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Daanam Daanam means Giving without expecting anything in return and not humiliating Not what we have in excess What we have and what we can give away from our stash and Sharing is the meaning for it In Hindu religion traditions, rituals and everywhere The importance of charity and need has been told repeatedly Do you know what has been told, in any
ritual of invoking God or in deep meditation? While chanting for certain number of times It has been told. Due to many reasons Creatures taking birth in nature would have different kinds of imbalance in them Some of them being quite rich in our society and if become rich On the other hand some of them do not have
the least resource to meet their basic needs Everything is equal in the sight of God, right Traditions, culture and rituals which tell about God’s will People who have, should share with the one’s who do not have The practice called charity has been prescribed It has been made known about those who donate are dear to God. Donating food to the needy Donating clothes to the poor Donating cow to a Brahmin and donating of a girl to a bachelor Nine kinds of grains used for the Navgrahas Like wise in every event, donation was embedded in our culture Here remembering a few great souls is a virtous work In our ancient history, many are
regarded as people of charity The famous one is Shibi Chakravarti Called King of the Demons To save a pigeon from a vulture He is a great person, who cut of his thigh equal to the weight of the pigeon for donation Karna, who the son of Kunthi in Bharatham Every one knew about him. Although he knew that his life is in danger The great one who has donated his only armour and earrings away to Indra In our recent days, Mrs. Dokka Seethamma Probably no one might have done so much of food charity than her in any given time Just remembering her name would relieve the hunger pangs for the unfed And how great is the service of Mother Teresa, is known all over Listen to an event that this great woman has written in her diary During one rainy night, Mother Teresa While roaming around the slums of Calcutta She saw an unfortunate woman with her children, who were hungry since three days because of poor resource Mother’s heart melted Then and there she was able to arrange one time food for that family, it seems Then that unfortunate woman forgot
about herself and her children’s hunger She gave half portion of the Mother’s food to the adjacent hut dwellers Mother reacted for that Why did you do like that? when what I gave was not enough for one time meal, right? She asked You know what she replied? Mother, they are also hungry like us since three days Instead of our stomachs fully filled Is it not justice, when both the families fill their stomachs half and live? She said. For that, Mother was filled with tears in her eyes This is the true donation. What charity you did is more great than the charity I did Like wise she praised. With in some time Mother sent the required amount of food enough for both the families Taking these great personalities as an inspiration Sharing in with what we have with needy Godly love and being fair among fellow human beings Let us implement it and become dear to God For more exciting videos, subscribe to our Mango Bhakti Channel

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