Destroying an Entire God Tribe Solo (Roblox Booga Booga)

oh what the heck we all just spawned on this island and we're all just confused right now but yeah what is up guys it is me ah whoo ah don't question the username okay I just had to think of something random and that is the first thing that came into my head are you trying to hit me with your rock oh okay okay yeah nice but there is like a avoid guy bullying this dude over here so I'm gonna go help this guy out you know don't worry I'm headed over there right now with me and my crystal armor even though I'm gonna troll and like put on my god I'm here in a second there when I get over there alright we're gonna take down this person right now watch there we go what I can't place it there's a tribe totem no come on get over here buddy you were bullying that guy and then you're just gonna like go run away huh can this person stop shooting me with a bow I'm channeling I'm helping you out over here they probably think I'm bullying this guy or something oh oh he hopped my wall Oh Oh what what was that he looked teleported utila put it on my screen nice I have no arrows so I can't even shoot this guy anymore I'm actually about to give up right now okay I give up oh you would the guys shooting me hold up you get over here it's your turn yeah I remember you don't think I forgot your name fight fight trying to like instigate something be you over here shooting me with arrows you know what I hope you enjoy this sorry please yeah that's how I felt when you were over here shooting me with arrows oh my gosh they're all God players yeah I'm just gonna keep to myself okay I'll see you guys later a full tribe of god players oh my gosh let me wait till I get to land alright we don't back down from these guys so this guy looks like he's coming to kill me so I'm gonna switch into my god armor later on yo are you an emerald bully yeah it looks like it huh what is he trying to do why doesn't it work come on come on oh oh crap there we go I got him in I got him trapped inside okay now we're gonna do some of this hold up all right so he is trapped inside let's go ahead and put this on let's go ahead and heal up and let's go all right let's get him me nope not today you're done for Oh kids stomped on bro that was like Instant Karma right there for that guy he tried to pick on like a crystalline ooh bright but the guy he wasn't actually a crystal noob I died from a dude I would it's God what he it's God he killed me oh yeah cuz you were trying to kill me why are you crying about it my guy he kill me in sky I didn't even kill you in the sky what are you even talking about I need kill whoever killed go go oh no I think that was the one who killed Go Go I'm gonna put my rock up it whoa okay nevermind that's like I can't be saying that he kill me here so that guy's like bringing his whole tribe of people to come kill me even though he attacked me first it's up on the sky so apparently I'm just in it now nice oh there's a big ol hut I killed that guy with there oh no they see me they're gonna be tracking me down like a whole tribe of them okay guys so I'm probably about to die here but you know I'm not going down without a fight let me tell you that much um you realize there's range on that right oh crap yo dude you know that that's not very nice to you you should watch yourself okay oh he has a armor on now too okay he trapped me in here so he's gonna be coming in here in a second here get ready for this get ready aw crap I got frozen I got frozen oh I hit him through the walk I'm hitting him through the wall I killed him through the wall oh my gosh yo I just killed this guy through the wall that's insane aw crap let me out bro alright give me a second here guys I'm gonna try to get out of here I'm in a really sticky situation but you know I'm gonna make it out this is pretty hype right now I'm kind of like shaking a little bit but you know I got this I'm trash now oh my gosh he didn't realize that I was hitting him through the wall I don't think or maybe he was trying to hit me but I had my shield on all right when I get out of here these guys the rest of them you know just wait we need help against one player over here nice dude even though you were the one who instigated this fight oh did I get up no I didn't get him crap I almost got him though okay go-go's dead again now we just got to deal with these guys here he doesn't have God pants but he does have on the top are you running now you can't shoot me and just run like that it doesn't work like that oh my gosh look at that he's running now he's so scared he's like nah dude he was just a prank yeah you run you run I'll let you run okay why are you bullying me you were the one shooting me first and trying to kill me you trapped me in a hut oh I got him I got him in a hut okay alright we're gonna do some of that some of that some of that all right here we go we're going in we're going in this is gonna be intense let's go oh crap he doesn't have a shield up come on come on come on come on we almost got him he's almost dead again he's almost scared he's almost dead this guy is almost dead we got him almost come on you healing up but that's not gonna save you oh crap crap dude huh this guy got lucky let me just tell you that much he got very very lucky I wish I had another godhood that wood or not a hut I wish I had another hut that would get him come here come here come on tanner tanner stop healing up you know just let it happen okay just let it happen tanner Oh almost got him almost got oh no no I was so close I was so close to him there and then I like froze me for no clipping even though I didn't even know clip come on why is this guy's such a pain to kill like just just stop running your teammates aren't gonna help you okay they left you to die they left you to rot I swear if it didn't if it wasn't for that like noclipping thing I'd probably have killed him by now please help Aylin now now now now okay he brought his pal he brought his pal but his towel just used his mojo okay he had to run to go get his friend to beat me like he might actually beat me right now but that's only because he has his friend here so yeah we're in a little bit of a battle here sticky situation um actually can I get this guy can I kill him really fast they might kill me I don't know all right I got my shield on let's go let's go let's go let's get this guy let's get him I got my shield on he's running he's getting very low is he healing back up though dang it I really wish I had like a hut to trap this guy or something cuz it's just really annoying chasing these people you and Tanner you guys started this fight actually that what the Go Go guy did but you know I'm guilty by association oh gosh they're barely even hitting me right now I'm doing so much damage to him but they just have so much heals that I'm kind of screwed right now oh my gosh dude stop healing up it make me waste all my blood food I wonder when you're gonna run out of blood food okay I'm low I'm low a low low low low low they just keep healing up and it's just like an impossible battle for me and the odds are not really fair either cuz you know I'm getting like double-teamed right now chances are I'm gonna get rekt oh no no no no no no no they trapped me inside a hut no no no no no no no that'd be a bad idea bad idea bad idea no no don't dude oh if I had my shield I'd be fine oh he trapped this guy in here with me get him get him come on come on come on almost almost almost almost almost oh he's gone I got him yes oh my gosh yo that's insane I got him Oh what what what yo get out of here get out here you two Oh get wrecked bro oh that's so that's dope I'm actually pretty happy right now that this is my first intense battle of booga-booga since I started playing the game again Wow and I actually want it okay I'm pretty proud of myself right now look at all this loot I got here for me too when they trap me in there I for sure thought I was dead you know I took on two of them in there another guy are you serious I don't have any like things to trap this guy with right now I'm just gonna like go away okay okay buddy all right you two let's go you're getting pretty low too low for my comfort I don't know if he's trying to place like a hut over me or anything like that but I really should probably start saving my shield for when I get trapped in a hut run noob I thought you was pro oh look who's the one running now look who's running now who's the one running now my guy oh okay that's what he gets for that that's too funny alright free Luke for you guys if you want it you know enjoy Wow I've had so many God players in the server try to kill me and I can't believe I won pretty much every single one okay I think that's where I'm at end the video guys thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you in the next video

27 thoughts on “Destroying an Entire God Tribe Solo (Roblox Booga Booga)”

  1. You just trying to kill him you get killed and your calling for help like rage? FIGHT LIKE A MAN IDIOT

  2. Hey Rainway i dont love the pros becuse they bullied me on booga booga and they kept killing me, im just a noob 🙁

  3. 0:14 Chill dude he hit you once with a rock. Like we could barely see your health go down, then you just finished the player. 😔

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