Full Pottermore Hogwarts House Sorting Quiz (All The Questions!)

So nervous to take this on camera hey guys !Tessa here and are you ready to get sorted well first I gotta tell you about this app that fits perfectly with this video. It’s the amino app a big thanks to amino for sponsoring this video now a lot of you guys have been telling me about this app so when Amino reached out to me I was so excited to try it out and join in on all the fandom fun I feel like I’ve been missing out This is so exciting, but those of you who don’t know amino is a mobile social app on iOS and Android And it’s dedicated to building communities around the things you love like Harry Potter Here’s the amido app so let’s type in Harry Potter and look right up at the top looks Harry Potter Look at that. Yeah, Harry look at the JK Rowling quote my heart Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home guys the Harry Potter amino community is the Ultimate place to connect with your fellow Potter heads around the world Ok let’s join Joining ahh types of hufflepuffs real miny fan art and there are 403 members online right now so many Potterheads Future friends now there are so many things you can do on this app like take quizzes Create polls and chat with other players via text voice or avatar chat look at all these chat rooms Yeah chat room ravenclaw chat room yeah and love in this dreary Fantastics beasts guys look at all my aminos. Yeah Yeah, the link to this app will be in my description box below Download me know and join me in the Harry Potter Community my screen name is Tessa netting this app is where you can find your people and make new Fandom friends from all around the world That like the safe fandoms that you do because fandom friends are the best friends you can have this app is Honestly a fangirls dream okay back to sorting now before I take this quiz with you guys when you take the Hogwarts sorting quiz on Pottermore everyone gets different questions But this quiz that I’m about to take has all of the possible questions So it’s longer than the normal sorting quiz But it gives you percentages at the end like you are this percent ravenclaw this percent Topsail pub Etc it’s the best so nervous to take this on camera What if I don’t get? Ravenclaw don’t have to just be true to yourself I will link it in my description box below So you can take it with me click on it right now first question Which of the following would you most hate people to call you ordinary ignorant cowardly or? Selfish I think I’m gonna go with ordinary because I do not want to be called a muggle I am NOT ordinary, okay after you have died What would you most like people to do when they hear your name miss you but smile ask for more stories about your adventures? Think with admiration of your achievements, or I don’t care what people think of me after I’m dead It’s what they think of me when I’m alive that counts Think miss you, but smile you know I’d like people to smile when they think of me think of me Think of me fondly And give me a smile Given the choice, would you rather invent a potion? Once I have potion inventing skills that would guarantee you glory Wisdom love or power. I’m not inventing a love potion. This is a trap, so I’m gonna go with wisdom I’d like more wisdom please how would you like to be known to history the wise the good the bold the great? Okay, Tessa the wise Tessa the good Tessa the bold Tesla the great. You know what I’m gonna go with good I want to be known as a good person doesn’t the good I like the sound of that you enter an enchanted garden What would you be most curious to examine first the silver leaf tree bearing golden apples the fat red Toadstools that appear to be talking to each other the bubbling pool in the depths of which something Luminous is swirling a statue of an old wizard with a strangely twinkling. Eye, okay I’m not going to the tree Adam and Eve already made that mistake okay. I’m not going to the apple tree Let’s stay away from max Toadstools, I mean if they were talking to each other. I don’t think I would want to interrupt their conversation I would look at the statue of like a statues eyes. We were twinkling at me I would want to examine it and be like what what kind of instrument most pleases your ear violin drums Piano or trumpet I’m gonna go with piano I love the sound of a really pretty piano more boxes are placed before you okay four boxes Which would you try and open the small tortoiseshell box embellished with gold? Inside which some small creature seems to be squeaking the gleaming jet black box with a silver lock and key Marked with the mysterious ruin that you know to be the muck of merlin