Getting Graduate Program offers with NotedCareers’ assistance

Hello , my name is Shelia Allen and I’m a Career Manager at NotedCareers Well, I’m here today
I have one of our clients here with us who is very successful in achieving his career objectives Thank you, Shelia. My name is Fred. And today I’m here to share my experience of how I end up with 5 different Graduate Program offers with the help of NotedCareers I just want to know about your journey here in Australia How did you begin that? I went to high school in Perth and after graduation, I went to Canberra to study in Australian National University After graduation, I became a job seeker I was searching for Graduate Programs by myself in 2014 without any professional help.
I wasn’t very lucky I didn’t get any offer at that time I know that you studied here in Australia But tell me what is your background? What did you study?
Why did you pick that? I studied Bachelor of Actuarial Studies
and also a Master in Finance because I was very interested in studying statistics and mathematics. And at the same time, I was also passionate about working in the finance industry Why did you want to do Graduate Program? As you guys might have heard of Graduate Program before, it is the best program available for a new graduate
like you and me to develop different skills such as interpersonal skill leadership skill communication skills And on top of that A Graduate Program also offers opportunities for you to mingle with industrial professionals to learn from their experience
to learn from their skills And get you ready
to take your career to the next step So what was your strategy? Why did you think that
your strategy was not successful for you? After I graduated from university, I was searching for a Graduate Program alone And my strategy was very simple I just typed in the search box “Graduate Program” and clicked and applied whatever I can find I didn’t do any preparation at all And probably, they are some of reasons
why I wasn’t successful when I was applying for Graduate Programs alone Tell me now,
how did you find out about NotedCareers? I was chatting with a friend
and he talked to me about how he got help from NotedCareers and how he was able to find a Graduate Program And at that time, I had a good impression
about NotedCareers I was thinking “Oh, would it be better, would it be good if I can meet some professional people from NotedCareers?” What do you think you learn most of all
from this whole experience? I think what I learn most of all from the whole experience is that Gregory and Shelia will shape my personality During different recruitment stages such as assessment center, final interviews what managers and HR looking for
really is who you are Because they want to find someone they feel good working with They want to like your personality. That’s really good. I really appreciate that Yes, it was really a pleasure to see Fred coming in each session And to see his development how he was changing at each session And I knew he was going to be successful Each time, it was just getting
closer and closer to his goals Thank you very much, Fred, for that and thank you, everybody!

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