Hi friends we all face a similar kind
of a problem of our ear lobes you know what Are your your ear lobe sagging torn or damaged
or maybe do your earrings not set properly wobble or tilt, if yes, then I am going
to give you an amazing solution to it Bandaids yes bandages are basically used
to protect us from wound and cut but over here i am using this bandaid to give
you a coupling and support so that your earrings don’t tilt or wobble down, so how
do you save your your ear lobes? It’s by using this wash proof band-aid wash proof
waterproof whatever it is take this bandaid and peel this off from here now
what you do it cut this upper part not the one which has any medicine kind of a
thing to it not this part the transparent part. Take this and this ear lobe of my mother-in-law is torn so badly it’s gone down, so every time she wears her ear tops basically drops down, it sometimes gets inside the hole also, so
what you do, take this and stick it behind her ear, like this okay. After that
you take your ear piece whichever you wanna wear, just take and pierce it through this yes..
basically what you are doing is, you’re making a new hole so when you’re making
a new hole its strong and it won’t let your ear tops tilt or wobble down, okay and
then button it up like the way you wear your tops.. okay. After you have done this, the best
part is, all the young girls you wanna wear those heavy heavy jhumkas, jadau pieces, those ornamental jewelleries during your wedding functions so
basically what the band-aid does is it takes the weight of your heavy
ornamental pieces so you don’t feel that you’re wearing anything that heavy and you
enjoy your event, your occasion, your wedding, your main day beautifully Friends
put in a little effort and spread the word so everybody can be benefited like
share and please do give me a feedback so that I know whether this was
beneficial for you or not. Stay connected for more upcoming videos

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