the ornate golden casket standing on clawed feet whose inscription warns that both secret knowledge and unbearable temptation lie within the tract and the small pewter box Unassuming in plane with a scratch message upon it that reads. I only opened for the worthy, okay I’m not doing that one because I’m probably not worthy enough. Let’s be honest I’m gonna go with the jet black Box if I know it’s the mark of Merlin that is probably a pretty powerful Box for goblets are placed before you which would you choose to drink the foaming? Frothing silvery liquid that sparkles as though containing ground diamonds this smooth thick richly purple drink that gives off a delicious smell of chocolate and Plums the golden liquid so great that it hurts the eye in which makes Sunspots dance all around the room or the mysterious black liquid that gleams like ink and gives off fumes that make you see strange Visions not the prune juice not the black Liquid I’m gonna go with the golden liquid the liquid sunshine once every century the flutterby Bush Produces flowers that adapt their scent to attract the unwary if it lured you it would smell up Through the smells that I like a crackling log fire fresh parchment home or the sea I’m going with fresh parchment because I love the smell of a new book There’s nothing better the new book smell at rule has gone berserk in the headmaster study at Hogwarts It’s about to smash crush and tear several irreplaceable items and treasures including a cure for dragon pox which the headmaster has nearly perfected student records going back at thousand years and a mysterious and written book full of strange ruins Believed to have belonged to Merlin which order would you rescue these objects from the trolls Club if you could okay? This one is easy to me. It’s the book and then the cure and then the records. I’m not gonna say records. That’s stupid I’m gonna save the Merlin book because that seems very important And if the headmaster is nearly perfected the cure for dragon pox that means that other people can perfect that cure as well Which would you rather be? trusted liked imitated praised envied or feared well not beard It’s between liked and praised. I think praised I’m such a praise monkey I like when people praise me they’re like good job Tessa I am doing it right which of the following do you find most difficult to deal with hunger cold Loneliness boredom being ignored being ignored is not bad depending on the situation that you’re in Lorna I honestly never get bored fever cold or lovely I’m honestly going it’s cold, which sounds horrible But I hate being cold you guys I hate being cold. I’m going with cold What are you most looking forward to learning at Hogwarts everything? Oh the first one is every area of magic that I can that’s it That’s the one I’m choosing, but let me read the other ones apparition and disapper ition Transfiguration flying on the broomstick hexes and jinx all about magical creatures and how to befriend care for them Newts answer and secrets about the castle secrets about the castle I want to learn magic if you could have any power, which would you choose? The power to read minds the power of invisibility the power of superhuman strength the Jessica Jones the power to speak to animals Eliza Thornberry the power to change the path or the power to change your appearance at will Oh, it’s obviously that one You know how many times that I would change my hair and change my look so many times that is my dream I want to be mystique which of the following would you most like to study centaurs? goblins merpeople ghosts vampires Werewolves or trolls werewolves nots well Honestly, though I would choose vampires I really love vampires, so I want to study them I want to learn more about Baz you guys one of your housemates has Cheated in a hogwarts exam by using a self spelling quilt now He has come to the top of the class in charm beating you in a second place Professor Flitwick is suspicious of what happened of course he is he draws you to one side after his lesson and asks you whether or Not your classmate use the forbidden quill What do you do lie and say you don’t know? but hope that somebody else tells Professor Flitwick the truth tell Professor Flitwick that he oughta ask your Classmate and resolved to tell your classmate that if he doesn’t tell the truth You will tell Professor Flitwick the truth if your classmate is prepared to win by cheating He deserves to be found out also as you’re both in the same house any points He loses will be regained by you for coming first in his place Or you would not wait to be asked to tell Professor Flitwick the truth if you knew that somebody was using