grasses so healthy here beside the natural waters as the smell of the sea salt arrives to your senses smelling that air through your nostrils as you take some moments to inhale the fresh clear air through your nose just enjoying filling your lungs of this natural inner purity as you breathe so deeply and so smoothly even all of the way down into your lower chest and down even further into the full expanse of your relaxing belly and you're relaxing opening diaphragm taking some of the deepest breaths now you have taken perhaps for quite a while and just allowing that pure air to flow within you as it rejuvenates all parts of you inside of your body and you may become aware that there is a part of you that's so deeply enjoying the serenity that you can create with the visuals and imaginings of this beachside walk and you enjoy the sounds of the rolling waves which begin to match with the cycles and rates of your own rolling breaths and you become aware the lines of tall trees spanning ahead along the pathway before you each tree more beautiful than the next and you're fascinated as you begin to watch each tree swaying so calmly with the rolling incoming ocean breezes every branch swaying with a rhythm which seems to match put the waves and your own slowing down relaxing rate of breath you're calming right of breathing feeling so good very soon you notice about you some different people passing you by as you begin to see many smiling faces there and you observe each new face beaming at you with so much warmth and so much kindness and even so much love so much friendliness and joy you become aware of in each person's passing eyes and maybe you see the faces of areas loved ones different friends or family members people you recognize from your own life people you truly connect with will have once in time deeply connected to or just people you've spent some quality happier times with sharing together and even other people perhaps warned forgotten from some time back there ago men and women younger and older so many people who imparted something of importance to you some sharing of knowledge or shared experience on some deeper meaningful level all of these people begin to move on passing by you and one by one you have a moment to connect with them once again to recognize them the changing faces of people who have helped you in some way once upon a time in your life people who may have contributed to your life or your growth maybe even in ways you had not yet understood or acknowledged at that time and one by one you see them all now connecting again and a deeper part of you is now knowing and realizing just how much you really did learn from that individual person from each individual person from HP from each connection just how much you carried with you something in some positive way some important lesson Saamy inside some piece of energy as you continue to expand and develop moving onwards and forwards in your important development all of these connections once upon in your life are now again and reaching you because of their necessary emotional intellectual and even spiritual lessons for growth and so as each person passes you may gently nod or wave or smile to each being each person you pass taking a small moment for yourself to thank them in some way to thank them for being the right teacher at the right time for giving you exactly what you needed to take you where you are now in your life and it can feel so good to give back your thanks and gratitude or even your passing regards to acknowledge the bigger picture of your lives bigger connections even in this small and subtle way because as you continue to enjoy relaxing you continue to imagine yourself walking ahead and your deeper awareness all of this time is reaching out further across your surroundings across your energetic existence in some surprising new ways very soon you realize that you are left to be the only person walking in your particular direction because after some time all of those other passers-by what were those important things which surrounded you and you did acknowledge they all begin to thin out and to fade and disappear behind you until soon you are all alone in your coastal journey this journey just for you as you continue to listen to the gentle rhythmic roles of those waves you begin to hear the soft calls of various new goals and seabirds far out and up and their stunning clear blue skies and you find yourself now moving upwards as you go as those grassy green paths you are on are now changing under your feet and you are now rising along a winding and curving track ascending a coastal mountain side trail what you see is made of so many natural stone stairs and you feel so safe and secure all of this time as you continue to climb continue to ascend and you do continue your climb slowly following the stairways directions as you look out even further across the waters so far below you see you are climbing this rising headland above the seaside Cove and far up above you you begin to see the small shape of a new and tall structure a shape of a white tower waiting there for you and you realize this is a powerful tower the tower of meaning a powerful lighthouse they're rising up beginning to take shape with clarity and yet still distant in those misty clouds it's something about this Whitehouse tower as to its some otherworldly quality as if the lighthouse itself emits its own different kind of soft ambient every now and then as you keep climbing and descending you see and feel and even know at hours a glowing light shining from within reaching out with soft pulses to shine upon to even touch