Do I NEED To Meditate During A Spiritual Awakening?

Dear Christina, is meditation necessary during
a spiritual awakening? Now, you're probably asking this question
because you either don't like meditation or you don't know where to start. So in this video, I'm not only going to answer
the question of whether meditation is necessary during a spiritual awakening, I'm also going
to get into the practice a little bit and help you get started, if in fact meditation
is suited for you. Coming up. Hello, beautiful soul. This is Christina Lopes, the heart alchemist,
here to help you open your heart, heal your past, and live with purpose. If you're new to my content, click on that
subscribe button and hit the bell, so you're notified as soon as I publish new content. In this week's video, we are talking about
whether meditation is necessary during a spiritual awakening. But to answer this question, we had to take
a step back a little bit and ask some other questions that I'm also going to answer in
this video, so in this video, we're actually going to ask and answer four questions. The first one is, what is meditation exactly? The second question is, is meditation necessary
for a spiritual awakening? The third question is, how do I meditate? And the fourth question is, what different
types of meditations are there? Hopefully by answering these four different
questions, you'll be prepared to either incorporate meditation in your daily practice, or not. It's up to you. So let's get started. Okay, so the first question is, what is meditation
exactly? Now I get a ton of messages from people all
the time asking me about meditation, how I meditate, and they tell me so many times,
"I'm not meditating right. I don't know how to do it." When I ask them what they mean by that, usually
people will say, "Well, I can never quiet my mind. My mind just never shuts up." So, that's the first thing I want to clarify
in this definition of what meditation is, you don't stop thinking during meditation. I want to bust this myth right away, because
I think that this may be one of the reasons why so many people decide not to meditate,
because they freak out at the idea that they just can't quiet their mind until they quit. I want to define meditation very clearly so
that you understand it from here on in. All right. Meditation is not at all about making your
mind stop thinking. In fact, you can't do that. It's practically impossible. The mind thinks in the same way that the heart
beats, it's just this constant beating of thoughts going on in your mind, and only really
experienced meditators, and maybe a few mystics on the planet, are able to get to a place
in meditation where thoughts really do cease and their mind just quiets down significantly
or just shuts up altogether. But for the majority of us regular people,
that's not what happens during meditation. Meditation is really, here's the definition
of meditation so you can remember it, meditation simply means that I observe whatever is going
on within me. I am going to become a conscious observer
of my thoughts, of my emotions, of my feelings, of my body sensations. I just sit there and I observe without judgment
whatever's going on inside of me. If a million thoughts come up while I'm sitting
in meditation, then I'm going to observe a million thoughts come up. If my mind is freaking out about something,
I'm going to observe my mind freaking out about something, okay? That's technically what meditation means. The more experienced you become, what ends
up happening is that your consciousness, the part of you that's aware of your thoughts,
it starts to kind of separate a little bit more and sit back further and further and
further away from the monkey mind, and it starts to be able to observe thoughts from
a greater distance, so that you're never again really taken over by your mind like the majority
of people on the planet live. The majority of us before we awaken, the majority
of us live inside of our thoughts. We don't know how to separate our thoughts
from the consciousness that observes them. So that's the definition of meditation. I hope that this helps you understand that
if you're sitting there and your mind's going a thousand miles an hour, you're not doing
it wrong. You're not doing it wrong, okay? Remember this definition. Meditation simply means that I observe thoughts,
emotions, and feelings without judgment. Whether they're a thousand or just one, it
doesn't matter. I'm going to observe anything without judgment. Now on to question two. Is meditation necessary during a spiritual
awakening? Okay, this is a hard question to answer, so
I'm going to answer with a maybe yes and a maybe no, and I'll tell you why I'm answering
it this way. Meditation may not be necessary during your
spiritual awakening, but I'm going to tell you what is necessary, at least for a spiritual
awakening to go a little bit more smoothly. What is absolutely necessary during your spiritual
awakening is that your mind quiet down significantly. Your mind needs to become balanced. It needs to become more quiet. It needs to become more centered. Now, this is without question, without any
question. In my own life, in the lives of hundreds and
thousands of people that I've already connected with across the world, I can tell you with
100% certainty that if your mind does not quiet down significantly during a spiritual
awakening, you're going to have an awakening that's a lot harder than necessary. I'm going to explain to you why. When we go through this spiritual activation,
when we wake up, one of the first things that happens is we get inundated with new energy,
our soul takes over, and we go through profound changes in our lives, sometimes really quickly. If your mind is not quiet and balanced, what's
going to end up happening is the mind will want to take control, because it'll start
freaking out at all of the changes that are occurring, and it'll want to desperately take
control of the awakening. Well, guess what? Do you think your mind can take control of
a spiritual awakening? No freaking way this is happening. So what ends up happening, and it happened
to me, too, I went through a spiritual awakening process that lasted about six years, and I
got to tell you that I really did get stuck a lot of times during my spiritual awakening. I got stuck in phases of my spiritual awakening
that I kind of slowed myself down, and the reason that I did that was because sometimes
my mind would just freak out, and I would get lost in the mental movies. I would get lost in the kind of panic mode. I would get lost in the controlling aspects
