Gigi Young on Extraterrestrial Races, Spirituality and aligning to your highest potential

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you with information you may have never heard before on today's show I'm joined with Gigi young who is an intuitive consultant and spiritual development coach she's been an intuitive all her life moving into the professional arena over five years ago and attracting hundreds of clients worldwide now Gigi has her own YouTube channel where she brings up topics concerning spirit guides the paradigm shift alien-abduction star sees Atlantis creativity clairaudience how to connect with your guides energy updates and much much more Gigi young welcome to the show thank you so much thank you for having me it is my pleasure to have you on most definitely and I was just saying off air there how you know you've come across my desktop screen quite a bit in the sense with browsing different you know as someone that's always looking for new people to interview and stuff there's always the same people that come up sometimes all that's linked somewhere and it's yourself that did and I've you know started you know looking at some of your videos nothing well this is really interesting I love to get people who aren't out there on the circuit as if some of the authors are like that I get on you know in the UFO field all this all the consciousness field and it's great to get someone like yourself on who's doing something a little bit different I think but by really just sticking with YouTube which I think as we were saying up there as well is a great platform yeah it definitely is lots of grassroots things happening on YouTube that I'm really proud to be part of yeah no I don't have a book out yet maybe one day but YouTube is my main platform that's interesting a book one day okay well just before we dive into about yourself as well what there's obviously a backstory to to yourself and now as far as I understand you were a model for eight years yes that's my background that's your background that's it move on fashion is is where I originally came from and I worked as a model for about eight years and then tapered off and I was really affected really affected me it gave me a lot of opportunities to read a lot to travel to see how people are like just different cultures different perspectives I learned a lot about rejection I just learned so much from that industry a lot about aesthetics and it's it's a huge part of who I am and and just everything I owe a lot fit to that yeah right okay so I guess psychic not all about you know what it's it's cool what I don't think I think anyone who judges or you know it's just really a nice turn it needs to wake up a bit more um okay well that's the car that's kind of a cool background out to you you got to see the world yeah different cultures yeah different people think and how different people believe and and it was really great and I also got to be around really talented artists and I saw these people who are so creative and who are just doing their own thing and succeeding and like doing well like you just friggin made a shoe out of a horn like a antler and you're successful so I might be able to be successful with my weird you know so I think I really saw artists being successful which made me kind of think like maybe I could so well you mentioned the word weird there that's okay I think so my friends think I'm I'm weird as well did it do think that that I mean it's it's a silly word really that we use but just a jokey joke between us didn't mean to you do you feel that that amongst your peers people thought that you were different yeah I mean I have a new peer group now I surround myself with fellow weirdos and we just weird up together but I think I think if it's not if it's not weird I'm actually not interested like that's the kind of person I am I think that as far as mainstream I think that things that I talk about is getting there but I think for most people it's a polarizing thing or I think it is I mean I talk about aliens on the internet and then videos so I mean a lot of people would be like that's weird no well so yeah well felt some made but you know I maybe and maybe as I mean there shouldn't say that we're kind of oh yeah I can submit maybe as a woman you know you get away with it a bit more yeah yeah maybe you think do you think that what would your reasoning be that women would get it get away with it more oh I don't know maybe the feminine size a bit more trusting I don't know I can see that and and feminine is usually more in touch with spirituality traditionally so they might be able to that's an interesting perspective I know actually a lot of a lot of women actually YouTube about you tease so yes yes they do I mean you know you go to these spiritual fairs as well you know it's a mainly a female dominated event you know what I mean most times yeah I never realized that and also usually when it's males getting involved it's usually more of like XO politics it's it's like a different sometimes they're not as this may be just me but sometimes I've noticed that they don't talk as much about the spirituality of it mmm kind of talk about more of like the politics are more about the actual physical things doesn't it's like they specialize in different you know I mean yes oh pretty much the conspiracy side as well yes yeah yeah which is fine if that's where you're at and that's what you need and I think it is needed but I mean I think it's really all moved towards consciousness I think that's what the whole work of what you do is about really and we'll get into that that word a bit later on okay so so a model for eight years and I mean you didn't really party much did you with your fellow peers I mean you know I am an old lady in this way like I knit I like I have an old lady and I have been this way since I was young and I always felt like what are you gonna come out and I I'm sort of just an old lady and I and I think as I get older I'm thriving in it now but when I was younger no I didn't really go out too much no but that's cool I mean you know I think that's a sign of just reira member who you are and you know we were all no matter what age the body is that there's an internal soul in there I believe and it has no age as we understand it so it's just you know you woke up earlier like whenever I go I did have my times out tell us about the drugs or the sex on the rock'n'roll come on okay I've had my share of you know you know bumping elbows with like celebrities or VIP or like the party scene but never to the degree that I think some girls get into it in fashion which is a lot well yeah and the drugs is probably quite big big as big as well I mean you know I can't see like a prune and say I've never done drugs I've never really partied much mmm you weren't specially after this weekend yeah it was pretty pretty bad but you know I'm single so in the sense where you know I don't have to report to anyone it's just myself you know me if I was with someone proper but of course it'd be different you know what I mean but you know you know I need a blowout at some times we all do but I think I think it's horses for courses I think and and I think there's no judgement instead do you know what I mean but I do resonate with you because my last partner she was very much like that in the sense very old soul that's saying it the nice way an old lady's soul yeah but that's I think that's you know it's what I attract it do you know do you know what I mean like what if it's just like a Benjamin Button soul so like it's even keel but then when I turn 70 it's like I'm cutting loose all the time like what if that's the start no I'm just kidding but I don't know if I could keep up with out at 70 I'm sure I keep saying to myself now it's got an answer you've got to behave yourself you're supposed to be setting an example Kevin okay interesting interesting interesting so so you and I've met so many people like yourself on this journey of interviewing people where they've that they've just known who they were they've known their truth at a young age and it's just it's a beautiful thing to see as well I think so okay now he was always intuitive as well then yeah I was always intuitive I was always picking up information I didn't always give myself credit or recognise my intuition everybody is intuitive actually anybody can do what I do or what any intuitive does you just have to recognize it and then start investing in it but I wouldn't say though that I was like super clairvoyant and you know when I was younger a clairvoyant isn't my first Claire that's what most people associate with intuition and psychics but I was definitely intuitive and yeah so yeah and again you know as some people and the has probably been selling previous interviews as well you know this word of intuitive or sensitive is really the way I way that a lot of people prefer to be turn their coin nowadays it's just a word but I mean you know that if I said that you were psychic you could probably go along with that as well I would I would do that I think that there is a stigma with that word and people don't a lot of it working intuitive they don't like that word because of you know Miss Cleo and other individuals who have kind of hidden out in the dark folds of this career and you know sold snake oil so we don't usually like to associate ourselves with that intuitive's like the new word but at the end of the day everybody understands the word psychic so we can we can use it okay so when did you then move away from your career as a as a model and and sort of become you know this the sort of full time I was I have a full-time sort of client list that was providing you a sort of income as well yeah well I actually didn't start I actually didn't know really what I was gonna do with my life I didn't know whether I was gonna continue doing something in the fashion industry because I had all these connections I actually considered working at an agency or kind of continuing in that field I didn't start even doing sessions I had no plans to actually work with people until people started emailing me and asking and then I opened up a practice in 2013 so basically I didn't really plan it it just sort of it just organically happened okay so the the an issue you started on YouTube about 2008 a few different channels and eventually stuck with the one channel that you've got now and built that up and yeah which is fantastic what you've done it really is and did you expect the sort of did you expect to attract the sort of people that you have what sort of people in the inner sense of that support you that love you for who you are and what you do oh I have no idea I have no idea all I had was an incredible urge to make videos and to talk about it and I didn't know if I was honestly cool if five people watched it or if 500 people watched it the support that I have is I'm just so happy with it and I'm just so glad to be able to connect with everybody and it makes me so happy but I had no idea what trajectory it would be there were a lot of people doing it at the time so I didn't I didn't know you know I just all I knew was that I was having experiences and there are certain YouTube channels that were putting out really great alternative information and I either doesn't thank you almost or I wanted to do my part how how is your sort of family as well taken to what you're doing now as well what was their perception of what's going on um they I think truthfully I think that they thought I was gonna grow out of it and they're like oh you know she's into the tilith's other things they're not very spiritual and then eventually it was like oh she's she's making youtube videos and then it was opening a business so I think that they think that's like I think the third piece that they have a very strange child and you know they're I think that they're I think that they're okay with I think they would honestly prefer that I do something else though okay yeah it's just interesting to hear what what support you've got around you in the sense of immediate family so you so you've really had to fight your way not with fight them but you're eating it you've had to find your own support and really find your own truth and really be grounded in the sense that this is what you're doing you trust it and and most importantly it's your purpose what you love to do is what you get it's not fast as a job for you in a sense no tooth and nail season now I have chosen this over a comfort whether it be with social circles I had a lot of social circles and in fashion and you know some of those relationships did not survive you know because when you go into this industry you're polarizing person you're talking about belief systems so it's it's it's hard to I think be neutral about that kind of thing so no I've actually many different times I have had to face a decision socially with my family I can choose to be accepted and do that or I can choose to be happy I can choose to genuinely be happy and over a course of you know you know five six years I consistently chose to be happy and I consistently shows to follow my heart and it's meant losing relationships and straining relationships straining family relationships but it has been the best decision I could have ever made because