Frip Ethique and the Journey of a donated Bra

Women worldwide spend billions of
dollars a year purchasing bras. Although this is a thriving market in
Western economies, few developing countries have the factory facilities
to make their own. Bras are complex to manufacture and the are now one of the most desirable
items of clothing on the West African second-hand
clothes market. Here, at this unique scheme calle Frip Ethique in Senegal Fifteen percent of all clothes donated to Oxfam in the UK are sold into the local community. This project creates jobs for
disadvantaged women in the area and benefits society as
a whole. Two thousand tonnes of clothing donations pass through these doors every year. And it’s the bra sales that are proving to be the most valuable. At Frip Ethique, every bra is put to good use,
with nothing wasted. Even the broken bras are mended
for reseale. UK bras are particularly sought after
for their high quality and Oxfam are calling all women, nationwide to donate their unused bras. Come and join our Big Bra Hunt and really make a difference.

3 thoughts on “Frip Ethique and the Journey of a donated Bra”

  1. Hi Chrissy. Thanks for wanting to get involved. Unfortunately the Big Bra Hunt is only in the UK, but if you're really keen to join then you can post your bras to our recycling plant in the UK:

    Oxfam Wastesaver,
    Units 4,5,6 Ringway Industrial Centre,
    Beck Road,
    HD1 5DG,

    Thank you 🙂

  2. Hey Oxfam, GREAT project and happy to report that a team if us are just about to hold an even in aid of your incredible project. We'll keep you posted and look forward to connecting! Brett and the team at "Urban Ripple" x

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