hi guys I'm Kevin Moore and here are five suggestions on how to deepen your spirituality brought to you by channeling comm number one pay attention to where your attention is going you need to notice the form where guidance comes in for some it comes in visual images for others they hear things or you may notice certain things or be drawn to particular conversations that inspire you pay attention to where your attention is going your action will start to follow number two meditate when you first wake up in the morning before you get out of bed and definitely before you check your phone or emails spend at least three minutes in silent meditation now this is a time of day your most open to your guidance simply sit and breathe the more you do this the more receptive you'll become to your inner guidance number three talk with the source now throughout the day ask your questions either in your head or aloud build a relationship with the divine it will always hear you and this practice can help shape your reality number four set an intention before you go to bed set an intention before you go to bed to remember your dreams and then record them in the morning as soon as your wake keep a journal next to your bed and when you first wake up start writing down what you remembered as soon as you start to write your memory will be triggered and you will remember more it's important not to move a lot during the process the closer you are to the sleep State the better number five be present so you are available for guidance when you notice yourself feeling anxious about the future or dwelling on the past bring your awareness back to the now by saying I am here now I am here now and take a deep breath guidance comes a most easily when we are present so guys how deep is your spirituality I'd love to hear more about your spiritual practices in the comments section below remember to subscribe to keep up to date with all my videos and thank you for watching you


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