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wow what a group so many lights so many lights thank you everybody what an honor we're gonna have a big big victory in November you're going to be very happy believe me thank you Ralph is right this is my third time and I think the first time it was only okay the second time I was great and this time we have to top it okay thank you all for being here before we begin really I want to thank Ralph Reed he's been an amazing just an amazing guy an amazing support terrific man and it's a great honor to be invited and invited back so many times and I'll be here as often as I can believe because I'm with you a hundred percent I also want to thank so many I've had so much support as you know we've done very well with the evangelicals and with religion generally speaking if you look at what's happened with all of the races whether it's in South Carolina I went there and it was supposed to be very strong evangelical and I was not supposed to win and I won in a landslide and so many other places where you had the evangelicals and where you had the heavy Christian groups and and it was just it's been an amazing it's been an amazing journey to have I think we won 37 different states and the support that I've had from you folks has been incredible and I appreciate it very much I happen to be go ahead I happen to be presbyterian and there's about three of you out there I think but it's it's been it's been really something and some of my friends that are in the room I appreciate you being here I want to really thank Jerry Falwell Jr he was right from the beginning he's been such a tremendous supporter Liberty as you know Liberty University the job he's done is incredible pastor paula white has been at right from the beginning i've known her for so long and she's a tremendous person tremendous woman Pastor Mark burns I don't know if you've watched him on television between him and pastor Daryl Scott these two guys are phenomenal they have been so incredible Robert Jeffress who we all know and love he's been amazing and in the audience I think we have Richard Lee we have Jim Garlow and we have father Frank Pavan someplace there in the audience so I appreciate you I appreciate you being here and I have to say though the world is such a different place even from when I started with this we started 12 months ago and coming up I just see we're in France they have a massive soccer tournament something that's so important and so big and they're thinking about maybe postponing it or cancelling it because of threats and all the problems going on with what's happening with terrorism and it's a very very sad thing and a very sad place and who would have ever thought our world would be in a position like this where that would happen but you just see event after event radical Islamic terrorism is just you know taking over and we can't let that happen we cannot let that happen and if we're smart and if we're tough we won't let it happen just remember that okay it's an honor to speak here today and discuss our shared values I'd like to thank all of the wonderful Christian leaders and Christian voters who have supported me we've had tremendous support here we are and here are the goals and I thought I'd put some of these together and I did it just the other night because of this meeting and I wanted it to come from me from my heart we want to uphold the sanctity and dignity of life marriage and family as the building block of happiness and success so important and by the way I know many many very successful people the happiest people the people that have that great religious feel and that incredible marriage children it's more important than the money folks believe me I know plenty with lots of money and they're not happy people religious freedom the right of people of faith to freely practice their faith so important freedom of any kind means no one should be judged by their race or their color and the color of their skin should not be judged that way and right now we have a very divided nation we're going to bring our nation together by win we're going to bring our nation together the importance of faith to United States society it's really the people who go to church who work and work in religious charity so important and share their values these are the foundations of our society we must continue to forge our partnership with Israel and work to ensure Israel's security keeping people of faith safe from threats like radical Islam whether protecting them here or standing by Israel all of us need to confront together the threat of radical Islam we have to do it now Hillary Clinton or as I call her crooked Hillary Clinton these crooked as they come refuses to even say the words radical Islam refuses to say the words this alone makes her unfit to be President in fact in fact she wants a 500% increase in Syrian refugees to come into our country no good no good no good can't do it we don't know where they come from where they are what goes on thank you thank you all right let it freedom of speech pleasures of the stage thank you very thank you thank you we are so divided it's such a shame and by the way these are professional agitators folks they come in they're sent here by the other party believe me so where we left five hundred percent increase in Syrian refugees without documentation we don't know where they come from Hillary will bring hundreds of thousands of refugees many of whom have hostile beliefs about people of different faiths and values and some of whom absolutely and openly support terrorism in our country we don't need that we have enough problems we have enough problems right now here is some of what we can accomplish together appoint judges so important so important who will uphold our laws protect our Constitution and protect the rights of all Americans and as you know I put a list together of highly highly respected judges and you will see and I think you've seen it and I'm pretty sure you did but a lot of people have really come together of that list that's one of the most important reasons why we have to win the presidency if we don't it's going to be a whole different country and by the way these judges are all pro-life we will restore respect