of the ego, and sometimes I'd be days stuck in my own mental drama before I noticed, "Oh
my God, I need to sit down and meditate because I'm totally stuck in my mind." This happened to me during my spiritual awakening,
and it happens in the lives of my clients and so many other people that I connect with. This is a common feature of the spiritual
awakening, is that the ego, the mind, will want to take over the process, and if it tries
to exert control over the awakening process, your soul is just going to go, "Uh-uh. You're not doing that." What the soul does is it'll keep pushing you
until your mind eventually breaks. This is one of the absolute necessities that
I tell everyone, and I'm telling you now, your mind must quiet. It must balance. It must quiet down significantly. Will it ever shut up completely? No. Mine sometimes goes a thousand miles an hour,
too, but it needs to quiet down significantly. Now, this is a necessity, so I'm answering
the question by giving you something else. It's absolutely necessary for your mind to
quiet down during a spiritual awakening. So, can you quiet your mind without meditation? Sure, sure. That's true. You can quiet your mind without meditation. You can go skydiving, and in that minute that
you're free falling, I bet your mind is going to stop thinking. You can practice extreme sports. When we practice extreme sports, our minds
tend to quiet down a lot because we're focused on the task at hand. You can do a bunch of different things. Sometimes, people when they're painting or
when they're doing art, their mind quiets down significantly. There are ways that you can quiet down your
mind that don't involve meditation. Sure, that's true. I'll give you that. But meditation is an easy and super effective
way of quieting down your mind and it's something that you can do on a daily basis. Then, my question would be, if you know that
meditation is an effective and simple way of quieting down the mind, why the heck would
you not do it? That's what I tell people. I'm like, "Why wouldn't you do it?" And people say, "Oh, well I just don't like
to sit there and do nothing." And I'll say, "Well, the the meditation where
you're sitting and doing nothing is only one type of meditation." There are a bazillion different ones, and
I'm going to go over to them in the video in a little bit. But to finish answering this question, no,
you don't need meditation to quiet your mind, or you don't need meditation during a spiritual
awakening. But I got to tell you that I don't know what
would have been of my life without meditation. All right? I started meditating in one of the worst periods
of my life, and I remember I was in so much stress that I would sit down to meditate and
I was shaking. I couldn't sit for more than five minutes. I was a mess, but I was really stubborn. I've always had a stubborn streak, so sometimes
it serves me. At that moment when my life was falling apart
and I was a complete mess, I decided that I needed to meditate, and I first started
shaking for five minutes. My mind was going a thousand miles an hour. Then, the next day I would sit again, and
the next day I would sit again, and I was so stubborn about it, and I kept doing it
every day. What ended up happening was I went from five
minutes to 10 minutes to 15 minutes to 20 minutes, and then eventually, during my spiritual
awakening, I got to a point where I was meditating an hour, two times a day, so I was meditating
two hours a day and that really significantly helped me. You don't need to meditate that long, but
this is my story, is just to show you that I went from five minutes to two hours. You can pick any timeframe for you. But this all to say, that meditation, although
it's not necessary during a spiritual awakening, I highly, absolutely, fundamentally recommend
it, and I think that you should incorporate it into your daily routine because meditation
quiets the mind, and without a quiet mind, you're going to have a really hard spiritual
awakening. Okay, so there's the answer to that question. Okay, so now how do you meditate? Question number three, how do you meditate? Well, there are various ways that you can
meditate. Some meditations are standing, you can meditate
sitting down with your legs crossed. That's probably the most common form of meditation
is sitting down with your legs crossed and your eyes closed, but you can meditate standing,
you can meditate walking, you can meditate dancing, you can do Kundalini yoga, for instance,
that's a type of meditation in movement. So there's various ways that you can meditate,
and I really encourage you to just google, you know, google different types of meditations
and see what pops in your eye and what you think you may want to try. There are a couple of things that I'm going
to recommend, though, regardless of what your meditation style or whatever you choose to
do. There are a couple of pro tips, pro tips that
I want to leave in this video. Okay. Some people can't sit crossed leg because
their joints are stiff, or their muscles hurt, or they have some kind of injury so they prefer
to lie down. Whatever position you choose to meditate in,
here's a pro tip. Your spine must be straight, always. The spine is a really important energy disperser
in the body, and when you're meditating, especially if you're meditating because you're going
through a spiritual awakening, the energy movement in your body is even bigger, so that
spine needs to be absolutely straight. Whatever position you choose to meditate in,
be very careful that your spine is nice and straight. Another tip that I like giving people is,
especially for beginning beginner meditators, is the idea of using the breath as your anchor. One of my favorite spiritual teachers, Thich
Nhat Hanh, teaches this, he says that the breath is the anchor of meditation, and that's
so very true. So when you first start meditating, it's really
important that you learn to separate your conscious awareness from the monkey mind,
the thoughts that keep going, keep churning. Sometimes it's not easy because sometimes,
initially, we will sit down and meditate and think, "Well, yeah. Oh, I'm going to be able to observe. No problem. This is easy," and then we sit down and within
one or two breaths, we're already stuck in the mind. We already got lost in our thoughts. That's why using the breath as your anchor
is super helpful. Whatever style of meditation you use, remember
always to come back frequently to your breath, so if you feel like you're getting stuck in
