Dr. Sayed Ammar Nakshawani – Controlling desires in the religion of Islam

so you find that Aslam no doubt has a lot of discussions on sexual ethics on sexual desires on the dangers of our sexual desires if a person allows the animal in them to take over the divine spirits that God has breathed into them then there's no limit to where these sexual desires can take you and there's no limit to the destruction that can be caused because of these sexual desires there is absolutely no limit I always remember for example the Holy Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is family talking about how that the worst of the killers of the Ancients was the killer of the camel of prophets Allah and the worst of the killers of the latter he said will be the killer of ali abdullah saleh palace and you witnessed both of them end up killing this prophet known as allah or this saint known as i lee they kill them because their sexual desires at such an overload that they've been promised that it will be fulfilled if they kill another human being the prophet yahia john the baptist was killed because of a king who had an overflow of sexual desire wanting to marry his niece knowing is not permissible getting the law through knowing the only person who was going to get in the way was prophecy Iolaus sallam and he found a way in which he wanted yeah yeah killed sure we've witnessed in history how the overflow of sexual desires if it's not controlled can cause destruction and society

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