for people of faith who dutifully raise their children follow our laws and rules and we have to really take care of we have to take care of our neighbors because right now our neighbors are not being taken care of we have to restore the rule of law on our border in our government no matter where it is it has to be restored and by the way we have to pay great respect to our police and law enforcement in this country believe me then that being treated properly so all of this includes tough new ethics rules to restore dignity to the office of the Secretary of State which it hasn't had in a while folks among being the worst deal makers I have ever seen if you look at the Iran deal truly one of the worst deals I've ever seen negotiated we will protect the right of churches to speak their minds on political matters free from intimidation new immigration controls to keep us safe from radical Islamic terrorism here is what Hillary Clinton would do to our country she'll appoint radical judges who will legislate from the bench overriding Congress and will I'll tell you the will of the people will mean nothing nothing her judges will abolish the Second Amendment and destroy the rule of law she wants to abolish the Second Amendment and I will tell you the National Rifle Association the NRA two weeks ago endorsed Donald Trump so I think you're happy and I think it's the earliest endorsement they've ever given to a presidential candidate so I was very honored they're great people great people she will keep Obamacare in place which puts medical decisions in the hands of government not good Obamacare we will repeal and replace she'll restrict religious freedom with government mandates she'll push for federal funding of abortion on demand up until the moment of birth which is where she is as you know she will undermine the wages of working people with uncontrolled immigration creating poverty and income insecurity Hillary Clinton's wall street agenda will crush working families she'll put bureaucrats not parents in charge of our lives and our children's education can happen she'll be trapping kids in failing schools she'll plunge our inner cities into even deeper poverty if that's possible Hillary's agenda of taxation and she wants to raise your taxes big-league folks big-league get used to it hear it she wants to raise your taxes tremendously regulation bureaucracy government control and open borders have economically destroyed our inner cities her policies will be a crushing blow to all poor people in this country her education policies her economic policies her immigration policies and her trade policies will plunge our poor african-american Hispanic communities into turmoil and even worse despair believe me you look at what's going on the Democrat Party has run the school boards and the police departments and the City Council's and the mayor's offices in most of our inner cities almost all our inner cities they've run congressional offices they've horribly failed in almost every single community in fact you could actually say in every community I'm going to turn things around Hillary Clinton has jeopardized totally jeopardized national security by putting her emails on a private server all to hide her corrupt dealings this is the reason she did it folks it's to hide her corrupt dealings she's now under criminal investigation that was announced yesterday by the White House I mean its criminal investigation first time ever by the way a president of the United States endorsed somebody under criminal investigation interesting she even appointed to the national security board someone with no national security experience instead he was a donor a recent donor to Hillary Clinton's campaign and also gave as much as two hundred and fifty thousand dollars to his foundation they all look fit and where did this guy come from he made a contribution of two hundred and fifty thousand all of a sudden he's on this very important and vital board this position dealt with tactical nuclear weapons and had top-secret clearance and he knew nothing about it Bill and Hillary made one hundred and fifty three million dollars giving speeches to special interest groups since 2001 a lot of money that's a lot of money these donors own Hillary Clinton they owner and Bernie Sanders was right about that I have to tell you if you work and the bottom line is I will be working for you I just spent 55 million dollars running and these are my money I don't know not easy but I just spent 55 million of my money running in the primaries other people spent many times that amount and they didn't do so well okay but I work for you I'm working for you I'm doing this because I want to put back I want to give back I want to give back to our country together friends we will chart a new optimistic course for America we will put America first when you look at our deals our military deals our trade deals all of the days we don't put America first I don't think anybody negotiating these deals even knows anything about what they're doing and I don't think they care about America being first I care and you care and that's the way it's going to be and that's a big big part of why I'm challenging Hillary Clinton today to replace her support for increased refugee admissions we have to do it for a new jobs program for our inner cities we have to take care of the people that are here we have to temporarily stop this whole thing with what's going on with refugees where we don't know where they come from but we have to take a rest we have to take a timeout we have to use the money to take care of our poorest Americans and work with them so they can come out of this horrible situation that they're in we will restore faith to its proper mantel in our society that's what we have to do and we have to do that soon we will respect and defend Christian Americans Christian Americans we will give parents control over their schools so important will uphold the values our founders gave us which we're not doing now we will work together to rebuild and restore and lift up everyone not a certain group everyone the whole country we're going to lift up we will make America great again for all Americans and we'll do it together I want to thank you this has been a great honor