I'm incredibly happy with what I'm doing that's really good and I think that's an inspiration for anyone watching this who's going through or you know has gone through the same thing so you know thanks for sharing that yeah it's not is it's not easy absolutely not no no way no and nothing is that's that's worth it at the end book study influenced you as well on the journey video actually I haven't read a lot of books I lived her phase where I really wanted to tap into my information and my unique voice and I felt like if I was reading a lot that I would you know I wouldn't be able to know if it was my information or if it was somebody else's so very different yeah but I really have a lot of respect for everybody who's written about et's I like the first the pioneers that have done things you know through Hay House like you know come up there and read during virtue and even those great mediums that like you know go through out the crowds and call people up like the first way people I really love but I don't have like any books that I'm really reading right now but no no I know I know you're not the only one to say what you've said about the influence from other material and not wanting it to influence so III can complete your resonate with what you're saying I think if you had a done I think you would have still been okay but but this is your path this is your truth this is the way you want to do it and this what worked for you yeah yeah definitely mm-hm okay okay so when you're doing these videos where is this information coming from as far as you understand it yeah so it's coming from my Higher Self I can say my higher self which is really if they wanted to look at that it would just basically be like my guides if I wanted to personify my higher self it would be spirit guides and I have different guides that basically deal with different aspects of life essentially and so depending on what I make a video on a different guide comes through and of course these spirit guides are just different aspects of my over-salt of who I am and we all share at large one consciousness kind of complex but no no no so it's a when that when you're connecting with that with that aspect of yourself let's call it that that's bringing that information through you're not taking any power away from yourself to say that you're not lovable enough for it for you to for it to come from you in a sense that you have this knowledge that's available by connecting to this over so this higher self yeah no it's just me it's all me just a different dimension of me and I do I'm a conscious channel so the information does merge with my consciousness here so does merge with GG but the actual sparks of knowledge are just downloaded from a higher level it's all basically me but it's just I guess it's just a direct connection with a higher part of me yeah yes yeah and mmm higher party that's so interesting and and we've all got this this this over solve this higher self where we can all go within to find the answers that we're looking for absolutely it's always talking to you it's talking to you when you don't want to talk to you it's talking to you and you wanted to talk to you it's always talking to you it's just a matter of getting quiet enough and wanting to learn the language yeah and and how advice would you give to people just to sort of discover what that language is is it is it is it a conversation like this in their head it's the person's voice in their head speaking as they were doing but that private conversation in their head is that is that the part of them this this wise all-knowing essence that's that we connect into yeah a lot of the time it is dialoguing that's kind of a form of claircognizance or clairaudience these are different categories of psychic ability but you can ask a question and you will get a response and that's one really great way to develop your intuition is to simply dialogue with your higher self of course that the intention the other thing that is completely which is imperative is that you get good at meditation meditation is essentially the conscious raising of your frequency these are beings and this is an aspect of your consciousness that is on a different dimension so you have to raise your frequency to connect with that and you do that through meditation so if you're just trying to dialogue and your mind that 90% you're in that mind you're thinking you're spinning it you're probably not gonna get good information you're just gonna get your minds information if you pull that back to 30% and you let your car come forward and you're still in your vessel and you're quiet then you're gonna start information falling in yeah and I suppose you know it's so much trust – – and I said this is so many in so many interviews but it's so much trust to go with that to believe that that you're able to do this and that it's there and that you're gonna hear your this this part of you that's that's always been there it's difficult isn't it for some people it's difficult and it usually sounds like you and that's the thing that throws everybody off when they start out is it sounds like you it sounds like you're talking to yourself but the more that you listen the more that you write down what they say the more that you surrender to it little by little not a big thing but little by little the more you realize this is a different voice this isn't me I couldn't have known that or you start to notice a different feeling and it is very difficult but it doesn't have to don't all at once it's like a little by little thing yeah yeah and and so is the meditation as well to get to be able to get to that point I mean did you meditate daily I did that's how I started to have realizations that I had guides um I used to meditate for 45 minutes a day I was super lonely like I think I was in Japan at the time and I didn't speak any Japanese and I didn't know anybody everyone spoke Russian they were Brazilian and I was just like hmm so I just meditated and then it sort of you know popped in so you you changed your frequency you open yourself up and you meditate and that's and that's the number one thing that anybody can do yeah and we don't – am i opening up ourselves to negative things neither are we no not unless you've got something in there that wants to talk I mean at the end of the day what we communicate with in the spirit world is a direct mirror of what's going on internally and not only is it a mirror further you're in control of your experience at no point are you victim in the Astroland no point of you victim to negative entity it's just this is not how it is that is something that I believe has been developed by religion and you know I'm just gonna by it religion is a business and at the end of the day they don't want people to connect with spirit by themselves so demons so negative entities it's keeping people dependent on priests on things like that there are negative entities like it can't lie about that there are negative entities there are beings like that but as for being powerless to them that's not true no no that's right and and yeah probably just even around us right now there's a lot of traffic in a sense probably just around us right now in this very moment and around the viewers as well so there is probably a lot of traffic with with all sorts of things going on that we don't really understand what what's really going on or why it's happening but I don't think it's all negative that's right I think I think there's probably low astral beings in a sense that are here because they do not have their reasons for not moving on but it doesn't make them super negative okay they're Stannah there's a pot of glass case and stuff like that but maybe there's even bigger reasons for those happening yeah there there are there's a lot of different dynamics that we haven't really understood and I think that actually in the coming years the next 10 years 5 years 20 years I think we're gonna have a lot more understanding around you know poltergeist activity and sort of the more you know mysterious scary things it's gonna I think there would be more understanding maybe it's a future life aspect coming back just to shake us up yes a jokes about that but yeah it's possible we okay um yeah and I know I know your work just go into the the the you know you've gone more into the UFO site now and we're just about to get into that as well but in a in a sense I mean how how would you class your work in the videos if someone's gonna come across your channel obviously they've you would probably say they've come across for a reason of course but what what would they expect to get in a sense you would probably expect to get a spiritual hodgepodge um things about the cosmos elastic information I feel like it's the cutting edge of spirituality I really feel that way I feel like that's sort of where things are going in the spiritual community but you'll also get a lot of traditional SEFs self development self-help I try to make even I try to go really far into esoterica but then I also try to you know give practical solutions and videos for everyday things so I'd be bit about well that's so important isn't it because you know we haven't left our bodies yet we know we are here and as far as we understand what this reality is and what consciousness is and and I think you know as long as we're here it's so important to be here and I think that's one thing your videos do and the information that's that's within them is they really do help you the coach you don't no matter what you cut class yourself as in an intuitive consultant and spiritual development coach but they really do and I think that's what's important about your work is it's very grounded in the moment now that in the present moment thank you it's important yeah it really really is now we're going to touch on the bigger subjects here right now but only to sort of bring that teaching into the moment now that's what I'm hoping for that's what I try to do consciousness in a sense that's what it's see this is a big part of this work right now that you're doing I think who are we really what what what is this that's a verb that we're able to identify each other and have have this conversation right now and and know that we are and that we're aware who this that we are we don't feel controlled by anything we are an individual unit it's that it is that trying to figure out what what you know that that that the consciousness isn't it that's what's so important that's what a lot of the good studies are going towards right now yeah consciousness its if so really I think I think consciousness is sort of this I think that that word and how its expressed is kind of this beautiful blending of spirituality and but also kind of science in a way also kind of quantum physics on it so I think that's why that term is so important and popular is because it seems to be a more balanced description of who we are and how we work yes and absolutely and and it's it's this whole thing about the continuation of consciousness nowadays and also within the UFO field consciousness has really come into play I mean I was just interviewing Travis Walton just the other day and he's sitting at a lot of the talk shows as well that he believes you know his experience was there because yeah you know he sees it at these things as loving beings not as you know the Paramount Pictures presented them far in sky and he sees them as been very consciously evolved he said yes yes they've entered many of these et beings are at a completely different level of consciousness a completely different vibration if you will and yeah I don't really think that you know sometimes I actually see Hollywood as being kind of accurate you know I think that Spielberg's into some things and so is George Lucas but yeah I think that for the most part I think it's been a little more way more fearful than it should be but avatar was actually very similar to Syrian beings very similar to that so it is there but yeah well he would be right Lucy would be right do yourselves mean you know it does sell tickets I mean I mean yeah well yeah I don't mind horror too much I'm just I just don't like the gross stuff do you know any not Texas Chainsaw Massacre stuff that just it just I just can't do it no not at all I mean I don't mind the Freddy Krueger's and all that was I wasn't too bad but yes some of them were really you know really bad but you know I think more sensitive people that's something that seems to be more the most sensitive are some tiles unless you know you like horror that seems to be the few people have meant seems to be the case I think people know I agree with you I mean for me I cannot watch like Paranormal Activity 1 2 3 4 because it's like the subtle things I'm like no I'm not watching that I don't want that in here um the problem is with them as well as they're not real they're not no they're not real but like I think that actually a lot of horror violence that can actually fracture your psyche it can cost lists and fissures and fractures and that's why I think people avoid them is because it is a disconnected experience of the shop can be fun but it's also fracturing so I think that's what people stay away from it yeah yeah well you story though so yeah well yeah I mean end of the day it's all