and connect in some way with you and part of you knows so deeply down inside that this structure is now calling you to it inviting you to soon enter it's reassuring energies of inside and profound protection just as soon as you make your way to that very summit of this headland winding and spiraling along the solid rock stairways you continue to climb and climb and climb even further feeling so much happier and healthier in your heart with each and every new step and soon you become enveloped by the soft white mists of those passing clouds as you feel all conscious thoughts lifting from you all conscious minded worries or tensions or concerns you once held are now here being cleared and removed and cleansed from your wakeful mind from that conscious mind as all physical tensions in your body you feel just melt and dissolve away from you causing it to relax even more deeply – one one to be open to what is meaning for and the more you relax the more you picture and see yourself climbing so easily until finally you find yourself at the very summit of this pristine seaside Cove where the white mists begin to clear about you revealing the incredible Vista of a vast new horizon as you look out so far down below you see and watch those distant waves foaming upon their rocks and you can clearly observe from here from this vantage whether natural stony each head moves out to gradually transform land as it becomes the sea as the firm hardness of the earth becomes the soft liquid of the ocean dazzling colors of browns and grays and greens and blues begin to mix and mingle in your experience as they mate with the crashing foams of a pure white which all takes place in the middle of this colorful dance bringing you now such a deep and deeper growing piece so much so you feel yourself filling with a blissful new kind of sublime tranquility because you just stand and watch and observe this private sanctuary here just for you for up above from everything below and a deeper awareness within you which is always expanding always evolving you is even now allowing you to see some things in so many new ways as different thoughts and different ideas and images you held wherever they may be now in your conscious awareness everything you believe that makes up who you really are and everything you attach to your own identity and your own being all of these ideas and concepts and habits of thinking now available for your higher selves true wisdoms to observe and watch in regard over this time because you are now just a little more and more detached from all of those thoughts channeling in so powerful now to the different parts of you that exist beyond all thinking beyond your thought beyond your ideas beyond certain things you have learned and allowing these special parts of you that are much more spiritual inside whatever that may mean to you to talk and communicate back to you with so much more as you allow your sacred dimensions to begin to open and truly explore what it can mean to connect to the purest sources of energy in this world connecting and exploring in powerful new ways very soon just whenever you are satisfied you feel yourself turning from this beautiful high cliff side view to face behind you where you see that incredible tower now waiting as you stand and admire this tower you know it must be so very old because you see it is made of bricks and stones and materials that seem to have been put in place here so many eons if not an eternity long ago and you feel compelled to move forwards again as you see this tower up here stepping and moving towards that lighthouse there you discover the shape of a doorway at the towers base and so you move now towards that door to soon find your hand brushing up against the feelings of solid wooden sleds and to feel yourself beginning to turn the doors brassy handle because you realize you always had the ancient and secret key to this very tower with you all of this time and you see yourself move your hand with that key to place it in the doors lock large silver key into a silver lock the key turning as you turn your hand and the locks workings clicking and shifting until it wants that large old door suddenly opens before you and with a satisfying creak upon its worn hinges the portal opens completely now you see a large circular room as you slowly move your way inside and all about you on the walls the floors so many ornate paintings and tapestries and carpets and artworks so many papers of ink and pencil drawing and busts of marble and sculptures of clay and fascinating exotic keepsakes and even unusual objects strange and exotic objects old-fashioned sound recordings and record albums and radio speakers from another era a myriad of arcane books and old-fashioned written notes and out effects from ancient history is it from a museum or a collection and each and every piece you discover is somehow a representation of a part of your own life to be found right here because there are collections from the modern times here too things and experiences you remember directly that are so important to you now the memories and notes to even things you had long forgotten yet everything you see has a unique and special meaning to your deeper being to your spiritual self do an energetic being and the more you explore now this wide tower basement the more you see new insights and clearer views and so many exciting better and stronger understandings of what is truly important to your deeper self spring up and call to you as you explore now everything to do with your spiritual growth everything that is truly important is before you in this time right