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  1. After President Elect Mr Donald Trump was voted through. I have just watched & listened to two powerful speeches. 1) the pope denying Mr Trump is a Christian.
    2) Freedom, and Christianity.
    America you are a Very Blessed Nation. Mr Trump couldn't have spoken more articulately on subjects we shire away from. How Clear & Precise he speaks. And! who? with any common sense, and an ear to Hear! could possibly misinterperate what he said. only a mere Fool! would.
    I've never followed the vatican. Never will. I'll leave it at that. However, I know many beautiful catholic people who love Jesus. where in any nation would one hear a president give such an eloquent speech. perhaps only Winston Churchill.
    I'm extremely fond and admire Mr Trump very much.

  2. looks like this MORON is going to be our next President. I have been married to a Presbyterian raised woman for almost 40 years whom I love. But this man is a total A hole.

  3. evangelicals are NOT "God fearing" They are hateful bigoted people
    . I say NO THANK YOU to your version christianity! You primatives relish and take some twisted version of pleasure in racism sexism & homophobia. You primatives wear Intolerance & Indifference like a Blanket of Comfort & Joy

  4. Trump: 'Why Do I Have to Repent or Ask for Forgiveness If I Am Not Making Mistakes?' (Video)By RAY NOTHSTINEJul 23, 2015   Following Donald Trump's appearance last week at the Family Leadership Summit in Iowa, CNN's Anderson Cooper sought out clarification on Trump's assertion that he's unsure if he ever asks God's forgiveness.Cooper used part of Wednesday's interview to ask follow up questions for Trump in what some commentators believed were awkward comments he made regarding forgiveness and communion. During the CNN interview, Trump fired back at Cooper's citing of certain polls and other assertions, telling him "people don't trust you."The Christian Post previously reported on comments made by Trump regarding his faith at the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa.

  5. Trump's got my vote , I'm praying and hoping this happens. I'm just scarred the powers that be won't let him in even if it means rigging the election . I'm still going to vote even if it's just a vote of conscience , I can not and will not vote for any democrat that doesn't love God or the Lord or doesn't support Israel . People call me a hater , not true , no sir , I love people very much , all people . I just disagree with their logic , I'm sure they would say they same about me . This is one of the last countries that I can practice my faith in , I have no where else to go . My family has been in the military since the ww2 , many men and women in my family alone have fought for the ideals of freedom of religion , speech , and the right to protect myself , where am I going to go when they take this away where??

  6. 1st samuel ch.8)  But the thing displeased Samuel, when they said, Give us a king to judge us. And Samuel prayed unto the Lord. And the Lord
    said unto Samuel, Hearken unto the voice of the people in all that they
    say unto thee: for they have not rejected thee, but they have rejected
    me, that I should not reign over them…….

    "And ye shall cry out in that day because of your king which ye shall have chosen you; and the Lord will not hear you in that day."
    The fall of america started when washington was "elected" president the people chose to be led by man and his doctrines(constitution/other man made laws)and not by the Lord. Yeshua is our King we dont need "world leaders" fear the Lord and obey His commands dont seek a king/president/leader when you have already given your life to Christ we are not of this world we are just strangers in a strange land love one another do harm to no man rather give your life for your loved ones and even your enemies knowing Yeshua did the same for us

  7. Trump is so humble, kind and wise. And of course, the fact he hasn't felt the need to ask God for forgiveness means there's nothing to forgive! The man is perfect, so close to Christ. It's no wonder all these good Christians have sold themselves out and support him. Remember what's important: party before faith and country. That's the main thing.

  8. Why do people still believe presidential candidates campaign promises; are people really so gullible they'll just line up behind any demagogue that tells them what they want to hear?

  9. I never heard this vital argument about refugees:
    If one refugee is welcome, why not invite the whole world?
    Where do you draw the line, not accepting anymore refugees? Are you, according to these dumb foundations, suddenly racist if you draw a line? I'm sure 3/4 of the world population has less income than those in the western world, or the rich Middle-East (who don't take any refugees despite they are the same religion)

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