Franklin’s LIVE Projects experience

If I take myself back two years, and I think back to the person who I was when I first came here, I was really excited but very scared at the same time because this was me flying thousands of kilometres away to a brand new city. My professor suggested that the perfect place for international students to start off, to build their employability skills, is an opportunity called Live Projects. “It is very difficult for international students to get a job here in Australia. So, if we get the job, we will value it”. The program I got assigned was “Be You Be Scene”. An organization who help international students overcome problems they face in Melbourne by using performance as a tool. The role I had in this was basically to come up with a sustainable business model for the entire organization so that they can survive in the market out there. One of the things I definitely learned was communication, how to speak, how to present, how to build a network, and talk to people. Because of Live Projects, one of the best things that happened to me was, I got really involved with the international sector and started doing a lot of different
works across [the sector]. I volunteer as a greeter [at State Library Victoria], and as of now, I am leading the international greeter group within the entire greeter program which has close to a hundred international students. After Live Projects, I ended up getting a vacation offer with Deloitte Consulting, which then turned out to get into a full-time graduate role, which I start next month.

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