now because you are beginning to discover that the artworks and objects kept here are not so very literal not so literal in their sense to be exactly what they first appear as each and every abstract painting or piece of faded photography you gaze upon begins to light up and change in some new way when you approach when you go near and each and every sculpture an ornament begins to illuminate and war with a surprising new glow within it just as soon as you find yourself reaching out to touch or feel the texture there the shapes of those objects the feelings of that heart the surfaces of those imagers and each faded book you choose to pick up an open hole read begins to sharpen in its text as it even speaks to you somehow with a new quietboys imparting to you something so new and so important something which gives you so many more powerful clues as to where it is you are now needing to move right now in your expanding spiritual life so even as you begin to think a new question which is what do I now need to learn or develop or focus on to more easily move forward in my life what do I now need to learn or develop or focus on to more easily move forward in my life you immediately discover something new appearing right before you as some new object appears and stands out and calls you directly to it so you go ahead and move there to look at and become well listen or feel that object as something new and powerful is now revealed to you whether by image or sound or by a note or sensation something begins to answer for you this question and as it does you feel a powerful sense of enlightenment growing inside of you something like the seed of springtime growth as a new movement of energy and focus begins to spin within you causing you to smile to yourself with each new thrilling discovery and now more and more important objects are calling you to them wishing and wanting to deliver to you their own important messages and hell after some satisfying time you feel yourself just beaming with such satisfaction and such a joy and right in this moment as you do you become aware of a sublime peaceful presence beginning to form in this vast room with you and so you choose to turn about once more as you see now in front of you the beautiful smiling visage of an ancient librarian a type of a museum a keeper here right before you and you realize now you are looking upon this very lighthouses ancient keeper because you see a tranquil angelic like figure here draped entirely and long flowing white robes of such beautiful texture are being comprised of both male and female energies as this being pulls back it's crowded white hood you become filled with such a warmth in your heart just a gaze now your eyes so deeply into the pure and ancient pupils of this hole of a soul and you thrilled to know now so powerfully inside of you that this keeper is here your very own a Souls guide this being who has been waiting here for you all of this time to so fondly greet you to welcome you and to connect you once again to what it means to be a spirit and a soul it was growing positively who is expanding positively a being who is both present in this moment and yet spans across all of eternity in this sublime entity before you you know can now answer for you so many more deeply important questions you have finally relaxing and relieving you of all of those worries and concerns you know may need some answering as you know now is your important opportunity to ask here exactly what you came to know what you came to see what you came to feel what you came to hear to ask your souls guide anything at all what you think and maybe for example you may first ask what do you need to keep growing we may choose to ask what could it possibly be as holding you back in some way or just by example we may choose to ask how can you overcome any obstacles currently in your way in your life or you may decide that this moment is the right moment to ask what is the ultimate meaning of your spiritual life all of these important questions and so many more are now available here to you and you remember that each time you come to this sacred tower you are always so free to ask anything and everything that you wish to ask because here is your time to commune with your spirit guide who will now reveal to you by images or sounds or feelings or knowledge the answers you are needing so my voice will soon fade and leave your awareness allowing you this important time to ask everything in your desire and soon after when you are truly satisfied with your new insights and new awarenesses you will find you will so easily drift away into a deeply serene incredibly rejuvenating relaxing and sound sleep and when you do wake again whenever you do whenever you will you will feel so refreshed so renewed so powerfully healed and cleared as so many deeper parts of you will be aligning to your true purpose and each and every day more and more powerful new insights will reveal themselves to you springing up and into your conscious mind because you are integrating all of your spirit guides revelations so much more and more into the practice and actions and habits of your daily powerful life as you heal and become more confident and more calm or motivated and feeling more purposeful in every aspect of your life so now just rest and relax as you asked your questions to your beloved spirits guide and my voice will now leave you completely to drift as you dream and to deeply explore and float to wherever it is you may as I wish you to be at peace my friend as you will now receive everything that is true and meaningful to you you you you you you