entertainment people need to be entertained and that's what it is therefore in a sense you know the I'm sure on other civilizations it's very different as surely as I'm sure the insane I'm sure a planet Earth is the comedy channel for a lot of star systems out there I bet we get really high ratings but we do yeah oh no family guys I mean Earth's on again look so but then you know there's you know as people at Dolores Canon would have said before you know we this is the nursery level to come to that consciousness comes to that and there's nursery levels like this and we are one of them and and you know when you look at the you know I live around the corner from a beach and you look at all the grains of sand on the beach and there's apparently more stars out there then there is grains of sands of all the beaches put together in the world and you know that's out there in the known universe and you that's just you know it's just so impossible to get that round your head what is this infinitive 'no stats out there and i think the more we look out out beyond the earth to really figure out who we are I think the more the answers are gonna come yes we have to look within as well and channeling and creative rioting and things that you do are very important and it's all going towards it but that's that's where it seems to have gone for yourself yes definitely I think this I think that they are I think that the most beautiful thing is that they represent each other they represent each other I think the more that we go inward the more will discover in space and outside and the more that we go outside the more that we'll discover inside there's that yin-yang relationship where they both see each other and I think it's just so beautiful what what if what if what you're connecting with and some races of the et as we as we think we understand it it's not what we understand at all and the framework that we think we understand is completely wrong the I mean really just not not how it is at all and that where they're coming from is interdimensional and I know this has been talked about that you've heard this many a times but really interdimensional in the sense in from the space where our soul carries on when we pass on that kind of interdimensional how do you mean like well well when we die whether were where I saw goes to and I'm sure that there's not just one level to go to I'm sure there's you know there's maybe infinitive levels to go to but it's coming from that kind of energy that kind of that those carnal levels that's where a lot of these are coming from it's not even what we think it is to be right now we've just given this framework to work from to think it's this way but actually it's something quite different it's baby steps I think that there's that you're right and that it's that constant I think that we understand them within the context that we can right now but for example are curious they're associated with after death they're associated with working with souls who have it's done kind of atrocious things difficult things also mentally ill people that is one Stargate or one aspect of ET consciousness that does blend with the afterlife there they're known to have the portal there Edgar Cayce's also talked about this other intuitive's I mean I've talked about the Arcturians in this way where technically you wouldn't want necessarily mix ETS and after death but yet here they are and they're also associated with and John's consciousness too so I think that we're kind of getting more into like different dimensions and when we pass over a really just changing dimensions well yes and I know it sounds crazy why would someone that seen it why would I saw or why would something that that's coming from the potentially that the level that week crossover 2 or higher why would it need to come into wit with a ship why would God need a spaceship and assets but maybe it's not anyone when we understand maybe even the craft isn't even what we think it is to be it's not even that those different types of crafts yeah so there's crafts that are just consciousness yeah they all play together yeah exactly that are just consciousness and then there are physical crafts and there are other physical dimensions are physical beings as beings that are light I mean we're really getting into so much potential and so much possibility and also every single ET race has a trajectory has their own evolution so where are you tapping into the ET races are you tapping into them when they how to perform or are you tapping into them when they were in their light bodies so that's that's receipt see see not if you talk about this you do is is that the timelines in the in the sense when you'll connect when you're connected or others connect what what timeline in that in that species and what what yeah what what the stage in that species time are you connecting with yeah well on the set material channeled by Jane Roberts I've said it on other interviews as well when someone was asked to draw a picture of Seth they drew a picture of a gray so that says quite a bit actually of what seven potentially may have been even though he talked about it he was a disc on identity he was a you know they retained his consciousness as as consciousness my memories in your memories would be of our life you know it's not dissolved in some greater being but it it was from that side yet it looked like that now that's not our perception of what we you know what is that about I love that that because it was a gray I love that I didn't actually know that so thank you for telling me that basically our evolution and our spirituality needs to be digested it needs to be absorbed usually it's coming from inspired knowledge on some level connected with our higher selves or higher beings and basically how we perceive those beings is going to be directly associated or do it in direct ratio to what we're ready to see so at the end of the day a lot of the beings that were ETS we're actually appearing as light beings other they were curing as white beings or our consciousness perceive them as such either way just because the goal is to not fracture our minds and terrify us the goal is our evolution so we're only going to perceive what we can handle the most important thing is that the information gets through the most important thing is that people are reading Jane Roberts books and that they were opening and that's the most important thing well what information do you think you're able to bring through as well as your gift increases as your ability you know it just gets clearer with less filtering on there as well do you perceive that you know if you're gonna go into this side of things which is a fascinating of there's so many areas to go into and you're gonna go into this I think you know would you be surprised if you bring out more expansive knowledge in a sense I would love to I basically go wherever my heart points me and whatever that is I'm gonna do it whether it's Mormon whether it's weird I'm going there and if it goes expansive or strange then then I'll go there and I wouldn't be surprised if it did no but yeah I'll go wherever I'll go wherever necessary okay okay I know we're a bit all over their houses here right now I'm kind of doing that on purpose a little bit because you know it's just to just to just for everyone just to look at this with you know with differently in a sense because I think one of the most important things is with someone like yourself is that when you bring this info I think it's the teaching information that's able to come from it to bring that it back into the present moment as we spoke about before when you connect with these different beings yeah it is the teaching element I think that's what I try to focus on I really want everybody to be able to do it if that's what you mean well yeah we spoken about that before that everyone's got that ability yeah absolutely I agree I agree with you there but it doesn't mean that they would do you know I mean I mean I'm I could say I could paint but you know I'm not the best painter I think we were but you know we can but we we all have different gifts as well don't we there's some stronger than the others yes yeah yeah so but but but I do like to empower people to say you know even though some others may be stronger don't give out you don't say you know you you've still got it as well so yeah I say all the time probably too much but I feel like we're really getting over this cycle of gurus and giving our power away to people who we believe have more spiritual significance than us smart connection and that's why I'm a broken record with this is because I feel like we have to and feel like if you are talking about consciousness and you're talking about spirituality you better tell everybody else they can do it too because we are healing from a lot of weird cults and religion being you know kind of culty we're healing from some strange paradigms with our consciousness that has to do with giving our power way spiritually that's why I'm a broken record with it and I'm kind of trying to bring down so that no I think you're a good record to be remind people that about this and I think you know why does that happen why do we get these gurus all or all these I mean I think some mystics are ok don't get me wrong and but maybe it's just a case you know Judy that you always gonna get good and bad you know maybe that's what it is yeah you know and that's it and the bad ones that people are attracted to is a test for them to test for the people you know if the bad ones gonna start saying well you know gay people are bad or whatever it may be not that it would be as outrageous as that but it could be right but that's for those people that are attracted to them to come well is that really my truth does that resonate from love yeah I don't know but I do I know my truth well that would be but I'm just saying for them yeah of course every teacher has a purpose every teacher has a purpose it may be to directly help with spirituality and evolving the consciousness but it also might be in a backwards way where you learn your sovereignty because that person was actually after your energy and it was more of a narcissistic teacher there's a lot of dark let's see you seen your video on that narcissistic yeah yeah that's what it means well that's like the problem it's rampant in the spiritual community because unfortunately in the in the when it comes to the other side there's so much unknown that that's where people can hide so that's it's kind of rampant there so that's why I talk about it and and that's probably why we're talking about it right now well it is because there's a lot of books in the spiritual field and the New Age movement which some people hate that word sorry it's just you know I will say that they've all they're all on the same line in the sense that they're all kind of saying they're saying the same thing and I and I wonder and some of them if there's a bigger framework of information to come through that we've not been aware of before I like a lot of the threads a lot of the common threads are good which is oneness you know what we'd love to do in the moment now you know love yourself you can love someone else do you not I mean that there's common threads in them but I just yeah I mean maybe as well that the attraction to some of these spiritual teachers the massive mass attractions is also there because perhaps in past lives you know they've been in religions that they've had mass attractions and it's just a repeat of cycles in a different way exactly it could very well be there could be that magnetic karmic soul pool absolutely are they abuse their their power were in with a religion before in that kind of masses and it's to show them from a different perspective in a different way you know do you see in the mirror in that but then you know if some of the teachings are pretty good in some in some of them but I'm not sure sometimes in in all of it I don't I don't have a conclusive answer to give not because I'm on the fence I just I'm still making my mind up as i go sometimes and that's awesome at least you're taking it in and considering it and as long as you can take something from it that is empowering then you're in good shape and as long as you always know that at the end of the day you're the you're the decider of your spiritual direction then you're good what would keep you balanced from going down that road going down that I'm the money the money come on the money's be good I mean the bus run with money ya know there's there's there's nothing wrong with money um but you don't have to be crazy to get it I actually believe that more money more abundance and a better life comes to you from just being genuine when you're in your heart and you're just working from that place everything is available to you whether it be money or just friendships or everything flows to you when you're going against your hearts and you're being manipulative are just compounding a really big crash for yourself because the universe will take you out you'll take yourself out so that's I mean if you really want abundance if you really want money don't be sleazy because you lose it off or or you will lose something else equivalent to it because there is a checks and balances mmm