your mind, or you're getting stuck in a problem, or something happened to you at work, or whatever
it is, some kind of drama in your life, when you find that you're getting stuck in those
thoughts, take a nice deep breath and come back into your lungs, come back into your
breath and that'll immediately ground you in the present moment. Another tip that I like giving is this little
tip. You've got to be patient. Remember when I just told you the story of
when I started meditating, I could only meditate for five minutes because I was shaking, I
was in so much stress, and I couldn't sit still, and my mind was going a million an
hour, but I was really stubborn. Another way of saying this was, I was patient
in a sense, right? You have to be patient to know that the changes
in in meditation sometimes, for me, for instance, even though I was just meditating for five
minutes, within a couple of days, I started to feel a difference immediately. But you have to be patient to make meditation
a routine, even if the first few times you're doing meditation, you don't really feel a
difference, okay? Because you will feel a difference and you're
going to feel it soon, but you have to be patient with the practice. Do it every day. Make a little bit of time in your daily routine,
whether in the morning or at night, whenever you want. Make a little time for meditation, even if
it's only 10 minutes of sitting there and listening to your breath, that's better than
nothing. That's precious already. So there's another little tip, be very patient
with the practice and give it some time. Okay, now to the last question, and that is,
what type of meditations are there? There are a ton of meditations, and I talked
a little bit about it a little earlier in the video. There are walking meditations, sitting meditations,
lying down meditations, active meditations, all kinds of different meditations going on. Probably the most common form of meditation,
and maybe the reason this is why this viewer sent me in this question, is because the most
popular and common form of meditation is the simple mindfulness meditation, where you're
just sitting there observing your thoughts and focusing on your breathing. This is the most common form of meditation
and it's frequently why people send me questions about meditation, because it's sometimes one
of the hardest to start with because, especially if your mind is going a thousand miles an
hour, when you sit down in silence, when you sit down and just do nothing, you're going
to start to notice how fast your mind is going, and it can actually be a little jarring. Sometimes I'll have people email me and they
say, "I tried meditating but I can't sit with myself, because once I sit in silence, I start
noticing how fast my mind goes, and it freaks me out." This is common, and that's one of the most
common forms of meditation is the simple mindfulness meditation. But for beginners, I have this tip for you. I use a specific type of meditation for beginners
that's really helpful. It was helpful in my own life, and I'm going
to give that recommendation to you here. It's called binaural beats. Now binaural beats is a type of meditation
where you put on some earphones and the way that the audio was recorded, the way that
the music is recorded, it's recorded to elicit the meditation brain waves in your brain without
you doing anything. So all you have to do is to sit there for
a minimum of seven minutes, I think is the recommendation for binaural beats, you sit
there, you listen to the audios, you put those big earphones on, not just the little buds
because you really want that surround sound going on. You put those big headphones on and you just
sit there with your legs crossed, or lying down if you want to, remember spine straight,
but you just sit there and you listen for at least seven minutes, focus on the breath,
and just let the sound to do the work for you. It'll start eliciting the brainwaves in your
brain. Now, I'm going to leave in the description
box below, I'm going to leave you some links of some of my favorite binaural beats to get
you guys started, but then, as you're listening to these binaural beats, look up some other
ones and see which ones you like and which ones you don't. All right, so I'm leaving those recommendations
in the description box below. At the end of the day, I want you to give
meditation a try. If you're not a meditator, if you're not a
regular meditator right now, and especially if you're going through a spiritual awakening,
if you clicked on this video, you probably are going through a spiritual awakening, so
if you are going through a spiritual awakening, please try meditation, okay? Just try it. Start with the binaural beats. Try some different types of meditations and
see which ones you like the most, and then stick with those. You will see, you'll notice that if you stick
with meditation, your mind's going to start quieting down significantly and your spiritual
awakening process will get easier and faster. All right. But now I want to hear from you. Let me know in the comments below what style
of meditation or what type of meditation do you use in your daily practice. Share with the rest of us. I'm really curious about this. Share with the rest of us in the comments
below. And if you want to submit a question for my
weekly videos, also leave them in the comment below with the #AskChristina, don't forget
that hashtag. If you want, subscribe to my YouTube channel,
head over to my website to take my heart quiz, and see if your heart is blocked, and if you
enjoyed this video, check it out. There's more over here for you. I love you, beautiful soul. I am out.

46 thoughts on “Do I NEED To Meditate During A Spiritual Awakening?”

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  2. I have been meditating for more than 30 years. Two different gurus gave me mantras to meditate with, both insisting that these mantras were the key to liberation. But when I compared the results with "mindfulness meditation" (i.e., watching your breath), measuring the results with a Muse portable EEG headband and an app on my phone, I discovered that I was in a deep state of meditation (alpha brain waves) MUCH more of the time when I used the mindfulness/breath than when I meditated with either of the two mantras. So that is what I use now. I use the Insight Timer app, and most of the time I play their "Lucid Dream" background music – it is simple, subtle, not too "interesting to the mind" and it helps me focus in.

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