Well you would tell the teacher before the exam started I don’t think I would go that far, but I think I would tell him the truth He pulled me aside and asked me I would lie to him. I’m a snitch I’m the worst burr you and your two friends need to cross a bridge guarded by a river troll Why are we crossing this branch who insists on fighting one of you before you will let all of you pass do you? Attempt to confuse the troll into letting all three of you pass without fighting Suggest drawing lots to decide which of you will fight suggest that all three of you should fight without telling the troll Volunteer to fight I’m not volunteering Why don’t we try to confuse the troll without fighting? Why do we always have to fight can’t we just like talk about it which road tempts? You most the wide sunny grassy Lane the narrow dark Lantern lit alley the twisting leaf strewn path through the woods or the cobbled street lined with ancient buildings I’m going in the cobbled street line with ancient buildings That sounds beautiful and neighs which nightmare would frighten you most oh gosh Okay Standing on top of something very high and realizing suddenly that there are no hand or Footholds nor any barrier to stop you falling. This is my actual nightmare. I am scared of heights I don’t like this in I at the keyhole of the dark windowless room in which you are locked Waking up to find that neither your friends nor your family have any idea who you are Oh, No That’s so sad. We’re being forced to speak in such a silly voice that hardly anyone can understand you and everyone laughs at you That’s that’s me normally. I mean if we’re talking about right you the most It’s the first one because the friends are family one would make me the most sad but it wouldn’t frighten me dan dang on top of something hi and Mmm, not having anything to hold on to that makes me really scared and nervous because I’m scared of heights so I’m gonna choose that one Late at night walking alone down the street you hear a peculiar cry that you believe to have a magical source Did you proceed with caution? Keeping one hand on your concealed wand and I out for any Disturbance draw your wand and try to discover the source of the noise draw your wand and stand your ground or withdrawal into the shadows To await developments while mentally reviewing the most appropriate defensive and offensive spells should trouble occur That sounds like such a Hermione answer And that’s the answer that I’m gonna go with because if I hear something like that sounds dangerous What I’m just gonna keep walking a muggle confronts you and says that they are sure you’re a witch or wizard Do you ask what makes them think so agree and ask whether they’d like a free sample of a jinx? Agree and walk away leaving them to wonder Whether you are bluffing or tell them that you were worried about their mental health and offer to call a doctor I think I’d agree and walk away. Are you a witch I’d be like yes, and then just keep walking. That’s pretty good I like that okay, okay dawn, or dusk dawn. I like the light I like the lulav please moon, or stars what about star fish? Gonna see stars forest or River hmm just around the Riverbend I look once more just around the Riverbend black or white Dome at 80 black oh why I choose white heads or tails tails left or right left Always go left I understood that reference okay Do in my house Congratulations. You’ve been sorted into ravenclaw the house of intelligence curiosity Individualism and rich you’re amongst other Ravenclaw’s such as cho chang and luna lovegood, okay I was looking about percentages. I’m 80% ravenclaw 52% Slytherin 38% Gryffindor and 33% Hufflepuff This makes sense to me Can you imagine if I wasn’t sorted into Raymond Clyde be the saddest beam guys. That was so fun I’m so glad we did this together I love taking sorting quizzes comment below if you want me to take more of these quizzes Maybe I should take all the other nonsense quizzes that aren’t Pottermore and see What I get sorted into there’s so many quizzes out there, and I want to take them all I think that’s it now that thank you guys so much for watching this video make sure you subscribe And hit that notification ball, so you can geek with me every weekend Brizzy And I have a nerdy Harry Potter based fandom podcast called fantastic geeks and where to find them we release new episodes every Friday So make sure you are subscribe to that we do a lot of Sorting on the podcast and it’s my favorite thing links are in the description box thumbs up if you like this video Don’t let the muggles get you down. They gold starfish. Bye When only remembers to turn on the light expecto patronum