yeah there is there is yes yes yes and and and I think what we're saying is well it doesn't come from jealousy or anything silly like that it's just you where is the checks and balance and some of what's going on out there right now that's what we're saying yeah in your words there yes don't think those yeah okay well that's it yeah well and you know you think it it comes down to people watching this what feels right for you go with that whatever feels right that's should lead you to a path that will take you on to somewhere else exactly whatever feels right for you trust that yeah yeah okay sort of getting back to the ET as well down so many races so many races um let me think of a few races well actually who are you in communication with right now my strongest guides are Pleiadian I have some pretty strong plating guides well the first guy I connected with was actually play ad and so I always have a really strong connection there but I also have a very strong connection to Arcturians and Syrian lion beings and I also have a kitchen with mantids those are the ones that seem to come around the most for me but I work with people every day who have different types of guides so I do get to interact with some friggin races I had never even seen before No so I do get to see a pretty good spread of okay you know beings whether or not I know they're personally so and just sort of jumping back here to to your readings that you give as well does that connection of these different races come in to the readings when you William when you're sort of giving someone an intuitive consultation or spiritual development side is that coming into that I mean you're not giving a reading to say Oh auntie Betty's here do you know what I mean she's passing this message on that's not what I specialize in that's that would be mediumship that and I don't specialize and that it does happen just like a medium will maybe get an ET or two coming through the capacity is there but I really do specialize in galactic information so not everybody requests that or is interested in that and whenever I work with people it's it's not so much about me baking off about who's around them or it's really I'm really interested in what they want to know and what's important for them and a lot of the times galactic information doesn't come into play but sometimes it does okay so not all the time but sometimes if the client asks for that basically yeah okay yeah and usually people actually it happened quite a bit because they see the YouTube videos and they're like oh so yeah absolutely and we've linked and some of the YouTube videos below and officer your channels below this video as well and it's been coming up on on the screen as well and of a sorry and your website as well that's been coming up on the screen and your website just for the audience it's Gigi and just my name excellent okay and that's what people can get in contact with you for a reading or more basically what what would you say is some of the sort of themed messages coming through from these various species that you're in contact with in a sense I mean what's what's the underlying message to us well each each race has a beam is each race has a message each race has a very particular energy and at the end of the day they kind of that's why there are different races coming forward is because I do have different such as creating an energy is very much about the rise of the Divine Feminine and it's all about how to get in touch with that with your intuition with your heart if you want to tune into Andromedan information it's all about creation it's all about how you can manifest your reality how you can take control you know third chakra stuff creation if you get into you know Sirian like lion beings it's all about what is your purpose and and confidence in you ego it's development of the ego so it depends on which race you want to know another race is actually really strongly coming forward forward is actually hybridized being so beings that are a mix of human and ET gray ET and they're a great source of information because they contain the same genetic codes and therefore they can help us get the next level of where we are so that's sort of a little bit of a layout of who's helping us and what's there that's really interesting and is Christianity or Islam one of the main religions in with these or have they maybe move past that I I don't think that they're coming through I think if I think if they were working with priests or anyone involved in religion I don't think that they would necessarily come through in their form I think they would probably change their form to be something that was more digestible as they have in the past I don't know if religion is really talking about it very much I don't know if they honestly would get too into it what I actually meant on behalf of the et races as well how you know yeah it kind of a not a joke but in a sense that you know I don't think it is Lama or Christianity are things that I mentioned I think they do I mean I've connected with people who are healing from some stuff that's happened like some belief systems that weren't good you know from with religion like shame or guilt and things like that and then sometimes été ETS will chime in on the life of Jesus or different religions – just just to give some helpful perspective but they don't I don't know of any one that I personally worked with that would be directly talking about about religion I don't know I think that it's such a good thing no I mean it always scares me you know to think of any religion entering into outer space and and colonize another planet just don't know I don't know is it a good thing what if I was a an et what I want religion in space probably not somehow I don't know it's it I think the love and aspects of it are fine but I think that some of the control and aspects of it aren't really helpful towards one another sometimes I wonder though if a race is even a hundred years ahead of its head of us what is the potential of what it's moved on to and its understanding of of consciousness and in that sense spirituality and what I wonder what a hundred years could do there are a thousand yeah I think that you'd I think that some of the things that they've told me is that religiosity is mindset first and foremost so it's something that a certain level of consciousness does to create security when we talk about religion we're really talking about spiritual security but religiosity at its core is actually mindset I know a lot of religious vegans I know a lot of religious people about health I know a lot of religious people that don't go to church every Sunday so it is actually a construct that we have so that's what they've actually been trying to drill in my head these beings that are from you know different time ahead is that you know what it's a mindset and it's it's something that you do to create security so you can hopefully I guess expand mm-hmm I always wonder if it's a way of result to have an experience of restriction yeah and sometimes I think that risk and security can be kind of almost intertwined in that way where if it gets it starts as security but then it just turns into restriction yeah yeah I mean you know sometimes you could say well is it any easier than having spirituality in your life because you're still left with the thing of well okay we're making up the truth as we go along in that sense what feels right with evidence-base with with well I guess I guess some evidence base but really I suppose the evidence base is our own our own truth you've created your own truth by having this ability that you've got this intuitive intuitive ability that's your truth which may be a different truth to someone else but it is it any easier in a sense sometimes well don't know you know I don't think it takes the pain away from life does it sometimes no and I think sometimes you can start out on a spiritual journey and all your pain comes forward everything that you're afraid of can come forward it can actually be hallelujah oh that's so true and you can end up walking away from it absolutely yeah yeah that yeah it does it any issues that you're not dealt with will be brought to the surface most definitely spirituality is really about responsibility it's about healing everybody has a spirit and spirituality is just a connection to it for your own expansion so you can actually just connect everybody is expanding naturally I think spirituality is just the ability to or the practice of connecting with your spirit so you're expanding in the right direction so expansion is law so let's expand in the right direction that's sort of how I see it but that it can be painful you know so I mean it does seem a bit crazy terms sometimes doesn't it that a soul it that's just the word I'm using for the potential of what we may be a beyond this body but I saw having it I saw them on you know being all knowing and and knowing it's it's connection to everything and just knowing it's true truth in a sense or a a truth maybe when we cross over maybe we're still searching for our truth maybe when we cross over we're channeling to higher levels above us just like what your challeng to the level that's above us right now that a level that we'll go to we'll all go to maybe when we cross over we'll each level each dimension if you want look at that it's telling to one another to try to find out the truth so as you even if we when you cross over and you maybe then as a soul can go to a next level but even when you get onto that next next level you'll still no wiser on ultimate truth because there's levels above absolutely and I think the ultimate truth almost kind of turns in on itself and becomes what is your truth and when you know your truth you finally have access to the ultimate shirts you finally know the language I think that's also because everything works in paradoxes like that so going back to what I was trying to say is well if if that even is a truth that like that concept without of just we've just sort of described there could that be a reason why I saw would want to have to forget who it is and come down and have this experience of healing from issues that it never had before it even got here because as soon as you incarnate into this reality which seems to have a veil over it you know with the free will that's associated with it you can cause pain to yourself another straight away because you've got freedom to do that yeah yeah and through that pain and through all that you know disconnection you you're all that's left is is your course true is who you truly are anything that's who you're you knows why we forget everything because once you forget everything and then you go through the pain what's left is your true self which is the purpose and all of the knowledge of remembering yeah yeah and is that the sort of information that you've brought through at all in in the channelings that you've blushed can I use that word channeling yeah yeah in the receiving is I'm going to change you see and receiving that you've done with the various races that you're in contact with yeah it's it's pretty much that's pretty much it we forget in order to remember and it's always something in line with that you can really get to the kernel of things if you forget and then through your experience experience who you are yeah but why did I have to forget the bank out that the offshore bank account me why I remembered the key code for that life would have been so much simpler god damn them um yeah okay that's interesting then and you know there's many researchers in the field of the UFO where they're looking at it from a very negative standpoint because that's the only evidence they found it's very negative about dr. Jake Jacob David Jacobs you know it's it's all about there's an abduction going on there's a hybrid a there's a hybridization program going on people have been abducted against their will and there's embryos being taken and there's there's some sort of new breed being being at generated but then there's the others who actually think they are that breed and are living down here right now I think they are a hybrid and they and they're the most loving gentle people that you can meet and they feel that they're here to make a difference to the planet in a way that couldn't have happened had they not gone through you know had they not chosen to have this experience as a hybrid yeah both dynamics exist both dynamics exist and there were abductions there were genetic programs I don't agree with the kind of like part of the New Age movement where it's like don't ever focus on anything negative I don't I think that's pretty healthy but so that did happen but the abduction scenarios that actually involves Zetas have dwindled down to almost nothing they came around in when we went nucular so we were already open and portable portholes like a boat I meant like where moles and things were going on and we were very dark so we of course have the ability to attract they had an attraction point for that kind of thing to happen they did also go to our governments and they our government gave them permission so it's not actually as much of a betrayal as sometimes people feel on a higher level there was permission given as well so you really have to look at