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the vine is here the gulley boy himself the movies on the way I keep hearing you say it's not really about me I kind of inspired it yeah it's cuz the guy the guy story is uh original story that doctor wrote she's the director of the movie and she built around a character from MAME and which is influenced by me and nazy and the whole Bombay scene but she made her own guy style wise he's not like me flow wise he's not like me got it nobody's like you that's what he's basically saying ladies and gentleman he's like yo I can't even fit me in a movie I'm too nice with it no but but what I did a lot of music for the movie yeah how much I did like five songs um beats and rhymes because I've heard through the grapevine you get on these beats – yeah so I've done all rhymes I composed like three three songs that the main actor is singing all of them rapping all of them but two of my songs so the record right there freedom yeah what are you making sure said in that song it's just growing up you know I saw a lot of things like people have to pay for water I don't think that makes sense just just small things that I saw growing up and that's what I'm saying in the song is that they bring the drugs in and then blame it on us you know the guys from the from very come from and yeah that's that's the point I raised I'm not raising fingers at one political party or anything this is just what I experienced growing up like why do you have like Park said something that hit me so hard was what you have so many rooms when you are a single person and that's that's what I said the same thing hindi when you're a single person why do you need eight rooms when when there are twenty million people in my city you know you don't need so many cars as a single dude and I yeah that's what I said in the song and that's why it comes off harsh a little harsh and I actually saw some tweets now right now these political parties they put my voice on there and put some pictures on there and they are tweeting each other I don't know why they're doing that and so I'm just want to clarify this is I don't support any political party from India I just I just support I support my people where's most of the friction when you because it feels like most of the friction is between its classes it feels like it's you know greedy you know people businesses corporations politicians taking advantage of people that's where most of the friction sounds like it comes yeah that's that's what it is coming from because as an artist I take responsibility on talking on such things and yeah it's happening and but it's slowly slowly up music is changing it slowly now it's cuz there's this whole new genre and thanks for having me I want to I want you to know that I'm very thankful that I'm fine yeah I'm the first Indian dude to come here out here not the first Indian lute but the first guy from from the Bombay seemed to come here and do this and represent my people and yeah this is this is more power now the kids are kids back home they're gonna watch this and everybody's gonna step their game up and the quality is gonna get better and shout out rapid music for this Carol man you know now that you've kind of opened this door and there's a blueprint for not only the creation of music but ways to communicate and galvanize the community right and the culture are you sharing that knowledge with the young artists that are you know showing promise that you're you know noticing in the hood yeah 100% nod that's what the goal is to to get the quality up you know if the quality goes up they cannot ignore us if we are out there they cannot ignore it and that's what Kelly Gang records is you know gang entertainment is that I put put this together and yeah this is for every kid kid in the corner in India who was was trying to make it then if your music is good I will come find you really yeah so and when you say that you're serious like money but hot in your neighborhood I never said hey you know make sure the streets is talking about you and we're coming to find 100% we're gonna come find you is cuz it's it's not very hard to reach out and it's it's not a very big scene it's big but you can reach out and we know if you're buzzing what would you say your biggest album I'm a first album dropping now I have all singles didn't you put out a tape or something I have tips I have teams that I put out but they're not on online and in here you can't get them anymore yeah why and why is that it's cuz I just wanted to change my sound what's going on so you're not gonna put out the classics but the real fans have it fans have it do you have a date for your album that you're gonna put out you can even put April is it's that official that's been an elfish at 100 101 percent and does it have a name yeah it has a name and I'll give this to you is cuz ii bro it's called it's called Kohinoor what does that mean it's it's a diamond call me diamond calling or Kohinoor diamond yeah diamond in the dirt I love that how many tracks would be on album I think 11 any features you can't just give me one nugget in actually nothing I'm gonna go back and ask for more like it's not work it's not as why yeah I cannot tell respect yeah but yeah you know this I told you a couple of cool as that yeah but I'm not gonna tell you business I'm gonna put it on you and then blame you yeah but watch out for that but watch out for the album is gonna is yeah it's okay how about this producers any any musical collaboration I have the DL and Addison the track is done yeah yeah the paperwork is going on so what artists or song or was that was the time you heard hip hop as a youngster was like I'm doing this I just go and hip hop on a t-shirt really yeah I saw 50 cent on a shirt Wow yeah and what was your thought this was in school when I was just I was in my ninth grade and the guy came up with the yeah and then I saw it and I was like who is this guy and he's like yo this is 50 cent and then he wrote me a CD or mp3 CD with 70 songs on it 7d yeah 50 Cent's tapes in the hole yeah everything everything I had Park in there I had so I wasn't just a mix yeah I was a mix CD I think one of his guys I think he had a cousin in America or something who gave that give the CD to him that's how he was introduced but I got that CD I played it back to back and then I just fell in love with hip-hop I fell in love with the melodies the the way they were talking though I didn't understand a lot of the stuff they were saying I thought you felt like I felt it yeah and then I went to the the internet cafes and I was trying to find out what this means and some of the things meant some you know it was very vulgar or no we talked we talked nuts then I discovered a lot of good guys like my favorites are Big L and Rakim yeah Big Pun these guys you the way they rhymed it just hit me so much I was like I want to write and then yeah I started writing go for you man

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  1. BIG shouts to EBRO for bringing DIVINE up. Great to see you embrace artists from all over the globe. Always good conversation and a quality interview. Well done Mr. Darden. Much respect to Beats 1 and Apple Music. Keep doing your thing Divine, we’re riding with you!

  2. To all Indians let's get fact clear Indian hip hop is not even a hip hop, it's cringe as this guy who name himself divine.

  3. You are inspiring! I just saw gully boy.. omg! You are a blessing! I pray and hope you rise higher and higher! God bless you

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