100 thoughts on “Full Pottermore Hogwarts House Sorting Quiz (All The Questions!)”

  1. I’m a true Ravenclaw but Pottermore sorted me into Hufflepuff but it’s not like they have a JK Rowling every time someone gets sorted

  2. You should take that quiz on Sporcle where you have to name "all" 200 harry potter characters…it's so hard!!

  3. I took the test to and I got:

    85% Ravenclaw 💙💙💙💙
    38% Slytherin 💚💚💚
    24% Hufflepuff 💛💛
    20% Gryffindor ❤️

    76% Gryffindor
    41% Hufflepuff
    32% Ravenclaw
    14% Slytherin

    ( I love all the houses tho )

    (Btw, love you Tessa) 🙂

  5. Im dissapointed by my own FREAKING house. Alot of people are slytherins just because of MALFOY. Newsflash: he's 30. You're 13. Gtfo. You dont need to be mean because malfoy was mean. Seriously, you're more likely a hufflepuff, Gryffindor, and maybe even you're wise and a ravenclaw. But slytherin isn't just about being mean. GOSH, all you fakes.

    Also like

    79% slytherin
    50% hufflepuff
    32% ravenclaw
    15% gryffindor

  6. I’m Hufflepuff 💛🦡, Ravenclaw, 💙🦅Gryffindor❤️🦁 and Slytherin 💚🐍 (I forgot the percentages)

  7. I Took The Quiz I Got
    I Also Took The Ilvermorny Quiz And I Got
    88%Horned Serpent

  8. got 74%Ravenclaw, 43%huffle, 26%gryff, and 24%slyth.

    I is… a Ravenclaw. Might not be a true one, but I'm more than any others. tho I'm close to being a Hufflepuff xD

    Edit: never assume that a very nice person is a Hufflepuff. my older sister is a Slytherin yet everyone she knows thinks she is a huffle

  9. On the normal quiz I only ever got Hufflepuff or Slytherin but on the one with all the questions I got Ravenclaw (then hufflepuff, then Gryffindor, then slytherin)

  10. Well, I took the Pottermore test twice, and I got Hufflepuff and Gryffindor. But, I decided that I am a Gryffindor because I feel like one, I got Gryffindor many more times than Hufflepuff, and also…. The sorting hat takes your choice into consideration , soooo, I'm a proud Gryffindor!! (BTW, I do not want to be in Gryffindor just because the main characters were in it. So, pls don't think that!)😁

  11. I'm a Hufflepuff like tonks and Cedric diggory I am 78% Hufflepuff 74% Slytherin 44% ravenclaw and 34% gryffindor I am actually glad I was put in Hufflepuff and when it's time for me to go to Hogwarts because I'm 8 now I hope I will be in Hufflepuff#Hufflepuffrules

  12. Let's have more love for the hufflepuffs and ravenclaws because I think that most people want to be in gryffindor and Slytherin because they have loads of the main characters but I think it's a great honour that I'm in Hufflepuff because I'm quite loyal I don't know about the honest bit but I am quite loyal so#loyalHufflepuff


    Results :
    Ravenclaw : 70%
    Slytherin : 66%
    Hufflepuff : 64%
    Gryffindor : 62%

  14. i got
    88 griffindor
    60 slytherin
    50 ravenclaw
    12 hufflepuff [really?like 12 only]
    i will consider myself a slythdor but i am griffindor
    me being both of these are very high

  15. Took the quiz and got my house (relief 😂)! 88% Gryffindor (I’m sure I’m a weasley descended with my flaming hair), 55% Slytherin, 38% Ravenclaw and 34% Hufflepuff! Gryffindor Pride 🦁🦁

  16. I got
    33% Hufflepuff
    45% Gryffindor
    46% Ravenclaw
    And last but
    Certainly not
    Least as my
    Main house
    I got………..
    86% Slytherin

  17. 82% Hufflepuff
    80% Slytherin
    54% Ravenclaw
    25% Gryffindor
    I’ve lived my whole life as a Slytherin how am I a Hufflepuff only by 2%, #existentialcrisis.

  18. It’s so strange! A while ago when I took the sorting test on Pottermore, I received Hufflepuff. But, just now when I took the test I got Ravenclaw, with Hufflepuff in last place. Huh. I think I might’ve changed my house maybe…

  19. I chose feared because
    first two get annoying after a while
    the third and fourth are to much pressure
    So I chose one of the last two

  20. On the usual test I am a Ravenclaw but here I am:

    Pottermore Sorting Quiz (all possible questions)

    Your Result: GRYFFINDOR!


    Congratulations! You have been sorted into Gryffindor, the house of bravery and chivalry. You are amongst other Gryffindors such as: Harry Potter, Hermione, Ron Wesley, and Neville Longbottom.




    well I am a bit confused, but I suppose this means I have a wide range of personality and even the littlest changes make a big difference.

  21. i took the quiz and i was hugflepuff but i don’t like hufflepuff and don’t think it fits me so i retook it and got griffendor and everyone told me that fits me better so i stuck with that, i never got slitheren before but i also got rave claw once aswell

  22. 83% Slytherin

    50% Hufflepuff

    41% Ravenclaw

    31% Gryffindor

    Still don’t see how I got Hufflepuff as my second biggest house. I thought Ravenclaw would be my secondary house.

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