everything going on so that did happen that absolutely did happen but there is by far more helpful beautiful information that is geared towards expansion of consciousness and healing then there is negative and if you choose to focus on negative I would say that you have an addiction to fear and that is that's why I mean out of all the stuff that's out there there's way more empowering stuff so you have people you can get real addicted to fear because if you're not afraid then suddenly it's like you're drawn into self responsibility the victim mentality is a very dangerous thing yes so you do believe that there were races that came here we're not the best intent to towards us but it's is it's not here as much now that's what you're saying yes what I had what I understand yeah yeah well yeah I mean like a lot of thing we said before there's good and bad and everything isn't there and it's a big it's a big universe out there so – right okay okay yeah that ain't very interesting very interesting maybe that's part of the race that some of these other theorists talked about as well even like David Icke talks about you know this lizard tight race that you know didn't have our best interest at all yeah maybe there's something can I would say this was there is something they're connected definitely with what with what you're saying very very very interesting but then again some of these abductions maybe they were there because they whoever whatever race was abducting even the Pelagians maybe him even maybe was due to a past life connection with the people that they were bringing on board for whatever purpose absolutely absolutely there's been a lot of genetic lending and bought in the Pleiadians um so you're absolutely right yeah what what what what is some of the more well what you're what really is incredible that you that's come across through with your information you know recently is there anything that's been like wow you know that's kind of out there I had not like everyday I'm always like wow um new information um I think the biggest wow thing and it's not just this isn't something that I have just said but it's something that I feel like other channelers and intuitive's have all tapped into and that's why it's kind of a laughing is everybody's talking about this year and especially the fall/winter of this year being a very significant time for human development being a like this year being a time of curtain coming down on a lot of different people a lot of different organizations and people's true colors being revealed things being revealed and I think that's really significant especially with focus on the end of this year and the beginning of 2017 with some real change taking root and some real consciousness coming through so I think that's been the most while information and also because we've been really amping up for this since 2012 so I think that's kind of interesting yeah I would agree that I mean even in the UK right now we've got a lot of transparency cases with the parent Panama papers where the UK government's you know had offshore accounts and they've all been exposed even the Prime Minister his father had an offshore account which is a causing them a bit of a problems right now and there's a lot of the MPs you know disclosing their their earnings and so when you mentioned that I just you know even though that's just over here there's hope there's up there's a lot more going on just that but yet you're right there is a lot of transparency sort of take your place that and I think whatever is happening now is it's just the beginning of it but you know this is let you say it so this is rippling well into next year because I mean this year only probably started properly and March do you know yes yeah just the beginning of this transparency and the checks and balances that's what you're just saying with that before that's what it is really well in your country you you you look at loss or not not so I know your countries are having your Canada I mean okay in your country yeah with Donald Trump I mean he really is bringing the ugly side out of people of America he's bringing the racists out the side out and he's exposing it oh and maybe that's supposed to be maybe he won't win but he's meant to be there to bring that ugly side of America out I really view Donald Trump as being a really transformational person I think that having I mean he has actually pulled the skirt up to the lot I actually think he's done his job I mean I think that he's done his job and in exposing so much um a lot of the racism and I think Bernie Sanders is actually exposed a lot about racism as well I think they both have been actually they're both equals I think in their goals kind of equals I feel and their impact but um yeah I think that people in huge numbers are starting to doubt the voting system voting fraud has been exposed as huge social media has really helped with that but it's yeah it is that is this huge huge fraud going on right now apparently in the primaries yeah if that's what the private this is the primaries I think that I was reading something earlier on about the voter fraud potential voter fraud that's may be going on so yeah no it is so I only mention these things I know they're out the realm of what we're talking about but just what you talked about about the you know a year of trance being at the start of this transparency most definitely most definitely you can see it it's it's it's happening so yeah you I think you're dead right there okay what would be is really think that you might like to touch on as well because I don't I don't want to just close this off and I'm not a cover some that you might like to cover as well I'm just happy to be here okay well that's nice I'm happy to have you here don't worry about that I know that we've been sort of like I said before a bit all over the place but you know that there's there's a in my reality there's just a bigger framework that seems to be coming to me in all the people that I'm interviewing and it's and it's more than what's been ridden out there and I just I'm banging on the saying the same thing but it's just seems to be we don't we think we know but we maybe don't quite know maybe the reality that we're bringing through right now and the understandings that we have is true to a point but it's only – it was only put there to get us to a point and maybe there's something bigger that's we've just starting to see the threshold of maybe I think that you just explained the natural pattern of expansion of consciousness I absolutely I think that that's I think that's it yeah yeah oh I wouldn't want to take any anyone's work away and say well that's just rubbish rubbish but that was that's not true oh that's not a reality no it is a reality it's just it's like a ladder isn't it you know we all really build on top of everybody's work if that's what you mean yeah yeah and I mean the next generation of people talking about spirituality will probably point out flaws in my work and other people who do what I do is work and find better ways of explaining things better answers you see I don't know so much I mean maybe it would rather than senior your work as a floor I would say that that that you know they may be in the future future would just be another expansion of the framework it's just be about it it wouldn't take without what you've done and people like yourself doing you can't you can't get to the next framework so I wouldn't say 'lord yeah yes it's kind of like every teacher or speaker has to take the raw in nation and then structure it give a framework for where consciousness is now so when consciousness grows that the pieces that were for this time have to be shed in order to be made more sense absolutely and and going back to your work as well the non flawed work going back to your work what was really important as well is that there'll be so many souls that come across your videos in many years to come because I mean those videos aren't going nowhere you know that that it will mean so much to them as to the people it touches now so so it that's how needed they are it's a lifetime's work but I would just be so happy if people found them and found one small if they found any level of peace I feel like I'm unhappy finally it was well what what other youtubers in this field to do you resonate with as well oh you know I love the char he's not any youtuber but I feel like he's been amazing and paving the way I love Abraham Hicks i watch their stuff all the time well no I used to more but yeah I like their YouTube channels and yeah there's a lot of other great youtubers talking about ETS and consciousness you have I can't remember I believe Christa Raisa talks a lot about et's yeah yeah she does he tease I can't remember I'm at a loss but there's a if you just go into YouTube and you type in any spiritual subject you're probably find some girl in front of us yeah absolutely yeah absolutely and and you know I think there's a younger generation coming through as well right now which I just had someone on that was she was 20 young lady called Courtney and she wasn't channelling and if she wasn't channeling et but she was receiving you know it teachings from God that's what the book was called and it was just you know 28 it was just it was just incredible that that that you know as someone said in a comet you know maybe that the Wills in the in in good hands for the future I mean like 20 years old like Tommy I mean yeah I think we would be yeah yeah but but that my point is that it's not just her there's many others as well that haven't yet come forward then I have this ability as well and I and I think you know I hope you know that they watch this and yeah that they do and that you know they can connect with you and see you know the encouragement from you and what will the process that you went through as well to to get there as well yes hopefully hopefully it will help I think that at the root our processes are similar so so hopefully what would you say is the most important message of your work or could you I would say the most important message there's a few I feel like I feel like naturally circle back around being your heart your heart is not just a chakra or a part of you it is actually a different level of perception when you tune into your heart and you bring your focus there you see the world differently you see people differently you see situations differently it's different it's a place it's a perception tune into that live from that and everything will flow that's where we're meant to be if the center of our being for a reason because it's taking information in from both levels that is the balance play so I would say learn how to connect with that language learn how to speak it and and everything will become art everything will become art and you'll see Beauty everywhere the second thing I feel like I'm usually centered around is play um have fun oh my gosh don't get too serious if you're too serious your tune your head bring play to everything and doors will open connections will open answers will come that will not come in energy where plays of their play is so important laughter so important yeah exactly you know it's so true I think throughout this interview we've had a laugh and and I like that because I think that's that that's that's needed yeah I uh I sometimes need that because everyone's different but I think what you're saying there is so true and I'll add one thing is you know be yourself you know um you know if you're doing something that you think others won't like long as you're not intentionally hurting anyone or yourself there's nothing wrong just be yourself you don't get yourself keep going with it because it will make sense and and just be yourself absolutely it will it will okay right well I've really really enjoyed this interview I will say to you that I I think that I feel for you that that they yeah you've got the ability to bring as you have done fantastic information through and you know don't be surprised if there's even more information that wants to come through and you you know this is just the style of your journey which you think you've been doing for so many years now I really hope that that happens already you are you are definitely ready keep doing what you're doing because what you're doing is is you're like a bridge you know where you're asking questions to people to help usher people in who may not understand you're asking the questions that people need to understand that you know mystics might not think to explain so you're actually helping people have been bringing some common sense into this whole arena and I thank you for that that's fine thank you very much I'm gonna thank you for that that's very very kind of you appreciate that well Gigi young thank you so much for joining us today thank you so much have a lovely evening well we've come to an end on tonight's show don't forget that you can listen and watch all our past interviews on the more shows official YouTube chat remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel for new daily shows you may also find out more on or past and upcoming guests on the show with either more show code at UK and do like us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates so until next time be safe you