44 thoughts on “Deep Sleep Guided Meditation for Unlocking Your Sacred Spirit Wisdom (Voice & Music Dream Ascension)”

  1. Hello fellow souls, this one is especially beautiful, and f you have a great imagination will take you many places, I saw that lighthouse coming before he got to the top of the stairway. It was especially comforting to walk up the stairs because I’m in bed with a back injury, sad and angry that I cannot take advantage of the pacific northwest glorious nature

  2. Hey you, stop reading this comment and get some peaceful rest. Fly high beautiful being, dream well…💖

  3. Ive never been into ASMR but there’s something about your voice that seriously puts me in a trance I completely feel like I’m falling into myself if that makes sense 😅

  4. Had the most incredible, beautiful trance dream. Visited a loved one when I got toward the end meeting the librarian. I don’t even remember the rest of the audio, I think I fell asleep right away. Maybe my grief was just subconsciously leaking out but it was still so peaceful and meaningful to see my best friend again. He was a cat but the best companion. Seeing him again in such a pure perfect golden sparkling environment meant so much, even if just a vivid dream, it felt so real. I hope he is at peace. Miss him so much.

  5. After several minutes of listening before sleeping , i swear your boy had a lucid dream and man did everything feel so amazing. Its crazy how these videos function.

  6. So relaxing, I always fall asleep before they're over. I wonder if the suggestions still works while I'm sleeping.

  7. Listened to this wonderful hypnosis last night… it must have done its work as I felt so much at ease today and from having checked my Fitbit sleep analysis in the morning, it showed I fell immediately into deep dream REM sleep (which is very uncommon as for most it always begins to occur during the second half of the night). Your words are incredibly healing and moving and possibly even beyond the most intensely passionate music (I am a classical musician). Keep up amazing work and I am so glad I found you for bringing me into the world of spirituality and for exploring something so natural and beneficial which most people don’t realise is out there! Love from London x

  8. Thank you for your meditations, I thoroughly enjoy them, you have a wonderful voice for them and they work well with me and my 11yr old son, who recently joined me on a journey with you during a nap over the weekend. He felt like he was floating and he slept well. Nice work!!

  9. Just woke up from my nap…. and was listening to this meditation. while I was sleeping. I dreamt … I saw my phone with the screen open to the list of people I text/texts page and the text words were rolling backwards from right to left. Like going back in time. Not for everyone on the page but for several people… I didn't think to see who was and who wasn't doing that.
    Neat dream

  10. I could not sworn there was a video by Michael sealey where he talked about getting in an elevator and descending really far down. Does anyone know?

  11. I absolutely love your voice. I have to say I’ve never listened to you till the end. Lol. Beautiful voice and message. Love you. ❤️🦋🦋❤️

  12. I am grateful to have your amazing talent and listen to your beautiful and helpful guided meditations often. Thoughtful and insightful and appreciated…

  13. Hey Michael, thank you for your lovely videos. I usually pick another video to listen to before going to bed like the sleep meditation for anxiety which is very calming but last night I chose this one for some reason. Unlike when I doze off listening to the other videos and have a full nights rest, I woke up this morning at 3 am. What an eery time to wake up in. I walked around my living room and noticed the computer was on, I always shut it down when before going to bed. So I shut it down again and went to bed. I did some google searching and many spiritual things happen at 3am. I wonder if that's what meditation is all about? Your spirit being free then coming back to your body? It sure seems like a coincidence seeing the title of the video and my experience last night. Do you or anyone have a possible explanation? Thank you

  14. This really works for me, and I have been really lucky to have visited the magical Isle of Skye. A stunning walk to Moonen Bay, walking high over the ascending cliffs, and a very spectacular scenery which includes Neist Point Lighthouse. Your video was hidden to me, as I was using good quality headphones and laying in my bed,. I saw the lighthouse very clearly BEFORE you even mentioned it. I could also hear a song played over your background track, by a very special band on my own spiritual journey, Hawkwind. Their track Lighthouse, on the Live 79 album blended really nicely in my inner virtual hifi with the hypnosis. The lead singer Dave Brock even turned up as my ancient lighthouse keeper. What a journey I had inside his pupil. Thanks for the beautiful hypnosis, and thanks Dave and Hawkwind of old for my awakening.

  15. Im usually SO depressed but after letting the video play for a few minutes all my worries are gone!

  16. I just love your meditations! But I must ask you a question about this one. Why isn't there a suggestion in the audio for the listener to go upstairs in this tower? Like a staircase inside the tower, going upwards… I was just wondering 😉

  17. thank you for these videos! they've helped me reduce the time it takes for me to fall asleep from 1-2 hours down to sometimes under 30min. with out them I would loose tones of precious sleep and productivity.
    I just wanted to say thank you, and I hope you make more awesomely relaxing meditations like this one 🙂

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