e-Core’s support helps partners provide value to their customers

I enjoyed working with Igor because they’re extremely proactive they’re constantly thinking ahead they understand the business in the space and so they are constantly thinking about solutions before the problems even occurred for eCourse support means going above and beyond to help the client not just with one problem but to find a solution to the overall root of the issue that they’re having support means building successful and long-lasting relationship with our clients it means helping them to be successful by resolving their problems so they can get their job done our values are really rooted in people it’s not just about a technical problem but it’s about the people behind the problem our customers and Philip they’re not alone they’re working with the team that’s working with them and not just shooting answers at them but actually making a partnership equerry it knows our products they know our processes they know our customers and in our culture as well as our values are well aligned so it’s a natural fit I think that’s the part that sportin means to reborn to me personally how people develop themselves and achieve something greater than just what someone will so we are a hundred percent dedicated to so our customers problems we are very customer focused so we’re actually thinking what’s better for them and not just clothes new ticket or whatever our teams like to have fun they really put their heart and soul into their work it’s all about you know working together as a team building long lasting and successful as parent relationships it’s great to know that we have someone on this side working with us to tackle those challenges and to stay ahead of the challenges whenever we solve a customer issue it makes me like really really happy every day for the past five years I’ve learned something you that’s what I like so much about this job is that you’re always challenging yourself you’re always developing yourself and your colleagues

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