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  1. first time watch the moore shows i can feel it not easy to be doing what you do because you have an unique gift as we all do from this show i can feel the challenge you encounter in each talk show you have with your gust i completly honor you and respect you from the botton if my heart and soul and from the show you have a very unique gift or blue print whatever they call anyway because to me all those name are just an identity for our ego mind to recognise the object so it can judge it blame it and make it more complicate so one can manipulate other by make one ego go unstable blank out so obe will for into the track of anger, lose totally blank and tension and emotion start to rise up than thing get more nasty is.
    i hate see people judge other by the first layer of there skin but we all like a cake that the first layer might look different but take that first layer we all as one if you hurt other it will hurting yourself we all conected just an electricity but at this time of the year it still dosn't circulate properly becuase of the ego mind that been inprint into us since we are come into Existence as a new baby it a good thing have those baby simple love trait but as we grow up we tend to attract all those negative trait by our family and all negative energy from the society we live such, hate, greed, fame, jealous, envy,you dump, i'm the best, you are ugly, you are evil, the rest goes on thst why the world fill with disease that course every single one of us dis ease.
    looking deeper layer we are to support, love and encourge each other for we all hold the important to brighten the world with love and vibrant color of light that will shine bright to those are currently lose in the dark forrest feel hopeless cry for help but help is not on the way instead the help to kick on kick to make it more hurter but no matter we relies or not either way we still able to find the way of the dark forrest for we are all unique with an special gift that now one can take away from you and without you help to bring light and love to the world we fail not what so each everyone of us are very special and very important to the whole humanity we are here as a brother sister one big family of Love no one will let behind if do we will be wipe out.
    so instead compete each other who is wise who is smarted who is richer why don't share our knowladge wisdom of love so our next generation will pickup all the good energy of love and kindness all around us the street is full of gentle loving compassion smile toward each other for we not live long why make each of us suffer . it do dump we are to learn to be a good team player the we are in is huge so must require each of us stay in their post and do what they are to do and not mind other people bussiness instead reach out to help when one can.
    love and considerate to heal the world. 🙏❤🙏
    we are for an reason and the reason

  2. BE AWARE! Narcissist are after all empath and those that have a spiritual connection. I am dealing the three narcissists who have trapped me in a community with people who have the potential to be full blown narcissists. It's been the worst three month of my life only to realise they have had my body and mind for years but my mind and love was to strong for them. They created a very big lie to get a small part of the community that were easily convinced of all the stupid and fabricate lies. I mean extreme, very sick, hurtful and mean, they tried to get me to distrust all my family and friends, tried to change my history, the community has seen through them with me sharing videos like this, or yours. But have found themselves trapped as well, I have been punished, tortured, humiliated and my life torn apart all based on lies, illusion. It's only down to love why I can write this now, for the empath within me is strong 😊.
    I am still trapped in this web of lies and it's all those that watch and see it happen that show me how lost our society is and is becoming. I found myself alone and different to others which is why I guess all agreed to trap me in mind and body going through my life history to find any excuse to kill me, finding none but trying to create many.

    please spread the word to all that can see. BE CAREFUL OF NARCISSISTS. Send spiritual love my way for the battle is still on going. If I die my soul is still free. For that they can't have xx start a new movement a spiritual war is here

  3. As Gi Gi said spiritual hodgepodge, was looking out bus window at a "HODGEPODGE" store sign the exact moment. I have these synchronistic experiences frequently. There is more than meets the eye.

  4. Staying home and doing "old lady" things is more helpful for empaths, we need alone time and quiet to restore our energy systems. More than most people. We're scalpels, not hammers, and a more delicate instrument takes a little more care, that's all. Many people are like hammers and even try to demand that we more sensitive people should be like them, as if something is wrong with us. The oak doesn't try to bully the willow into behaving like an oak – people could learn from this. All kinds of trees and all kinds of people are needed. Allow and respect differences and different needs.

  5. A great shift in the paradym is taking place in a HUGE way. What once was mocked is now becoming the norm!!! Finally!!

  6. Are we humans from another planets? Were we aliens?? Had we been manipulated by other aliens before we became human? What happened to us!? I know Darwin's theory is not wrong… What happened to us people when the mankind begins..

  7. Are you aware of the Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters, FREE, Experiencer Research Study?
    This study represents the first comprehensive multi-language investigation on individuals who have reported to have had unidentified flying object (UFO) related contact experiences with non-human intelligence (NHI). Our study was developed by a team of 12 retired Ph.D. academics and lay researchers. We have had over 4,000 responses to our surveys from Experiencers from more than 110 different countries. Our findings totally contradict much of what is circulating in the field of Ufology. Out of these 4,000 responses, 85% stated that their experiences were actually positive. Learn more about FREE and our research study at our website:

  8. starts at 1:00:00 i suppose all over the world we looked at Trump as bringing change at least for those who are more aware.

  9. Interesting .Never heard about psychic connection to et's .Then again I probably am not receptive:spooked out! to such a foreign body.Ms Gigi seems so matter of fact about communing with something so ..out there.Being such a beauty I would think she might find them objectionable,gross.Fascinating to hear you 2 go on about alternative realaties

  10. She's okay but not as deep or knowledgeable as Cannons, Cassidy, Swan, amongst others, and her videos borders on boring. Nothing new had been discussed yet in all videos I have seen of Gigi. Just being honest.

  11. In college 1980s. I did something but never thought about it. Which I should have. I would remember words plus you are in the wrong tunnel. You are going to crash. I had to memorize it. Then I would leave my body and go to space. I call it dark space. The back up story is that my other life or…..someone was framed for a famous space accident. Now I can hear his parents say thank you even today. Ok so in Heaven it was such a bad accident that he begged God to take it off his forever record. He was not flying he was asleep. This was true but the black tube ship was his. So I said I will try to change it. For the truth humans fly in other places. A lot of space ships are piloted by humans other places.
    Now my job was to get my soul from college in the south west of the US to him on his ship at another space and another time. So I would get to him in his ship and try to save everyone. They sleep in deep space for weeks months even. He had at the last planet hired a brown haired man who told him he knew the tunnels. So he hired him. So he went back down the black hall to sleep. The tunnels you can see easily. Mostly grey tube ships are invisible, then become sort of transparent, then pop out of the tunnels visible on human space tapes. Well I went to him sooner and sooner because each time I didn't get him awake in time. The brown haired white human lied he got out of the tunnel and crossed some between space right into the other lane. Oncoming traffic. So I remember I had to tell him he was in the wrong lane and wake him up in time. He had to put a machine with a needle into his arm to wake up. Run down the hall crawl down the hall to the flight chair take over and turn right fast to avoid the Huge white ship in their right lane full of ET. Three times I failed they still did space debris like I can't describe. Horrific. So one day…I got there the most early told him. He antidoted shot himself crawled walked to the flight chair threw the freak out of his chair against the wall slid down to the floor. He took the chair and turned right just as the white space ship came into view. I saw the terror on their faces. Never forget that. My next terrified was what if their is a space ship in the other lane will they hit and explode when he gets to the right lane? But nobody was there. So the white ship sailed past and the black ship was in the right lane. He put the space ship in auto. Dragged the guy to lock up on board and had to fly 24/7 for about two months. Nearest space dock his ship was in bad shape being in the wrong lane. He put the guy in quarantine jail for space trials. His ship cost to fix it plus holes in tunnels about 65 billion dollars. The guy lost his fraud case. But the dark haired man sick after being awake too long lived and his life no longer was forever written in Heaven as having flown the black ship that killed so many in the white ship.
    I was born on an air base in the US. But I was born to fly and am unhappy we don't fly space ships in the way out where we are.

  12. We're really tracking here, but this is like the movie Live Die and Repeat, Edge of Tomorrow.
    Sometimes what people consider a Spiritual Guru, is actually here to be a technician here, not a Leader.


    She's pretty light-filled, but the interviewee implies a particular political darkness, like the Dragon lineage being outside creation, not within , but not necessarily Mother Earth darkness. Hmmmm.


    Wondering about the definitions of "Dark."

  15. There are techniques of creating thought forms, and "Faeries," so called, and I was told that Pleiadians spaceships are sentient, but one might wonder what dimension their mind structure is, so, "God," Gods might use this to manifest a vehicle. The Duargr are known to consider, hold the material, their craft for a long time before ever touching a tool.

  16. Trump 2016! You can see how aware Gigi is because she does not believe all the bullshit lies about Trump that this chump buys into from his Corporate Media programming.

  17. I was told that the true ER 'abductions' were agreed to on the soul level, and then subject to our incarnate 'amnesia' once we were born.

  18. Dear and wonderful Gigi Young, how can you compare the great visionary and revolutionary Bernie Sanders (who would like to empower the disenfranchised and the American middle class and would like to give every American citizen universal health care and free education, creating a more just system similar to EVERY DEMOCRACY in Europe) to that narcissistic egocentric racist misogynist, capitalist guy named Donald Trump, (who would be a real danger for the entire world if he gets the power)? are you kidding me??? Sorry for this political comment in a video dedicated to spiritual and cosmic stuff…..but….. you know…..

  19. Thank you again. Just a note though…the image drawn of Seth is NOT that of a grey but of a being with a larger head than we have.

  20. This interview was wonderful and uplifting! Gigi is a lovely young woman and I enjoyed the interview very much.
    –except for the part about Trump–don't listen to what the British media is making him out to be! He's not a racist!
    Thankyou for all you do, Kevin! I would love to hear an interview with Roberta Grimes. She's one of my favorites!!

  21. she's great, thanks for introducing we your audience to her.. I've just subscribed to her channel in order to hear more of her refreshing perspectives

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